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    THE TUAM HERALD, SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 1909 TUAM, CO GALWAY DIED BODKIN -- Died at Annagh, Co Galway, on 2nd August, Martin Bodkin, youngest son of the late
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      BODKIN -- Died at Annagh, Co Galway, on 2nd August, Martin Bodkin, youngest
      son of the late John Dominick Bodkin of Bengarina (?) of Castletown, aged 55
      years, R.I.P.

      BLAKE - Robert Edward Blake, at 12 Murtagh road, Arbour Hill, Dublin, August
      1st, 1909, aged 14 years.

      NEARY - July 31st, 1909, at a private hospital, Dublin, Thomas J Neary,
      Aghla_ieve House, Creggs, Roscommon, in the 33rd year of his age.


      An Australian silver coin of Francis II bearing date of 1745 was discovered
      last week in the ruins of an old house being reconstructed in Bishop Street.

      The third dividend in the Perease (?) Distillery of 2s 6d, making in all 12s
      6d in the pound on the Debenture Stock has just been paid.

      With deep regret, as we go to press, we hear of the death of Mr James Garvey,
      N T of Cloghanover, which suddenly happened at Headford on Thursday mid-day.

      Early yesterday morning, quite unexpectedly, died Mr Charles Sheeban, at his
      residence, Vicar Street.
      PITHY PARS. --- Personal, Parochial Provincial and Particular
      In the "Globe" of last week appears the prosecution of the printer of the
      "Indian Sociologist" at the Old Bailey. The prisoner was ably defended by Mr
      Tully Christie, B. L. This clever young lawyer is the eldest son of the late
      William Kirwan Tully, Esq. Solicitor, of Carlow, and grandson of the late
      Jeremiah Tully, Esq, Solicitor, of the Grove, Tuam, and is, we are glad to see,
      forging ahead at the English Bar.
      A gentleman, a resident of Longhrea living in England, thus writes about the
      changes time has wrought there: - "There was a Pawn Office - a Mont de Piete -
      established in my day in a house once occupied by Mr Smyth, in Main Street.
      Behind was a three storey range of wool stores once used by him. The manager
      of the Pawn Office was Mr John Cowen, but the enterprise came to grief, and Dr
      Lynch went to live there, but later on it was converted into a police
      barrack. In those days I speak of, the population was about 8,000. It is not half
      now. I knew Monahan's Hotel, built where the new Cathedral now is. It was
      called 'The Head Inn' and is mentioned in Lever's Novels where many a pleasant
      evening was held. Loughrea was then the centre of the county society, and its
      hunt ball the great social event. One of the Monahans was Anthony, but the
      other, James, became a chief Justice. By the way, Charles Lever was Consul in
      Trieste, where he died and was succeeded by a great Irishman, Sir Richard Burton,
      whose grandfather was the Rev Edward Burton, Rector of Tuam. His grave is in
      Mortlake Cemetery.
      In the essay competition for school children inaugurated by the Turog Flour
      Company, Ltd, Master Charlie Fahy, a pupil of Monivea National School,
      succeeded in carrying off a twenty-shilling prize from amongst hundreds of competitors
      from all parts of the United Kingdom.
      A large pike, weighing 37lb, was recently captured in the River Corrib by a
      young man named Leo Lee, of Killeen House. It was exhibited in Galway during
      the afternoon.
      Several persons were successfully prosecuted at the last Headford Petty
      Sessions by Mr Joseph Canavan, for offences in connection with the Sheep Dipping
      In Milltown the members of the Ball Court Committee are busy making
      preparations for the erection of a new ball court. The want of a suitable ball court
      has long been felt, for nowhere can be found keener admirers of the fine old
      manly game of handball than in Milltown. Mr F McDonnell has not only given a
      beautiful site free of charge, but has also headed the subscription list with
      the handsome figure of £5. Priests and people alike are taking a deep interest
      in the project, and subscriptions are heartily and generously given. A ball
      court is much required in Tuam - if some person of influence would only take up
      the project.
      An interesting handball contest is at present being organized by an energetic
      Committee in Athenry, and is to come off on the 29th August. The Committee
      are offering three gold medals as first prizes, and three silver medals for
      runners-up. Athenry may boast of one of the finest handball courts in the West,
      and this should make such a tournament all the more interesting from the
      spectators and competitors point of view.
      In the Connacht College the custom of using the Irish forms of the students
      names of college leads to a short excursus. Instead of the familiar Casey,
      Kelly, Murphy, O'Flarehty, etc, which smack of the stage Irishman, goats,
      tenement clothes lines, slatterns, and travesties of the human countenance, labelled
      Pat and Moike, we heard O Cathassigh, O Ceallaigh, O Flairhbheartaigh, forms
      suggestive of the princely lines from which they are descended.
      A long-felt want in Ballymoe has been at last supplied by the opening by
      Mahon Brothers (late of Connolly Bros, Castlerosa) of business in coach-making,
      car and cart making, and general carpentry work of every description.
      John Walsh, one of the oldest and most respected residents of Port Delhanise,
      Canada, died on June 13, at the age of eighty-five years. Deceased was born
      in Co Mayo, in 1825, and went to Canada in 1849.
      The Co. Roscommon Agricultural Show will be held on the 17th August. Entries
      close on the 7th August.
      A successful open air concert took place at Glynsk Castle, near Creggs, on
      Sunday. There was a dance in the evening in Tabberoe school.

      Jim McNamara
      British Isles Family History Society - USA, Newsletter Editor

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