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    THE TUAM HERALD, SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 1909 TUAM, CO GALWAY ... BIRTHS WYNNE - June 13th, 1909, at Main street, Castlebar, the wife of T A Wynne, U D C, of a
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      WYNNE - June 13th, 1909, at Main street, Castlebar, the wife of T A Wynne, U
      D C, of a daughter.

      MIDDLETON - At Shanghai, China, May 5th, the wife of W B Osborne Middleton,
      and daughter of the late Matthew Harris, M P, East Galway, of a daughter.



      CHATTERON and GIBBONS - On the 17th June, 1909, Old Sardinian Chapel,
      Lincoln's innfields, by the Rev Father Daniell, Henry Chatterton, eldest son of
      Bollen Chatterton, Esq., Demerara, to Alicia Kathleen (Lilly), third daughter of
      the late Thomas James Gibbons, solicitor, formerly of Lodge Park, Kingstown.
      (Australian and American papers please copy.)

      BOWES and KENNEDY - June 16, 1909, at the Pro-Cathederal, Marlborough
      street, Dublin by the Rev Bernard Bowes, P P, Killinadeema, Loughrea (brother of the
      bridegroom), and Rev Vincent Finerty, O D C, Clarendon street, Dublin,
      Joseph, youngest son of the late John Bowes and Mrs. Bowes, Loughrea, to Mary
      Josephine (Eveleen), eldest daughter of Martin Kennedy, T C, Loughrea, and
      granddaughter of Patrick Kennedy, J P, Loughrea.

      FARRAGHER and KEANE - June 17, 1909, at St. Patrick a Roman Catholic Church,
      Galway, by the Rev Murtagh Farragher, P P, Father Nagle, C C, Lisdoonvarna,
      Father Lydon, C C, Galway, and Father Cahir. C C, Galway; Thomas Joseph
      Farragher, Petty Sessions Clerk, Gardenfield House, Hollymount, Co Mayo, to Josephine,
      daughter of the late Denis Keane, Lisdoonvarna.



      FLANAGAN - At her residence, Cortoon, Tuam, on June 21st, 1909, at the age of
      29 years, Bridget Flanagan, daughter of John Flanagan, fortified by the rites
      of Holy Church. Funeral to Cortoon on Wednesday last was largely attended.
      Deeply regretted. - R.I.P.

      KELLY - At her residence, Cuilmore, Newport, on 10th June, 1909, Mary Kelly,
      wife of Martin Kelly, aged 62 years. R.I.P.

      CLEARY - June 1oth (Feast of Corpus Christi), at Ballycroy, Edward
      Constantine Cleary - R. I. P.

      NUGENT - June 22, 1909, Sarah Elizabeth (Bessie), sixth daughter of the late
      Rev William Nugent, Rector of Ardrahan, Co Galway, Chancellor of Kilmacduagh.


      Messrs. MacMillan's popular novels are perhaps the cheapest and best fiction
      publications. Amongst their tales we notice "The First Violin" and
      "Misunderstood," both very favourite works of fiction. The books are illustrated and
      beautifully bound in red cloth cost only 7d. (MacMillan and Co, ST Martin's
      Street, London, W.C.)


      THE TUAM BON-FIRE OF 1859.


      DEAR SIR - On or about the night of the 16th June, 1859, the old Monks'
      School or Monastery, situated on the Ballygaddy Road was destroyed by fire. It
      appears the lease was up next day, and Bishop Plunkett would not give a renewal
      as he wanted the house as Protestant Mission House. I well remember seeing the
      desks and furniture being removed early on the day of the fire - now 50 years
      ago! A large number of Tuam boys were arrested over the burning but in the
      words of the old song -

      "They were sent to Galway Jail,
      But soon released again
      By his Lordship Bishop McHale."

      I also remember seeing several coffins, containing the remains of dead monks,
      being exhumed from the garden attached to the old monastery. The house was
      built by the Tuam people. Towards midnight the house was set on fire by the
      Tuam boys and a sad, but splendid sight it was to us little boys, as we had
      never seen a house on fire before. I am sure some of the old inhabitants of Tuam
      could give you more information about it, as I was only a little boy at the

      Yours faithfully,

      J. E.


      PITHY PARS. - Personal, Parochial Provincial and Particular


      In the POEM competition in this week's "Irish Packet" Mr. P. J. Durkan, of
      Tuam, gained a distinction, as did Miss Lillian Johnson, of Kinvars, Miss Mary
      Quinn, of Newtown, Woodlawn, and Michael Heavy, of Moylough.


      The Prize Competition in this week's "Irish Packet" has been awarded Mrs. A K
      Ruttledge, of Clifden, Co Galway, for a beautiful poem, "The Rose Queen."


      We regret to announce the death of Mr. Denis J. Downing ("Doctor Dick"), the
      well known Irish sporting journalist, which took place on last week. The
      deceased gentleman began his journalistic career in Cork, and went to Dublin to
      join the staff of "Sport," subsequently, after the death of Mr. J G Furlong,
      becoming connected with the "Irish Daily Independent." He along with Mr. M A
      Hayden, Solr., Ballinasloe, afterwards established the "Sporting Record." Mr.
      Downing owned several horses, the best being probably Bushford Lsss. Dr. Dick
      was well known and liked in Tuam.


      The Galway Archaeological and Historical Society intend holding an excursion
      to Clonmacnoise on Tuesday, July 13th. It is arranged to go by rail to
      Athlone and thence to Clonmacnoise by stream launch, and those who participate in
      the trip may feel assured of a pleasant outing apart from the fund of
      interesting researches which Clonmacnoise provides for Archaeologists.


      The annual excursion of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin, attached to the
      Jesuit Church, Sea Road, Galway, will take place to Hill of Doon, calling at
      Inchigill on Sunday, June 27th. The excursion is for members of the Sodality
      only, and tickets which include luncheons, are provided at an exceedingly
      moderate figure. The s.s. "Fairy Queen" has been specifically chartered for the
      trip, and a string band has also been engaged. The boat leaves Wood Quay at 9:30
      am sharp.


      From a copy of the "Cape Times" we find that Mr. Joseph A Cloherty, formerly
      of Galway, has carried out the satisfaction of the architects, Messr. Blake
      and Masey, of Cape Town, the building of a new Catholic church at Paaarl, a
      district in South Africa. Mr Cloherty served his apprenticeship as an architect
      and builder to a leading firm in Dublin, after which he made South Africa the
      home of his adoption, and is rapidly climbing the ladder of success. He is the
      son of the late Mr. Michael Cloherty, a leading merchant of Galway, and
      brother of Mr. Gerald Cloherty, Clerk of the Crown and Peace, Mr. Michael William
      Cloherty, of Dominick Street. The many friends of Mr. Joseph A. Cloherty in
      Galway will be glad to hear of his success in his profession.


      A marriage is arranged, and will take place early in August, between
      Professor R Knox McElderry, University College, Galway, and Margaret, daughter of Rev
      J. Courtney Clarks, DD Moderator of the General Assembly.


      At Maynooth College, Archdeacon Walsh ordained to sub-deaconship the
      following students: Rev P Garvey, Rev M Carney, Rev J Burke, Tuam ; Rev M. Hyland, Rev
      J Mitchell, Galway, and Rev. P. Connolly, Clonfert.


      We are pleased to see that Mr. Moran, C E, at present doing duty in Omagh,
      has breen appointed County Surveyor of East Galway. The election lay between
      him and Mr. Binns, Borough Surveyor, Galway, being the only candidates proposed.
      Both gentlemen had successfully passed the prescribed examination Mr. Moran
      was strongly recommended by amongst others Mr. John Fitzgibbon, Chairman of
      the Roscommon Co Council, while it was argued in Mr. Binns' favour that, as a
      county man, he was entitled to the preference, other conditions being equal.

      Mr. A. Patrick Moors, son of Mr. R. A. Moors, of Galway, has recently been
      ordained to the priesthood at St. Paul's Seminary, Minnesota, by Archbishop
      Ireland. Father Moors will remain on the mission at St. Paul's.

      Mr. Patrick F. Loftus, the energetic and capable Secretary of the Galway
      Industrial Development Association, has resigned, having got an appointment in
      Wexford. The association has important work in hand at the present time, though
      not of so arduous a character as the organising of the Industrial Conference
      and exhibition which formed so large a part of their work in 1908.

      Jim McNamara
      British Isles Family History Society - USA, Newsletter Editor

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