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!! Freeman Journal; July 17, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, July 17, 1764 Cork, July 12. Last Monday was married Mr. John Barry of Maypole-road, to the Widow Hays of
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, July 17, 1764

      Cork, July 12. Last Monday was married Mr. John Barry of Maypole-road, to
      the Widow Hays of Churchyard-lane.

      Yesterday being Quarter-day of the Guild of Merchants, an Election was
      held for a Common-Council-Man in the Room of John Hunt, Esq; now a
      Sheriffs-Peer, when on casting up the Ballots, the Poll stood thus,
      For, Mr. Richard French, Druggist 102
      Mr. John Morley, Merchant 60
      Mr. John Nairac Do. 34
      Mr. French having a Majority of 42, was declared duly elected.

      The Right Hon. and Hon. the Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue, have
      appointed Mr. Thos. Harrison Surveyor of the Port of Kilrush, in the County of
      Limerick, in the Room of Mr. Moss.
      At the Commencement held last Tuesday in our University, Degrees were
      conferred on the following Gentlemen:
      Doctors in Misick: The Right Hon., the Earl of Mornington, and the Right
      Hon. Charles Gardiner.
      Doctor in Divinity: John Killing.
      Bachelor in Divinity: John Forsayth
      Honorary Doctors of Laws: John Hely Hutchinson and John Damer.
      Bachelors of Laws: Edmund French and Benjamin Hobart.
      Doctor of Physic: William Usher.
      Master of Arts: Patrick Hare, Anthony Sterling, Edward Day, Henry Usher,
      Richard Dobbs, Henry Palmer, Alexander Duke, Richard Brough, John Brocas,
      Alexander Staples, William Lodge, and Samuel Monsell.
      Last Tuesday, Richard Cudmore, Gent. was admitted and sworn one of the
      Attornies of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer.
      The Revd. John Jackson, Rector of Ballygart in the Diocess of Meath, is
      presented by the Right Revd. the Lord Bishop of Kildare, to the Livings of Great
      Connell, the Lady-twon and Sherlockstown, and the Prebend and Vicarage of Nurney
      in the Diocess of Kildare; A Faculty has passed the Great Seal, to enable him to
      hold this Presentment, with said Rectory of Ballygart.
      Last Friday, the general Quarter-Sessions for the City of Dublin began at
      the Tholsel before the Right Hon. William Forbes, Esq; Lord Mayor, James
      Grattan, Esq; Recorder and several of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for
      said City, when a Grand Jury was sworn, and the Court adjourned to Friday, the
      3d Day of August next. In the Afternoon Mr. Sheriff Booker gave an Entertainment
      at the Tholsel at which were present many of the Nobility, Gentry, and eminent
      Messrs. Watson and Banks, Clerks of the Markets, seized a considerable
      Quantity of unsound Fish, which was burnt on Ormond-Quay.

      DEATHS.] A few Days ago in Dolphin's-Barn, Mrs. Elizabeth Standering,
      formerly of Dame-street, Chandler. -- At Limerick, Mr. Michael Cummins,
      Brewer.--At Cork, the Relict of Thos. Austin, Esq; and the Wife of Henry Galway,
      Esq; -- On the Blind-quay after a few Days Illness, Mrs. M'Creary, Milliner. --
      In Bigship-street, Mr. Christopher Hull, Clock-maker.--After a tedious Illness,
      deservedly lamented, the Revd. John Fetherton, Dean of Leighlin, and domestic
      Chaplain to the Lord Chancellor. -- In Little Britain-street, Samuel Warren,
      Esq; Filacer of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer

      A Commodious House is fitted up, and ready to receive Patients at
      Postobello, near Kevan's-port, being a retired and convenient Situation under
      the Inspection of Mr. Redmond Boat, Surgeon, where the utmost Care will be
      taken, nothing necessary will be wanting to contribute to their Relief, and the
      Terms of Admission made as reasonable as possible. For further Particulars
      enquire at Mr. Boat's in Bride-street.

      Taylor's-Hall, Dublin, July 9, 1764.
      Being QUARTER DAY,
      THAT the Corporation do attend the Master Mr. JOHN GRAHAM in Riding the
      Franchises of the City of Dublin on the 7th of August next, in Obedience to the
      Right Hon. the Lord Mayor's Warrant.
      Resolved, That for the Sake of Uniformity, a fix'd Colour shall be wore
      that Day by every Brother who pleases to ride, and that Mr. Thomas Gelling, at
      the Corner of Meath-street on the Comb, shall furnish the same, as it appears by
      many Patterns he has produced that his Cloths are equal to any imported; it is
      therefore to be hoped that all who wish well to their native Country will follow
      the Example.
      Resolved. That by the Death of Mr. Andrew Sheil late of the Raven and Punch
      Bowl in Winetavern-street, there is Occasion for another House in this City for
      the Reception of Journeymen Taylors from all Parts of the Kingdom and elsewhere,
      who will work the lawful Hours of the Trade, for the usual Wages.
      Resolved. That the said House of the late Mr. Sheil, now taken by Mr.
      Phillip Reilly, and likewise Mr. Patrick Sullivan's House at the Earl of
      Halifax's Head in High-street, are proper Houses for the said Journeymen (who
      will agree to the above Resolution) to meet at, where all proper Encouragement
      and Protection will be given to said Journeyman Taylors.
      Signed by Order,

      JACOB SCRIVEN, Clerk Guild.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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