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!! Freeman's Journal; July 14, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, July 14, 1764 His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin hath collated the Revd. William Martin, D.D. Senior Fellow of
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, July 14, 1764

      His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin hath collated the Revd. William Martin,
      D.D. Senior Fellow of Trinity-college, to the Prebend of Mallahithart; and on
      Friday he was installed in St. Patrick's Cathedral.
      The Revd. Mr. Wisdom is presented, by the Treasurer of St. Patrick's, to
      the Vicarage of Luske, that being his patronage for this turn.
      Tuesday, July 3] Being Quarter-Day of the Corporation of Smiths, Mr.
      Benjamin Ball, of Caple-street, was elected Master, and Messrs. Richard
      Goodison, of Caple-street, and James Gourly, of High-street, Wardens, for the
      Year ensuing.
      Friday 7-night, 30 Casks of Tea, seized by Patrick Cunningham, Esq; near
      Rush, were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
      Last Monday, his Excellency John Ponsonby, and the Right Hon. the Lord
      Mayor, Sheriffs, &c. laid the first Stone of the Foundation for the
      Queen's-bridge over the Liffey, between Queen-street, and Bridge-soo-street.
      His Excellency, the Lord Lieutenant's Premiums to the Students of
      Trinity-College, Dublin, for the best Exercises, on the Conquest of Canada, were
      adjudged by the Profost, and senior Fellows in the following manner: To Benjamin
      Hobart and John Tydd, Bachelors of Arts, thirty Guineas each. To Mr. William
      Gore, Fellow-commoner, and Mr. Alexander Alcock, Pensioner of the second Class,
      each 20 Guineas.
      Wednesday last, the Right Hon. the Lord High Chancellor, the Right Hon.
      Lord Boyle, the Right Hon. Francis Andrews, Provost of Trinity College, Mess.
      Huffey, Kirwin, Proby, and Allen, sailed to Parkgate in the Dorset Yacht.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Richard Baldwin Esq.; to Miss Evans, Niece to
      the late Sir John Freke, Bart. Mr. John Griffith, of Molseworth-street, to Mrs.
      Sarah Cairncross, Widow of Alexander Cairncross, Painter.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Cork, Mr. Eustace Baker.--The Wife of Mr. James
      Dunn, an eminent Currier, in Winetavern-street.--In Francis-street, Mr. John
      Lincoln Mercer.-- A few days ago died at Kensington, (England) Lady Mary
      Fitzgerald.-- Miss Jane Elliott; Daughter of John Elliott, of Thomond, in the
      County of Wicklow.

      Dublin, June 30th, 1764
      AMONG several, who received public Honour, when Judgments were given out,
      at the Close of the Quarter; the following young Gentlemen deserved
      extraordinary Thanks, for their remarkable Deligence.
      In Greek- Scott, Harris, Buck, Crowe, Coates, Mellor , Exshaw, Moore.
      Latin - Scott, Harris, Lang, Finlay, Bourne, Graydon, Coates, Durham,
      Exshaw, Evans.
      French - Lang, Wall, Sandford, Graydon, Pemberton, Mellor, Exshaw.
      English - Wall, Buck, Buck, Moore, Exshaw, Cunningham, d'Berniere.
      Geometry - Wall, Buck, Buck, Lang, Pemberton, Southwell.
      Algebra - Wall, Lang, Pemberton, Ayres.
      Arithmetick - Wall, Pemberton, Ayres, S. Buck, Ryan, Morres, Lang,
      Sandford, Exshaw, Sharp, Moore.
      Book-keeping - Pemberton, Ayres.
      Fortification - Southwell, Cooke.
      History: Lang, Pemberton, Ayres, Bourne, Coates, Finlay, Exshaw, Evans,
      Geography - Wall, Lang, Pemberton, Ayres, Coates, Exshaw, Moore, Evans, d'
      Writing - J. Buck, S. Buck, Scott, d'Berniere, Ryan, Mellor, Lang, Graydon,
      Exshaw, Moore, Pemberton, Sharp, Crowe, Sandford, Evans, Rainsford, Mitchell.
      Drawing - Southwell, Buck, Cook.
      Music - Scott.
      Fencing - Southwell, Buck, M. Reilly, D. Reilly, Grogan.
      ANDREW BUCK, Head-Master.

      TO BE SET for such Number of Years as are unexpired, or the Interest of the
      Lease to be sold, of a new Dwelling-House, wherein Mrs. Richardson dwelt in
      Great-Britain street, situate near the New Garden, St. Thomas's Church and the
      Mall. Application to be made to Mr. Daniel Stanford, Attorney in Britain-street.

      SO much esteemed in Great Britain, is a much finer Perfume than France has
      yet produced; one Drop will scent a Handkerchief, and a few Drops in Water will
      immediately make a better Lavender-water than any sold in Town; it may be had at
      Mr. Sauders, Printer and Bookseller in Castle-street, and no where else in
      Dublin, at 2s. 2d. the Bottle. His VOLATILE ESSENCE, for Fainting, Giddiness,
      Fits, and all Disorders of the Nerves, is a fine Perfume, and stronger than Eu
      de Luce; a few Drops put in cold Water will disperse Wind in the Stomach, and is
      an excellent Remedy for Lowness of Spirits. Price 1s. 7d. half p. a Bottle.
      PRUSSIAN TINCTURE, which instantly discharges Ink, or any Spot out of
      Mohogony or Marble, and gives them a beautiful Colour and Gloss, although ever
      so dull before.
      Price 1s. 7d. halfp. the Bottle; double Quantity, 2s. 8d. half.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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