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!! Ballina Chronicle; March 6, 1850 "Miscellaneous"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, March 6, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS Saturday was the anniversary of the death of the pious and good John Wesley in
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, March 6, 1850

      Saturday was the anniversary of the death of the pious and good John Wesley
      in 1791.
      The number of registered voters in the County Cork is reduced to 1812 and
      probably half this number is not bona fide in the event of an election.
      There are 110 barristers on the Munster circuit; the Leinster 32; the Home
      92; North East 36; North West 59; Connaught 91.
      Several youngsters from the south of Ireland, with broken down fortunes,
      and now, perhaps, too late adopting industrial habits, have left for California.
      From the 1st of March the price of forage for army horses on billet is
      fixed at ninepence per horse per night.
      Peter Connelly and Michael Comerford, claiming £250 salvage on brig Fanny,
      of Glasgow, are committed to Galway gaol for boarding that vessel by force, the
      penalty being 50l. each.
      The Tralee Guardians have applied to the Poor Law Commissioners for
      10,000l. to pay off the creditors of that union, by whom they complain of being
      insulted and threatened.
      The magistrates of Tralee have taken informations of Thomas Cantillon
      against his nephew of the same name, for robbing him of £120 on his sick bed;
      after Cantillon, who then believed he was dying, had given Father M'Carthy £100,
      to say masses for him.
      Andrew Cody, late a candidate for the mastership of the Dungarvan
      workhouse, is said to have absconded with several sums of money, the property of
      Messrs. Usher and Roberts, to whom he was under agent. It is reported that he
      got some rents from tenants to the amount of about £300, and sailed for America
      from Liverpool on Thursday.---Tipperary Free Press.
      On Wednesday a meeting of the medical practitioners of the county of Clare
      was held at the board room of the County Infirmary, Ennis, at which Dr. O'Brien,
      County Surgeon, presided. A petition to Parliament was adopted by the meeting,
      praying for more satisfactory legislation for their more efficient supervision.
      It was recommended that Hospitals and Dispensaries should not be made dependent
      for their support upon voluntary subscriptions.
      Monday morning's rockite notice was found posted on the door of the house
      of Mr. Mulvany, of Bakertown mills, near Thurles, reminding him that Mr.
      O'Keefe, who was shot dead in Thurles "fell by giving ear to bad advisers, and
      that Mr. Mulvany might lose all he had gained by a shot, if he had any thing to
      do with the land of the Thurles people." The cause of this notice is that Mr.
      Mulvany is taking land from which tenants had been evicted.---Limerick

      GRAND JURY - Fitzstephen Ffrench, Esq., M.P., foreman; John Irwin, Thomas
      G. Wills Sanford, Edward H. Naghten, Nicholas Balffe, Denis B. Kelly, Denis
      O'Connor, Arthur J. French, Charles Ffrench, Rode??el O'Connor, Richard Irwin,
      Henry M. Smyth, John Ross Mahon, John Flanagan, Patrick O'Connor, J. Duckworth,
      Arthur O'Conner, James Bennet Little, John D'Arcy, Arthur Browne, Richard Kelly,
      George Digby, and Wm. Pigeon, Esqrs.

      On Friday at 12 o'clock the following Grand Jury were sworn - Edward J.
      Cooper, Esq, foreman; Sir R.G. Booth, Bart., J.W. King, J. Dune, William R.
      Ormsby Gore, John Wynne, J. Ffolliot, William Phibbs and Thomas Jones, Esqrs;
      Sir William Parks, Charles Cooper, Edward Howley, Jams Wood, George Armstrong,
      Richard Neynoe, Richard Gethin, H. Griffith, J. Ffolliott, Charles G. Jones,
      Richard Nerschoyle, Richard Brinkleyh, Knox Garrett and J. Jones, Esqrs.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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