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Misc Obits from "Lanark Era" , Ontario, 1899-1900

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Lanark Era Lanark, Ontario, Canada Wed., Feb. 8, 1899 In Drummond Twp, Feb. 2nd, Jane Morris, wife of the late Nathaniel McLenaghan, aged 84 yrs. She was born
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      Lanark Era
      Lanark, Ontario, Canada

      Wed., Feb. 8, 1899
      In Drummond Twp, Feb. 2nd, Jane Morris, wife of the late Nathaniel
      McLenaghan, aged 84 yrs. She was born in Ireland, in the county of Wexford, and
      came to this country with her parents when two years of age. She married from
      her home on the 5th conc. of Drummond, sixty-two years ago. Her husband died
      just two months after their Diamond anniversary, two years ago in June. They
      raised thirteen of a family, all of whom survive: Charles, of Beckwith; William,
      of Carelton Place; Nathaniel, of Perth; James, of Toronto; John, of Drummond;
      Robert, of Minnedos, Man; Edward, of the homestead; Mrs. H. McVeity, of Elmsley;
      Mrs. H. Ireton, of Drummond; Mrs. Wm. McVeity, of Huron Cty; Miss Sarah, at
      home; Mrs. John Wilson of Bathurst; and Mrs. Wm. Jones, of Huron Cty.

      Wed., Mar 1 1899
      At Gladwin, Mich. Feb 15th, James Croskery sr aged 64 years. Born of
      Scottish parents in Cty. Down, Ireland, 14th Dec. 1835 he came to this country
      in 1849, settling in Lanark, where he was a shoemaker in Mrs. Traynor's shop. In
      1859 he was married at Perth to Miss Harriet L. Wrathall, who died in 1878,
      leaving three children: James jr., Robert and Mrs. Leininger, all of whom live
      in Gladwin, Mich. In 1877, he moved to Gorrie, in Huron Cty. where he lived
      until 1887 before moving to Gladwin. He married the former Elizabeth McDonald,
      of Gorrie, after the death of his first wife. She survives him.

      Wed., May 10, 1899
      In Lanark Twp, April 30th, Mrs. Eliza Smith, in her 100th year. She was born
      in Carlow, Ireland, September 15th, 1799, Eliza Tennant, dau of Mr. and Mrs.
      Tennant, who came to Canada in 1820. They resided continuously in Lanark Twp.
      When she married to John Smith, who died seventeen years ago, the closest
      clergyman was in Ogdensburg, NY, whither they went to have the ceremony
      performed. They had fourteen of a family, of whom the following survive: Joseph,
      James, Thomas, and Charles, and Mrs. Anthony Woods, Mrs. Charles Finlayson, Mrs.
      Robert Watchorn, and Miss Frances Smith. The funeral was on Tuesday from the
      residence of her son, Thomas to the Tennant Cemetery.

      Wed., May 17, 1899
      In Poland, Dalhousie Twp., May 12th, Mrs. John Paul, aged 82 years. Born in
      Antrim, Ireland, in 1817, she grew up there and met and married husband. In 1853
      they came to this country and settled at Poland. They raised a family of nine,
      of whom six survive. One daughter, Mrs. Regan, died in the US about three years
      ago, Joseph, died seven years ago and Archibald, died 25 years ago. The
      survivors are John, William, James and Moses B. and Miss Martha, all of Poland,
      and Mrs. John Johnston, of Dalhousie. Burial in White's cemetery.

      Wed., Aug 30, 1899
      In Lanark Twp., Aug 25th, Mrs. James Smith, aged 69 years. She was born
      Eliza Woods in the county of Tyrone, Ireland, in the year 1831. At the age of
      ten years she emigrated with her parents to a farm in Lanark Twp. In 1860, she
      married Jas. Smith whose parents owned the adjoining farm. They had five
      children, two of whom are dead. The survivors are James on the homestead; Mrs.
      Alex. Matthie of Middleville; and Mrs. William Folkard, of Lanark. Burial in St.
      Paul's cemetery, Lanark. The deceased was a sister of Mrs. Anthony Woods of

      Wed., Oct 11, 1899
      In Lanark Twp., 7th, Mrs. James Closs, aged 71 years. She as born Bridget
      Bain, in Dublin, Ireland, in 1825. About 52 years ago she came to this country
      and settled on the 4th conc. of Lanark Twp. She married Jas. Closs shortly after
      her arrival here. They had a family of nine, four of whom died of diphtheria at
      an early age. She is survived by her husband and John, Robert (on the homestead)
      and Peter, in Lanark Twp., James, in Drummond, and Mrs. P. Sheridan, in Perth.
      Burial on Monday last at Ferguson's Falls.

      Wed., Mar 21, 1900
      At Carleton Place, on Wednesday, Mr. Joseph Dougherty. He was born in 1820
      near the town of New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland, and came with his parents to
      this country in 1825. He lost his sight in 1842, in an explosion, near Pakenham.
      He started teaching singing in 1851 and taught until 1866. At his death he was
      within two weeks of reaching his eightieth year. Burial on Friday to St. James'

      In Perth, on Wednesday, Mrs. Geo. Kerr, the former Mrs. Catherine Corry,
      aged 80 years. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, March 3rd,1811. At an early age
      she came to Perth with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Doherty, of Carleton Place. About 65
      years ago, she married the late George Kerr, Esq., Rev. Michael Harris
      performing the ceremony. They had a family of seven sons and three daughters.
      Dawson, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Wm. H.C. (deceased), of Toronto; Mrs.Henry
      McDowell, Aurora; Mrs. E.A. Lester, Perth; George, Toronto; Augustus T., Salt
      Lake City, Utah; James & John A., Perth; Charles E., Toronto, and Katie E. (Mrs.
      R. Bryce), Winnipeg.

      Wed., Apr 18, 1900
      In Dalhousie Twp., April 17th, Mr. James Miller, aged 80 years. He was born
      in Cty. Antrim, Ireland, in 1820 and came to this country in 1842, working for
      Mr. Robert Moffatt, in Ramsay, where he stayed three years. About fifty-one
      years ago he married Miss Margaret Wright, of Perth and settled on 1st conc.
      Dalhousie. Since the death of his wife five years ago, he has lived with his
      son, Benjamin. They had ten children, all of whom are living: Mrs. Jas. H.
      Manahan, John and Ellen, of Lanark; Benjamin, of Dalhousie; James, of Carleton
      Place; Mrs. Robert Lockhart, of Lansing, Mich.; Mrs. Wm. Hillis, of Sutton,
      Ont.; and Isaac, of Fort Worth, Texas.

      Wed., May 9, 1900
      At Poland, Thursday, May 3rd, Mr. James Piercy, aged 73 years. He was born
      in County Antrim, Ireland, and came to Canada in 1847, journeying into Lavant by
      ox-cart. He leaves a widow and five children: John and Samuel, of Rat Portage;
      James, in Lavant; Maggie, at Braeside; and Nellie, at home. One daughter died at
      a few years of age. Burial on Saturday at the Poland cemetery.

      Wed., May 30, 1900
      On Monday, this week, Mr. John Kehoe, of Bathurst, aged 71 years. He was born in
      County Wexford, Ireland, in 1829 and came to Canada over fifty years ago. He
      married Eliza McCabe, dau of the late Michael McCabe, also of Bathurst. He is
      survived by his widow and a family of four: Michael & Margaret, at home; Moses,
      in Winnipeg, and Mrs. Wm. Lee, of 9th con. Bathurst.

      Wed., June 13, 1900
      At Tatlock, Monday, June 4th, Mr. John Murray, a Darling pioneer aged 83
      years. Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1817, he came with his parents to this
      country in 1820. His father settled on 2nd conc. of Lanark. Shortly after their
      arrival here the father was killed in a logging bee. At the age of 24, he
      married Miss Connors and settled at Tatlock. They had a family of ten, of whom
      nine are still living: Peter, John, Timothy, William, Thomas, Mrs. Patrick
      Barry, Mrs. Henry Timms, and Eliza Jane. After the death of his first wife he
      married Elizabeth Ranger, and following her death, her married a third time to
      Jennie Nevilles. One dau. was born to his last wife. Burial, June 6th in Clayton
      R.C. cemetery.

      Wed., Aug 1, 1900
      At Wayside, June 19th, Mr. James Byrne, aged 85 years. He was born in County
      Down, Ireland, in 1816. When about a year old he came to this country, with his
      parents, settling in Montreal. From there they moved to Kingston and afterwards
      to Bathurst. It was there he married Miss Annie Doyle, of Drummond. They had ten
      children of whom eight survive with his widow: Mrs. Mahoney, Smith's Falls; Mrs.
      Russell, Bathurst; Mrs. Conlon, Glen Tay; Mrs. Murphy, Elmsley; Mrs. Herlehey,
      Bathurst; Mrs. Salmon, Smith's Falls; John and Bernard, of Drummond.

      Wed., Sep 5, 1900
      On Sunday, Mr. Thomas Davis, of Perth, aged 81 years. Born in the County of
      Wexford, Ireland, he came to this country when young, the family settling in
      Quebec, where he married and where his family was born. He was a shoemaker by
      trade. He leaves: Mrs. Jas. Davis, Carter; Mrs. P.J. Hogan, Scotch Line; and
      Miss Davis, dressmaker, of Perth. Burial in Elmwood cemetery on Tuesday.

      Wed., Oct 3, 1900
      In Dalhousie, Sat. Sept. 29th, at the home of her nephews, Messrs. Johnston
      and William Stone, Mrs. James Grady, aged 80 years. Born in County Derry,
      Ireland, the former Sarah Stone, she emigrated to Canada when young and settled
      in Perth. She married Jas. Grady in Toronto and moved to Buffalo, NY, where her
      husband was killed while unloading a cargo of wheat. Being without children she
      returned to Lanark, and for the last ten years she lived in Dalhousie. Burial in
      Lanark cemetery, on Tuesday.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
      (Also includes Ireland news from papers pub. other than Ireland-like above.)

      Joynt One Name Study:
      Researching descendants of bros. John, Thomas, Wm. and Henry JOYNT of Co. Mayo
      who settled around Lanark and outlying areas.
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