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!! Ballina Chronicle; Mar 6, 1850 "Meath Assizes"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, March 6, 1850 ASSIZES INTELLIGENCE COUNTY MEATH - At Trim on Wednesday, Charles Coyle was given in charge
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, March 6, 1850


      COUNTY MEATH - At Trim on Wednesday, Charles Coyle was given in charge for the
      murder of Catherine Gaffney, in her own house, on the 19th of June, 1849. The
      prisoner was undefended. John Gaffney, a boy not more than twelve years old,
      examined - On the morning of the 19th of June went to the bog of Ross to work;
      he left his grandmother (the deceased) in the house; there was no one with her;
      he returned about one o'clock to his dinner; saw the prisoner then in the house;
      his grandmother was giving him stirabout; returned to the bog with his father's
      dinner, but before he went Coyle had left the house; came home about five
      o'clock and found his grandmother lying on the floor; went to the bog for his
      father; saw his grandmother's trunk broken and the lock hanging on the staple of
      the door; his grandmother kept her clothes in that trunk; saw a pole and
      pitchfork lying beside the trunk; they belonged to his brother who lived in the
      same house; when Coyle was leaving the house his grandmother told him to go to
      the other houses at dinner time and he would get something. James Briordy
      examined- Lived about ten perches from deceased; saw her the day of the murder
      at about three o'clock standing at her own door; she spoke to witness; did not
      see her afterwards; about an hour and a half from that time he heard she was
      murdered; about half-past one o'clock on that day he saw the prisoner in
      witness's house; he got some bread and cabbage; witness went to the bog of Ross;
      came back about two o'clock and saw the prisoner coming out of the yard at the
      house where deceased lived; was him walk a short distance; he then turned
      towards the cross roads at Ross. William M'Neminy, head constable of police,
      examined- Arrested the prisoner in the county Cavan; found him concealed in a
      field of oats with his face down in the furrow; when witness took hold of him
      the prisoner said, " Sure I won't be hung; " brought him before a magistrate,
      when he made a full confession of the murder. There were several other witnesses
      examined, and the lord chief justice charged the jury, who handed in a verdict
      of guilty. His Lordship, after a very feeling address, passed sentence of death
      on the prisoner.

      MEATH, Trim, Tuesday, Feb. 26
      Crown Court

      Patrick Tuite, a savage looking young lad, was placed at the bar, charged
      with having entered the house of Eleanor Kelly, at Clonmellon, and after
      committing a violent assault on the said Eleanor Kelly, robbed her of two
      watches, the property of her sons.
      Eleanor Kelly, a very old and feeble woman, was placed on the table, she
      presented a shocking appearance, having been nearly beaten to death by the
      prisoner. On being examined by Mr. Griffith, she stated that early on the
      morning of the 6th of this month (February,) the prisoner entered her dwelling
      house, at Clonmellon, in this county; she was sitting in her kitchen when she
      heard a noise behind her, and on turning round she received a blow on the
      forehead from the prisoner, which knocked her down; whilst she lay on the ground
      he continued to beat her with great violence about the head, inflicting several
      severe wounds. That on attempting to get up the prisoner seized a pitchfork and
      stabbed at her head with it, cutting her in the forehead, and at length he
      seized her in his arms, and dashed her against the wall, when she became
      insensible. The wall was covered with blood.
      The prisoner, who was undefended by counsel, cross-examined the old woman
      with great coolness and self-possession but she did not vary from her direct
      The jury, after a brief charge from his lordship, found the prisoner
      The Lord Chief Justice, after addressing the prisoner upon the inhuman
      outrage he was guilty of, and regretting that so much depravity could be found
      in one so young, sentenced the prisoner to be transported for ten years.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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