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!! Ballina Chronicle; Mar 6, 1850 "Roscommon Assizes"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, March 6, 1850 ASSIZES INTELLIGENCE COUNTY ROSCOMMON - Bridget Mann, a most miserable looking woman, quite
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, March 6, 1850

      COUNTY ROSCOMMON - Bridget Mann, a most miserable looking woman, quite
      emaciated in appearance, was placed at the bar on Wednesday, charged with the
      wilful murder of her male child on the 6th ult. The prisoner was undefended and
      the court requested Mr. Burke to undertake her defence. Bridget Scanlon
      examined - The prisoner was living in the latter end of January in French-park;
      she was confined of a child; I assisted her in her labour; she is not a married
      woman; the child was born alive; her nephew Denis Mann was there; he was called
      Denis Higgins; at the time of the birth, when the child began to roar, she told
      her nephew to put his hand to its mouth and stop hte cry; he did not do it; she
      told me to do it, and I would not; she got down her hand herself and stopped the
      cry; I took away her hand and let the child cry; she said I wanted to hang her,
      and I told her I would hang as well as she if anything happened the child; the
      child appeared strong and healthy; it was born on Wednesday, and lived until
      that day week, after the child was born it did not get anything for two days;
      but then she gave it suck; about Wednesday after the child was born Denis
      Higgins was at the house; she told him to go over to Roger Berne in French-park
      and bring her a ha'porth of sugar of lead; he went and brought back a paper with
      white powder; he gave it to her; she took it and put it down in a saucepan with
      water; she took it out in a spoon and gave the infant some; it was choking the
      child, but it was so hungry it must have swallowed it; the child began to vomit
      in a few moments and in about half an hour it began to purge him; the child got
      rest towards evening; it passed the night easy; the next morning Higgins was
      sent to Berne's for another ha'porth of sugar of lead; he brought it back; she
      wet it, in the same manner and gave it to the child; it was not able from the
      second dose to stir and was very weak until it departed that day; the prisoner
      was in the habit of using sugar of lead as a wash for some disease. Denis
      Higgins corroborated the last witness. The chain of evidence having been
      completed by the examination of other witnesses, Mr. Burke addressed the jury
      for the defence, after which Baron Lefroy charged the jury, who found a verdict
      of guilty. The prisoner was sentenced to be executed.
      On Thursday James Logue, Peter Logue, Thomas Gannon, and Patrick Gannon
      were indicted for the manslaughter of Henry Warren in a faction riot. The jury
      convicted James Logue, and acquitted the others.
      Edward Brennan was indicted for stabbing James Leyden with a knife. It
      appeared an argument arose between the prisoner and the prosecutor relative to a
      game of football; words became so high that blows were resorted to, and the
      prosecutor having been separated from the prisoner, took up a shoemaker's last,
      which he was about to fling at prisoner when the latter stabbed him with a knife
      in the side. One witness named Wm. Kelly, a young boy, who deposed to the
      foregoing facts, being asked by the judge if a blow of a last would knock a man
      down, answered - "Faix, your worship, if you got a clip of it you wouldn't be
      long on your legs."

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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