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!! Connaught Journal; Aug 26, 1824 "Miscellaneous News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, August 26, 1824 MISCELLANEOUS We understand that General Orders have been issued for a Court Martial to be held on
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      Galway, Thursday, August 26, 1824


      We understand that General Orders have been issued for a Court Martial to
      be held on Quarter-Master Lawless, of the 4th, or Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, on
      a charge of having received 5 per cent on the amount of bread supplied to the
      Regiment, by a baker in Barrack-street, of the name of Duffy, in whose premises
      the Lord Mayor, a short time since, seized a large quantity of bread, deficient
      in weight, and of a bad quality. It will be recollected that the last time this
      Regiment was quartered in Dublin, the Quarter-Master, a Captain, and another
      individual, were tried by a Court Martial, and that the Captain was ultimately
      removed from the service.--D.E. Post.

      CAUTION TO FARMERS - DEATH OF CATTLE - From Thursday the 12th to the 19th
      inst., three milch cows, two heifers, and two pigs, have died upon the same
      farm, the properties of William Donaldson and John Wier, both of Killycarren.
      These sudden deaths, it is generally believed, were occasioned by allowing flax
      water to run over the pasture, and thereby noxious weeds were propagated. Two
      dogs, the properties of the above mentioned persons, have since died, by being
      allowed to eat of the deceased cattle.

      Mr. Manning, Surveyor-General, and Mr. Price, Assistant, have arrived in
      Drogheda, for the purpose of ascertaining what reductions can be made in the
      Customs department of that port. They have been similarly employed at all the
      sea ports in the North.

      TAX ON IRISHMEN - By the Rolls of Parliament, A.D. 1477, it appears
      Irishmen residing in London, were subjected to the following scale of taxation:-
      Irishmen having no lands, twelve pence out of twenty shillings- Irishmen keeping
      houses, an annual duty of two shillings; and merchants born in Ireland, thirteen
      and four pence per annum.

      Mr. Kelly, Inspector of Fisheries, has been up the Shannon to Killaloe,
      placing watchmen in the different parts of the river, and has obtained from the
      Magistrates their orders to the Police stationed on the banks to afford every
      assistance in their power to stop all kinds of fishing.

      Thursday night, a field of oats, consisting of five acres, the property of
      a man named John Nolan, of Ballysimon, near Limerick, was maliciously trampled
      on, and otherwise injured. The reason assigned for this outrage is, that he had
      taken the ground for this season, contrary to the laws of Captain Rock.

      Thursday night, a soldier of the 39th Regiment, named Wm M'Kenny, a native
      of the County Donegal, who was placed sentinel on the Excise Office, forced his
      way into the office, and attempted to rob the premises. After he was relieved
      the attempt was discovered; but M'Kenny, in the interval, effected his escape.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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