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    THE TUAM HERALD, SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1909 TUAM, CO. GALWAY BIRTHS BOURKE - May 19, 2909, at 63 Lower Baggot street, Dublin, the wife of Geoffrey Bourke,
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      BOURKE - May 19, 2909, at 63 Lower Baggot street, Dublin, the wife of
      Geoffrey Bourke, Oldtowne, Ballindine, Co Mayo, of a son.

      CHEVERS - May 19, 1909, at Killyan, Co Galway, the wife of John J. Chevers,
      Esq., D.L., of a son.



      PERSSE - At Renmore, Galway, Rose, widow of Major William Norton Persse.
      D.L., of Roxborough, County Galway/

      DOYLE - May 16th, 1909, at 56 Shelbourne road, Dublin, Mrs. Honoria Doyle,
      aged 86 years, widow of the late Edward J. Doyle, Maryboro and Inchicall, and
      fondly-loved mother of Nurse Doyle, Infirmary, Westport, Co Mayo.

      BUCHANAN - May 16th, 1909, at his residence, Tobberocann (?), Ayle, Andrew
      Buchanan, aged, 50 years.

      CUSACK - On the 13th May, 1909, at her residence, Bridge street, Westport,
      Kate Cusack, aged 39 years.

      LLOYD - May 24th, 1909, at 19 Allesbury road, Dublin, Frances Dorothea,
      daughter of the late Guy Llyod, Esq., D.L., of Croghan, Co Roscommon.


      PITHY PARS. - Personal, Parochial Provicial and Particular

      At the recent school examinations of the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal
      College of Music, Miss Garvey gained distinction. She is a member of the
      community "La Sainte Union des Sacre Coeurs." Athlone, Westmeath, and a daughter
      of the late Dr. Garvey, of Cornfield, Hollymount, and of the late Mrs. Stella
      Garvey, the popular novelist, and niece of Colonel Michael Doheny, who was so
      prominently connected with the 48 movement. We wish her every success in the


      Quinultagh, near Dunmore, is derived from Ultach - an Ulsterman. Along the
      Western and Southern slopes of Sliabh Dart there are many thickly-populated
      villages. The advent of this population to the locality synchronises with the
      Plantation of Ulster hundreds of years ago, and these people, who are still
      decidedly clannish, are the descendants of the expropriated Catholic tenantry of
      parts of Ulster, who, dispossessed of their farms and homesteads in the Black
      North, took up their residence on this heather-growing range, which reminded
      them of their native homes amid the dark mountains of Tyrone and Donegal. They
      still cherish many traditions of the olden times, when their forefathers had
      to carry long dirks to defend themselves at fairs and markets, and of the
      faction fights when, standing together like one man, they always gained the day.


      We find, says a reverend and learned correspondent, reference is made to
      Dunmore in the annals of the Four Masters as early as A.D. 1133, when MacCarthy
      and Conor O'Brien, of Munster, destroyed it. In A.D. 1155 Murthough O'Loughlin
      burned the town and raised the walls to the ground. In A.D. 1177 Milo de
      Cogan occupied Dunmore with 40 men at arms, 200 horse soldiers, and 300 archers.
      King Rory O'Connor after a successful attack put this army to fight ; and the
      English did not encamp until they reached the other side of the Shannon at
      Lanesboro. In A.D. 1558, Captain Mordaunt led an English army from Lanesboro
      through Roscommon. It is recorded that the English soldiers raised a mutiny
      against the captain in the town, and to be marched them back again.


      Mountbellow Sports under the G.A.A. Laws, will be held in the Show Grounds,
      on Thursday. 10th June, and promise to be a great success. There are no less
      than fifteen events on the programe, including a tug-of-war contest, which
      promises to be a particularly interesting affair, Mr. M. Moran, hon. sec. to the
      Sports Committee, is leaving nothing undone to make the fixture a huge success.


      "I am an old vagabond, a widow, and a night-flier," Mrs Bridget Flaherty,
      told the magistrates sitting at Gort Petty Sessions on Thursday last during the
      hearing of a case in which she was summoned for threatening language.


      "Health and Strength" Co. have issued two excellent handbooks. A book of
      Walking and "Tricks of Self-Defence." They are eminently practical and useful,
      being well and intelligently written and sure to have a large sale. They are
      selling at one shilling, and published at 12 Burleigh Street, Strand, London,


      The death of Miles Ferrick,. For twenty-five years a well known resident of
      Butte, Montana, occuirred on April 25. Decease was born in County Galway
      forty-seven years ago.


      There seems to be a big row brewing about the men's bathing place at
      Blackrock, Galway. Colonel O'Hara refuses to allow the Urban Council of Galway to put
      up the springboard, unless on certain conditions which the Council refuses to


      Information wanted of Patrick, John and James Murray, who left Carropadden,
      Dunmore, Co Galway, thirty-five or forty years ago, Patrick went to California
      about 1876 or 1880. John was on a visit to James at 83 Wyckoff street,
      Brooklyn, N.Y., in May, 1879. They have one sister Winifred, still living in
      Ireland. Thomas Kenny, who lived in Thompsonville, Hartford, Conn., about the year
      1880. Address James M. Clancy, 92 Federal Street, West Lynn, Mass.


      We are pleased to see that Messrs. Naughton and Co., Tuam, are at present
      carrying out extensive alterations in their business premises, which are under
      the capable management or MR. Butler.


      At Loughrea Guardians meeting, a relieving officer said he gave a ticket to
      an old worame named Margaret O'Neill, who, he was informed, had £1,500 in bank.

      Lord and Lady Oranmore have let their house in Cavendish place, London, for a
      few weeks to Lord and Lady Buckinghamshire, and are staying at Englefield
      Green for a time, as Lady Oranmore has been far freom well lately.


      Colonel Courtenay, C.B., D.L., was hon sec of the ball on the 24th inst., in
      aid of the Co Galway Stall, which was such a complete success - one of the
      very best given this season. The tickets were limited to 250. The ball took
      place in the Pillar Room, Rotunda, Dublin, commencing at 10 o'clock. The
      energetic committee were Lady Clonbrock, Clonbrock, Ahascragh ;Lady Ashtown
      (President), Woodlawn, Co Galway ; Duchesse de Stackpoole, Mount Hazel, Ballymacward ;
      Lady Sophie Grattan-Bellew, Mount Bellew; Lady Phillips Waithman, Merlin Park,
      Galway ; Lady Sophie Grattan-Bellew, Mount Bellew ; Lady Phillipps Waithman,
      Merlin Park, Galway ; Hon Mrs. Algernon Persse, Craggclare, Ardrahan ; Hon
      Mrs. Campbell, Moycullen House, Moycullen, Lady Shaw, Bushy Park, Terenure; Lady
      Arnot, 12 Merrion square; Lady Walker, Pembroke House, Upper Mount street ;
      Lady Morris 48 Lower Leeson street ; Mrs. Anderson, 23 Upper Fitzwilliam street
      ; Mrs. Lynch-Athy, Renville, Oranmore ; Mrs. Percy Bernard, Collegnes,
      Booterstown ; Mrs. Berridge, Ballynahinch Castle, Co Galway; Mrs. W. Blakeney, 14
      Fitzwilliam square ; Mrs. Browne, The Albany, Monkstown ; Mrs. Chatterton, New
      Park, Blackrock ; Mrs Chevera, Killyan, Ballinasloe ; Mrs. Arthur Courtenay, 1
      Eaton square, Monkstown ; Mrs. Daly, Dunsandie(?), Athenry ; Mrs. Lambert,
      Castle Ellen, Athenry ; Mrs. T. Wilson-Lynch, Belmont, Galway ; Mrs. O. Hara,
      Lenaboy, Galway ; Mrs. Persse, Roxboroough, Loughrea, Mrs. F. Shawe-Taylor,
      Ardrahan ; Mrs. Teeling, 32 Upper Mount street, Mrs. P. Chenevix-Trench, 5
      Fitzwilliam place ; Mrs. Woods S_____, Galway.


      Money Found.

      In September or October last, a sum of money was found on the road between
      Tuam and Beclare. Owner, giving a description of the money, can have it on
      application to office, Tuam Herald, and paying cost of this advertisement.

      Jim McNamara

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