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Part 1 - The Tuam Herald, Saturday, April 17, 1909 Tuam, Co Galway

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    The Tuam Herald, Saturday, April 17, 1909 Tuam, Co Galway ... FUNERAL OF THE LATE MRS. GREENHAM As we announced in these columns last week there occurred at
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      The Tuam Herald, Saturday, April 17, 1909
      Tuam, Co Galway



      As we announced in these columns last week there occurred at her residence
      early on the 7th inst., the death of Mrs. Mary Anne Greenham, wife of Mr. George
      Greenham, the Demeane, and mother of the courteous and popular Assistant
      Stationmaster, Tuam Railway Station, Mr. John Greenham. Her death illness was
      very brief, she being up and about apparently in her usual heath the evening
      before. The news of her demise was received with deep regret throughout the town
      and vicinity, for the deceased was liked by all who knew her and a great
      favourite with her immediate neighbors. Her genial manner, kindliness of heart,
      and other good traites won her respect and good wishes of all about her. And
      for her husband and family there is felt and evinced sincere sympathy in their
      sad bereavement.

      Interment took place at St. Mary's on the 9th, the Very Rev Dean Geddes
      officiating at the graveside.

      Caler (?) mourners George Greenham (husband of the deceased), Richard D.
      Greenham, John Greenham, George Greenham (sons); Mary Greenham (daughter); William
      Alworth, etc.

      The coffin was overlaid with floral wreaths from the husband and children,
      Miss M. E. Barnett, Mrs. W. Darling, Miss B. English, Mr. Henry Teskyy, etc.

      The funeral which was large, and representative of all classes of the
      community, included The Lord Bishop, Right Rev. Dr. O'Sullivan; E. J. Concanon, Dr.
      Thompson, Henry Concanon, James (?) Huleatt, W. D. Darling, N.B.; Jasper
      Starchan; Mr. Whitby, H. H. Wells, B.I.; George Pager, Henry Teskey, Mr. English, W.
      Johnston, J. W. Black, Michael Warner, J. Leslie, R. Foster, E. Forster,
      henry French, A. McCawley, T. Hayes, J. Noble, Very Rev. Canon Macken, Adm; James
      McDonnell, C.T.O.; Francis Guy, Professor St. Jarlath's Patrick Murphy, T.C.,
      D.C; M. C. Shine, T.C.; Francis Meagher, T. C.; John Connelly, T.C.; Patrick
      Lyons, T.C.; James Daly, T.C.; M.C. Hosty, T.C.; Michael Goggins, T.C.; P.
      Byrne, T. C.; Patrick Canavan, T.C.; F. Keane, T.C.; M.S. Walsh, P. M. Hosty,
      Solr; Gerald Hosty, John glynn, Town Clerk, thomas Nolan, D.C.; Dr. Costello, P.E.
      Carroll, T.O. Malley, Jas. J. Begley, Frank Dooley, Michael Loftus, Laurence
      Burke, M. H. Macnamara, P. J. O'Flanagan, Postmaster; J.A. O'Flanagan, M.
      Kilgarriff J.P.; P.M. Cahil, Michael Cahill, T. Sheey, P.S.C.; Mr. Murphy, N.B.;
      P. McHugh, T. Waldron, P. McTigue, Michael Corcoran, Michael Nolan, T. Flatley,
      Jas Cummins, M. Flannelly, Patrick Dunne, P. O'Brien, Jas Nohilly, P.J.
      Lynch, T.J. Mellin, B. McHugh, John Whyte, P. Browne, James Ansbro, B. Jordan, T.
      Hyland, Michael Farrell, E. Farrell, John Shine, T. Sloyan, John Corcoran,
      Stephen Corcoran, P. Flannery, James Gannon, J. Keane, M. L. Keane, P. McGough, J.
      Walsh, D. F. Butler (Naughton's) J. Lenter, Henry Kelly, J. Scanlon, P
      O'Connor, T. hopkins, John Cahill, Michael Whyte, W. F. Fogarty, W. Jelly, J.
      Nestor, M. Reilly, M. Cooley, W. Reapy, Mark Higgiston, W. Gormally, M. Dwyer, T.
      Dwyer, John Mooney, A. McHugh, Robert Egan, M. J. Mannion, James Burke, A.
      Kilgarriff, P.O.; J. Coogan, T. Owens, P O'Dea, M. Walsh, W. Shine, John Murphy,
      Michael McGough, Dennis Grifey, P. Maloney, Railway Station; A. Mitchell, J.
      McLoughlin, M. F. Mangan, P. Leeson, M. Joyce, T. Joyce, T. Brogan, J. Quinn, J.
      Smith, G. Dillon, John Kelly, John Hancock, John Keane, Jas Heneghan, John
      McGrath, Michael Flattery, John Hession, Jas Moran, M. Hamill, P. Hamilton, P.
      Walsh, Gerald Smyth, John Flanagan, John Cunningham, Head Constable McPartlin,
      Sergeant Coyne, Sergeant Cain, Constables Martyn, Gibbons, Murray, Padden,
      Ashe, Barnes, O'Donnell, etc., etc.



      Last week as recorded in this journal, passed away, to the deep and heartfelt
      regret of a host of relatives and friends, an esteemed and well known
      resident of Kilbannon, Mr. Thos. Grehan, at the patriarchal age of 98 years, during
      which he had hardly ever suffered illness till feebleness from weight of years
      set in. The deceased was a fine specimen of an Irishman looked at from any
      point of view. He was upright, honest, and of independent mind, and an
      unflinching nationalist. He was a firm adherent of Parnell to the last, and while the
      anniversary of his death was annually celebrated he seldom missed visiting
      his grave; although he was then bordering on ninety. Needless to say that the
      deceased was popular and highly respected in the district.

      Burial took place at Kilbannon on Thursday, 1st April. Rev. Father Waters,
      C.C., reciting the last prayers at the graveside.

      Chief mourners - Darby Grehan (son); Mrs Kenny and Mrs Cunningham
      (daughters); Ed Kenny, J. Kenny, and Thos. Grehan (grandsons); Michael Haddigan

      Amongst others at the funeral, which was large and representative, were -
      Messrs. William Daly, Patrick Murphy, T.C., D.C.; C.G. Blake, Francis Keane,
      T.C.; M. S. Walsh, D. Cummins, M. C. Shine, T.C.; John Connally, T.C.; M. I.
      Corcoran, Daniel Corcoran, Michael Nolan, D.J. Butler (Naughton's), M.C. Hosty,
      T.C.; P. Kilgarriff, James J. Begley, Michael Farrell, P. Browne, Martin
      Corcoran, P. McHugh, P. Lyons, T.C.; James Glynn, J. McLoughlin, John Duffy, John
      Hession, P. Duddy, T. Acton, J. Murphy, G. Herbert, Edward Lynskey, Martin
      Higgins, Tom Donohoe, T. Concanon, T. Lally, T. Browne, T. Browne, P. Godwin, T.
      Walsh, Michl. Lardner, Patrick Lardner, Patrick Connelly, D.C.; Thos. Varden, P.J.
      Costello, D.C.; James Gormally, Pat Rabbitt, Thomas Keane, A. O'Connor, Thos.
      Kelly, Patrick Hosty, Michael Walsh, Thos. McHugh, Michael Flanagan, Martin
      Hughes, Walter Hughes, Thomas Crisham, Jas. O'Brien, Michael Mullin, Michael
      Donnellan, P. Nestor, etc.

      Jim McNamara
      British Isles Family History Society - USA, Newsletter Editor

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