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    MARRIED MORIARTY AND DOLPHIN - April 2, 1909, at the University Church Stephen s Green, to Mr. Dolphin, of Turo, Co Galway. McGRATH and McHUGH - On 4th April
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      MORIARTY AND DOLPHIN - April 2, 1909, at the University Church Stephen's
      Green, to Mr. Dolphin, of Turo, Co Galway.

      McGRATH and McHUGH - On 4th April 1909, at the Cathedral, Tuam, by Very Rev
      Canon Macken, Adm, James McGrath, Kilcloghans, Tuam to Mary, daughter of Mr.
      Hugh McHugh, Circular Road, Tuam.



      GREENHAM - On Wednesday, 7th April, 1909 ??ter residence, Kilelloghans (?),
      Tuam, Mrs. Greenham, wife of Mr. Geoprge Greenham; deeply regretted in the town
      and vicinity. Burial yesterday (Friday) at St. Mary's Cemetery, Tuam.


      We are especially pleased to see that Mr. Michael Kelly, of the Estate Duty
      Office at the Custom House, Dublin, has been recently promoted to a position of
      great trust and importance in that Department, thus proving the high opinion
      entertained of his capacity and efficiency and the value put upon his
      services. He is known to be an exceptionally able official and is certain of still
      further deserved promotion, Mr. Kelly is a Galway man, son of the late Michael
      Kelly of Myre Hill ? Headford, and his many county friends will hear of his
      advancement with pleasure we are sure.


      The little daughter of Lord and Lady Oranmore and Browne was christened at
      St. Andrew's Church, Well Street, London, on Saturday afternoon, receiving the
      name of Christine Louise Beatrice. The god parents included Princess Marie
      Louise of Schleswig Holstein, Lady Waterford, Mrs. Cazalet, Lord Duncannon,
      (brother of Lady Oranmore), and Mr. Montagn Guest (uncle of Lady Oranmore).


      Messrs. Harrington Brothers of Cork, in extending their chemical business to
      embrace the manufacture of colours and varnishes, has added an important asset
      to Irish industry. Those who desire to mix their own paints need no longer
      compulsority help to swell the pockets of foreign colour manufacturers, but can
      now procure Irish-made colours in the read mixed article can also obtain it
      Irish-made throughout.

      APRIL 10, 1909

      PITHY PARS. - Personal, Parochial Provincial and Particular

      We are pleased to hear that Mr. J. C. Gardiner having resigned his
      appointment as R. M., it is suggested that after his long services of 31 years in County
      Galway that some mark of the esteem in which he is held by every one should
      be presented to him. The subscription is limited to £1. Mr. S. Waithman Of
      Merlin Park, has kindly consented to act as Treasurer, and any subscriptions
      sent to him will be acknowledged, and the names appear from time to time in local
      papers. This is a most deserving and popular object and will, we are sure,
      be widely supported by all creeds and classes.


      Louis C. B. Brennan, the famous inventor of the Brennan Torpedo, in use in
      the British Navy, was born in Castlebar in 1852. Having emigrated to Australia
      in boyhood he was apprenticed to a Civil Engineer in Melbourne, and where the
      future torpedo of England's powerful navy was first conceived in the fertile
      brain of the inventor when he was but twenty-two years of age. Thirteen years
      later, in 1897, the Government by the advice of the Admiralty bough Mr
      Brennan's invention for ten thousand pounds. Mr. Brennan's latest triumph is an
      adaptation of the gyroscope to the mono rail, a device which he demonstrated
      before the Royal Society in 1907. Mr. Brennan lives near Woolwich and is married
      to Miss Quinn of Castlebar.


      Sir Henry George Burke, Baronet, J.P. and D.L. for the County Galway, was
      born at Marble Hill in 1859, the second son of the late Sir Thomas Burke, third
      baronet (the baronetcy was created in 1799) and some time member for the County
      Galway, by Lady Mary Nugent, daughter of the 9th Earl of Westmeath. Sir
      Henry was educated at the Oratory School and Trinity College, Dublin, of which he
      is a B.A. He succeeded his brother in 1880, and was High Sheriff for Galway
      in 1883 and held a commission in the 4th Battalion Connaught Rangers 1881-5.
      He is unmarried.


      William Anthony Burke, B.L., was born in 1866, the fourth son of Sir Thomas
      Burke, Bart., of Marble Hill, in this county. He was educated at Oscott, and
      married in 1889 Coralie, daughter of Captain Power Lalor, of Loug Orchard, Co.
      Tipperary, called to the Irish Bar in 1890. His wife is a clever writer, the
      author of "The Value of Life," to which Dr. Barry con tributed a preface,
      and "Child Study and Education," prefaced by Rev. Dr. Hogan.


      John Butler Burke, M. A., of Cambridge and Dublin, is a well known Physicist
      and Biologist. He was born in 1871, son of John Burke, M.D., of Ower,
      Headford, in this county, by Victoria, only daughter of Benjamin Burke, of Manila.
      He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, of which he is a mathematical
      scholar, senior moderator and gold medallist. He graduated in 1900? In Research as
      an advanced student of Trinity College, Cambridge; some time lecturer at
      Mason's College, Birmingham, and a Berkeley. Fellow of Owens College, Manchester.
      Since 1905 he has written and lectured on his experiments at the Cavendish
      Laboratory, Cambridge, and his book, "The Origin of Life" (published in 1906)
      which has attained a world-wide circulation, supplies new evidence to support
      the theory as old as Aristotle that the living was at one time produce from the
      non-living, a theory which, in Mr. Butler Burke's opinion, if established,
      need offer to the straitest orthodoxy no apprehension.


      The "Daily Sketch" is a new claimant to public favour and an admirable
      claimant it is . It is only a half penny paper, but it is full of pictures and
      reading matter of interest. In Friday's issue is a photograph of Mr. J. C.
      Gardiner, R. M., with Mr. P. J. Daly, J.P., standing beside him at their shooting
      lodge is the wilds of Connemara.

      Jim McNamara
      British Isles Family History Society - USA, Newsletter Editor

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