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    THE TUAM HERALD, SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1909 TUAM, CO. GALWAY DEATH OF REV D. THOMAS CANON RONAYNE, P.P. But a few short months ago we, in common with his
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      RONAYNE, P.P.

      But a few short months ago we, in common with his countless clerical friends
      in the archdiocese, joined cordially in congratulating Canon Ronayne open the
      jubilee of his fifty honoured years in the priesthood, and now the very
      melancholy duty devolves upon us if recording his lamented death. With him goes to
      his assured reward as self sacrificing and zealous a priest as ever worked in
      the Divine Vineyard in this country, where such rare devotion and zeal are to
      be found in such superabundance. He was one of the few priests as yet left in
      the vast archdiocese of Tuam whom Dr. MacHale had ordained and promoted. One
      by one they are fast falling out of the ranks, having each and all earned the
      crown of an honoured and useful missionary life. Canon Ronayne has been some
      forty years P.P. of Mount Bellew, and the evidences of his splendid energy
      and ceaseless attention to duty are to be found in the renovated and re-built
      churches and schools which bear testimony today in the united parishes of Mount
      Bellew and Moylough to his conduct and character as a priest. He will be
      greatly missed, for he was a favourite with all classes and creeds and a man of
      singularity amiable disposition, yet withal firm in his beliefs and steadfast
      opinions while tolerant of those of others. Some few years ago his brother,
      Father Jas. Ronayne, who had been his excellent curate, died P.P. of Moore. Canon
      Ronayne was a native of the archdiocese and educated at St. Jarlath's and
      Maynooth. His first curacy was Ballinrobe, and he was soon appointed by Dr.
      MacHale to the united parishes of Mount Bellew and Moylough some time about the
      singular energy, zeal and devotion, earning the affection of his parishioners
      and the esteem of his neighbours of other creeds/

      (From a Correspondent).
      High Mass was celebrated at Mount Bellew on the 7th inst for the eternal
      repose of the sould of the late Canon Ronayne. The sad news of his death filled
      the hearts of his parishioners with grief and sadness. It is no exaggeration
      to say that his name will be long remembered and revered by us. While the
      chief object of the late Canon's desires was our spiritual and educational
      welfare, still he was never forgetful of our temporal interests. The poor had in
      him a sincere friend on whom they could always rely. He always stood by the
      poor in their necessities. He was therefore a splendid type of the ideal Irish
      priest. We hope the devout and fervent prayers of his parishioners will add
      to the precious crown - life everlasting - promised to the good and faithful

      Rev T. Heany, C. C., acted as celebrant; Rev A. Eaton, deacon; Rev M.
      Donnellan, C. C., sub-deacon; master of ceremonies, Very Revd. Canon Macken, Adm.

      His Grace the Most Rev Dr. Healy presided in the choir.

      The following clergymen were present in the choir: -

      Very Rev Canon Canton, P.P.; Very Rev Canon Macken, Adm; Very Rev M. Higgins,
      D. D.; Very Rev M. Kealty, D. D.; Rev J Curran, P. P.; Rev J. Burke, P.P.;
      Rev J. Keaveny, P.P.; Rev J. Heany, P.P.; Rev M. Heany, P.P.; Rev J. Fallon,
      P.P.; Rev M. Fallon, P.P.; Rev P. Colgan, P.P.; Rev W. Conway, P.P.; Rev W.
      McHugh, P.P.; Rev W Ratigan, Adm; Rev M. Diskin, P.P.; Rev F. Shanagher, P.P.; Rev
      T. Joyce. P.P.; Rev E. Dalton, C.C.; Rev J. Morgan, Professor St. Jarlath's;
      Rev. F. McDermott. C.C.; Rev O Hannon, C. C.; Rev J. Burke, Rev F. Ronayne,
      C.C.; Rev B. Ronayne, Maynooth; Rev M. Morris, Rev J. Noone, C.C.; Rev J. tuffy,
      C.C.; Rev T. Byrne, C.C.; Rev P. O'Loughlin, C.C.; Rev M. Brennen, C.C.

      After Mass his Grace the Archbishop addressed the congregation at
      considerable length and referred to the splendid labours of the deceased for the church
      which he served so faithfully and well for more than half a century. His Grace
      appealed to the people to remember their late pastor in their prayers, and to
      humbly beg of God to-day to accept the Holy Sacrifice if the Mass on his
      behalf and to have mercy on his soul and to grant him eternal rest. Amen.

      Jim McNamara
      British Isles Family History Society - USA, Newsletter Editor

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