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!! Connaught Journal; Aug 19, 1824 "Dublin Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, August 19, 1824 DUBLIN, AUGUST 16. MAD DOGS - A boy was bitten on Friday by a dog in Townsend-street. He is the son of
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      Galway, Thursday, August 19, 1824

      DUBLIN, AUGUST 16.
      MAD DOGS - A boy was bitten on Friday by a dog in Townsend-street. He is
      the son of a coal-factor and the dog belonged to a Mrs. M'Donald, who resides in
      the cellar of the came house. The dog has been destroyed, but we hope not too
      late. The watchmen of the city should be instructed to attend to the markets and
      bye some streets at night where they will find hundreds of prowling curs feeding
      on the worst description of offal, which is calculated to excite hydrophobia.
      A number of dog owners were fined on Saturday for non-observance of the
      Lord Mayor's Proclamation, in the sum of 10s. each.
      CORONER'S INQUEST - Yesterday a quarrel occurred between a private of the
      19th Regiment, named James Kenny, and a private of the 22d Regiment named John
      Constantine, in the barrack-yard, South Great George's street. The parties
      fought on the spot, and, melancholy to relate, death ensued to the latter. Kenny
      was immediately taken into custody, and brought to the Head Office of Police.
      The body of the deceased was conveyed to Mercer's Hospital, where an Inquest was
      held on it. The Jury returned a verdict, that they would not come to a decision
      whether the deceased came by his death from the effects of a blow, or in
      consequence of fits, to which it appeared he had been subject.
      A MAN SHOT - About the hour of one o'clock yesterday morning, a man named
      Michael Donagh, assisted by a man mob, attacked the house of a publican, named
      Doolan, situated at Brittas, about eight miles from Dublin, on the Blessington
      road. He had been turned out of the House a short time previous for rioting and
      when abut to force an entrance, was fired upon by Mr. Doolan from a window; he
      was wounded with small shot in the arm and thigh, but not dangerously. The
      Police from Ballinascorney immediately repaired to that spot and took the
      parties into custody.
      COLLEGE-STREET - Eleanor Corrigan and Thos. Connolly were charged with
      being contra-banders, or unlawful dealers in books. Landy Edward Foote, Esq. is
      the owner of the property, which consisted of "Klopstock's Messiah," "Smith's
      Wealth of Nations," and "Dr. Priestley's Lectures." The "Messiah" had been
      extracted by picking the lock of Mr. Foote's study, and the "Wealth of Nations"
      was discovered at the Four Courts, "Dr. Priestley's Lectures" was found on a
      shelf in Mass-lane, and "Crooke's Reports" with a news-dealer. Eleanor Corrigan
      was a servant of Mr. Foote's, in charge of his house, and on Friday morning
      Connolly was seen coming out of it. Thomas Walsh, a dealer in books, swore that
      he had purchased the tomes in question from the prisoner Connolly, who has been
      sent to his present study, Newgate.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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