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!! Connaught Journal; Aug 16, 1824 "Galway Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, MONDAY, AUGUST 16, 1824 MINUTES of a meeting of the Magistrates in the Commission of the Peace for the County of Galway,
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      Galway, MONDAY, AUGUST 16, 1824

      MINUTES of a meeting of the Magistrates in the Commission of the Peace for
      the County of Galway, assembled in the Grand Jury Room at Galway, on Monday, the
      9th day of August, 1824, under the Proclamation of the Lord Lieutenant,
      warranted by the Act of the 3d of George the 4th, chap. 103, for the appointment
      of Constables and Sub Constables in and for said County, under the said Act.
      The Rt. Hon, Earl Clancarty, Custom Rotulorem; Lord Viscount Gort; Sir John
      Burke, Bart; Richard D'Arcy, Esq; Robert Persse, Esq; Burton Persse, jun, Esq;
      William Lopdell, Esq; Rev. J. O'Rorke; Thomas H. O'Flaherty, Esq; Francis
      French, Esq; Patt Burke, Esq; Walter Joyce, Esq; Michael J Browne, Esq; Anthony
      O'Flaherty, Esq; Rev. J. Galbraith; Thomas Lancaster, Esq; John Egan, Esq; Hon.
      Martin Ffrench; Thomas Seymour, Esq; Hon. and Ven. the Archdeacon of Ardagh;
      Rev. Archdeacon Rutson; Walter Lawrence, Esq; William Persse, Esq; John Kirwan,
      Esq; James H. Burke, Esq; Richard Rathburne, Esq; Malachy Daly, Esq; Rev.
      Richard Eyre; Thos. Stradford Eyre, Esq; Rev. J. ? Orr; John H. Blakeney, Esq;
      Francis Blake, Esq; Christopher Lopdell, Esq; William M. Burke, Esq; Robert
      Martyn, Esq; James D. B. Morris, Esq; R.I.M. St. George, Esq; Henry Blake, Esq.
      Earl of Clancarty in the Chair.
      Resolved. That the Act for the appointment of Constables and to secure the
      effectual performance of the duties of their office, and for he appointment of
      Magistrates in Ireland, be now read by the Clerk of the Peace.
      On the motion of John Kirwin, Esq. and seconded by John H. Blakeney, Esq.
      Resolved unanimously, That the election of the Police that we are now
      called on to nominate, be selected from the Police hitherto under Major D'Arcy's
      command, who have so efficiently discharged their duty, and kept the peace of
      the County for four years, and that the proper number be handed over therefrom
      properly qualified to the superintendent, Major Warburton.
      Resolved unanimously, That it is the opinion of this Meeting and that 272
      Constables are not sufficient to preserve the peace of this County and that the
      same should be augmented to 389 being the proportion of Constables hitherto
      employed for the part of the County placed under the former Police Acts and that
      it would be eligible to continue so many of the existing Police as the present
      Establishment will afford, with a view so far to provide for the additional
      force recommended.
      Resolved unanimously. That the thanks of the Magistrates here assembled be
      given to Major D'Arcy, for his exemplary conduct while Chief Magistrate of this
      Resolved unanimously, That a subscription be entered into for the purpose of
      presenting some permanent testimony of our high esteem for the valuable services
      Major D'Arcy has rendered to this County; and in order to meet our general
      approbation, no more than Our Pound will be received from each individual.
      Resolved unanimously, That Sir John Burke, Bart, Richard D'Arcy, John
      Kirwan, Richard Rathborne and William M. Burke, be a Committee for receiving
      Subscriptions and carrying the above Resolution into effect.
      Resolution proposed by R.I.M. St George, That Lord Clancarty, do leave the
      Chair and that Lord Gort do take the same - Resolved, that the thanks of this
      Meeting be given to Lord Clancarty for his dignified and proper conduct in the
      Chair this day.

      STOLEN, on the Night of SUNDAY, the 15th of AUGUST instant, off the Lawn of
      Brown Lodge, within a mile and a half east of the town of Galway, a small strong
      made dark bay MARE, without any mixture of white or spots, but her legs black-
      about seven years old, and had a small mark or sore about the size of a tenpenny
      on her shoulder from the saddle. Whoever returns her, or prosecutes the Thief to
      conviction, will be suitably rewarded by me.
      Brown Lodge, 16th August 1824.

      J. FINN,
      RESPECTFULLY acquaints the Nobility, Gentry and Inhabitants of Galway and
      surrounding Neighborhood that she has arrived from London with an Elegant
      Assortment of MILLINERY, of English and Parisian Fashion, which she submits to
      their Inspection; and trusts, from the Elegance of their Selection, to merit the
      favour of their Orders.
      Miss Cox's High-street, August 16, 1824.

      THAT no person will be admitted to visit Prisoners except upon Mondays,
      Wednesdays and Fridays in each week, between the hours of eleven and one
      o'clock, and that no Visitors, even upon those days be allowed to persons
      committed to the Correction Wards or Vagrants without the written order of a
      Magistrate- and that no commutation of food shall be allowed to Debtors or other
      Prisoners while receiving the Gaol Allowance.
      By Order of Inspector General of Prisons,
      JAMES M'DERMOTT, Gaoler,
      Town and County of Galway.
      August 17, 1824.
      N.B. This restriction not to extend to Clergy and Law Agents.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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