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Misc Newspaper Items - Co Clare, Ireland

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    New York Herald, June. 10, 1869 PRENDERGAST- In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, June 9, ESSY, the beloved wife of Patrick Prendergast, aged 44 years. The relatives and
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      New York Herald, June. 10, 1869

      PRENDERGAST- In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, June 9, ESSY, the beloved wife of
      Patrick Prendergast, aged 44 years.
      The relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from the late
      residence, No. 345 Columbia street, on Friday afternoon at three o'clock, to the
      Cemetery of the Holy Cross.
      County Clare and Limerick papers please copy.

      New York Herald, Sep. 10, 1869
      HANLEY.- On Wednesday, September 8, after a long and severe illness, CATHARINE,
      widow of William Hanley, a native of Kilrush, county Clare, Ireland, aged 65
      The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to
      attend the funeral, this (Friday) morning, at half-past nine o'clock, from her
      late residence, 157 Gold street, Brooklyn and from thence to St. James' church,
      Jay street, where a solemn requiem mass will be offered up for the repose of her

      New York Herald, July 15, 1870
      Information wanted of James Henness, who left Kilrush, county Clare, Ireland,
      five years ago, for America; when last heard from he was in Middletown, Orange
      county, N.Y. Any information of him will be thankfully received by his brother,
      Patrick, corner of Grove and North Fourth streets, Jersey City, N.J.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, April 24, 1890
      McMAHON - April 22, Patrick, dearly beloved husband of Ellen McMahon, aged
      58 years. Native of County Clare, Ireland.
      Funeral Friday from his late residence, 773 W. Chicago Av. to St. Malachy's
      Church, where solemn high mass will be celebrated; thence by cars via C. and
      N.W. railway to Calvary.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, October 9, 1890
      DUBLIN, Oct 8 - Farmer Lynch of Carrigaholt, County Clare, has been found
      brutally assassinated.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, October 30, 1890
      A Girl and Her Mother Killed in County Clare.
      DUBLIN, Oct 29 - A band of moonlighters in County Clare have murdered a girl
      named Flanagan and her mother.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, December 30, 1890
      CURRY-Michael Curry, aged 50 years, husband of the late Mary Curry (nee
      Downs), native of County Clare, Ireland. Funeral from the late residence of his
      son-in-law, E.J. McGeeney, 232 Ewing-st, Wednesday, Dec. 31, 10 o'clock, to
      Jesuit Church, where requiem high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages
      to Calvary Cemetery.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, Jan 31, 1891
      Patrick Shea, an old resident of Cook County, died at his home in Palos
      yesterday, aged 76 years. Mr. Shea came to America from County Clare, Ireland,
      in 1836 and settled on a farm at Palos where he continued to reside to the time
      of his death. One of his sons is Capt. John D. Shea of Thirty-fifth Street

      Chicago Daily Tribune, Jan 19, 1891
      HONEN - Jan 18, at her residence, No. 499 West Fourteenth -st. Bridget Honen
      (nee Crahan), aged 52 years, native of County Clare, Ireland, mother of Hannah,
      Sarah and Rose Honen. Mrs. Clifford and Mrs. Winters. Member of Married Ladies'
      Sodality, Holy Family Church. Funeral Tuesday, 9 o'clock a.m. to Holy Family
      Church, thence by C. and N.W. R.R. to Calvary Cemetery.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, April 5, 1891
      A party of "moonlighters" in Ennis, County Clare, last night attacked the
      house occupied by Michael Fitzgerald near that town. The police, however,
      surprised the moonlighters and fired upon them. The result was that one of the
      moonlighters was shot and fatally wounded, while all of the "moonlighters" party
      were captured.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, Jan 20, 1892
      An Irish land agent named Perry, while driving to mass at Tulla, in County
      Clare, was attacked by four armed men who shot him through the thighs and killed
      his horse. It is feared Perry will die. His assailants escaped.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, July 11, 1892
      FLYNN - Mrs. Mary, beloved mother of Michael Flynn and Mrs. Madigan, at her
      residence, No. 336 Throop-st; a native of County Clare, Parish of Ballia,
      Ireland. Funeral Tuesday, July 12 at 9 a.m. to Holy Family Church, where high
      mass will be celebrated, thence by cars via C. & N.W. Ry to Calvary Cemetery.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, Sep 17, 1892
      ROCHE - Sept. 16, Officer Thomas Roche, beloved brother of Mrs. Hannah Nealon
      and Mrs. Mary Norton, native of Carrigaholt, County Clare, Ireland, aged 35
      years. Funeral Sunday from his sister's residence, 608 Loomis-st. to St. Pius
      Church at 9 a.m. thence by cars to Calvary via C. and N.W. R.R.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, Sept. 21, 1892
      DUBLIN, Sept. 20 - There is renewed excitement everywhere in Dublin in
      consequence of the resumption of the eviction of tenants who are in arrears for
      rent. In County Clare, the Sheriff proceeded yesterday with a large force of
      police to Coolready to dispossess delinquent tenants, but instead of the
      resistance expected the first tenant was ready to pay his back rent. At the next
      house the Sheriff found the same condition of affairs. The result of the raid
      was that the rents were paid and none of the tenants were evicted. Many of the
      tenants on the estate of Lord Ely, in County Fermanagh and County Wexford, and
      on the estates of Lord Templemore in County Wexford, are in arrears and
      preparations are being made for evictions. None of the tenants on these estates
      have been dispossessed in four years and trouble is anticipated when the writs
      are served.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, Oct 27, 1892
      McTIGUE - Oct. 26, at residence, 2630 Hickory-st, Mary, beloved wife of Michael
      McTigue, nee Meaney, aged 42 years. Native of County Clare, Ireland. Funeral
      Friday, Oct. 28, 9:30 to St. Bridget's Church, thence to O. and N.W. Depot for

      Chicago Daily Tribune, Jan 3, 1893
      Moonlighters Commit Another Outrage
      Another outrage by moonlighters is reported from Tullah, a small town in
      County Clare. Saturday night a band of moonlighters, who had a grudge against a
      man employed as a servant by the family of Judge Browne, visited the residence
      of the Brownes, which is situated a short distance from the town. One of the
      band, who was in disguise, entered the house and demanded to know the
      whereabouts of the man servant. The man was absent and the only occupants of the
      house were the daughters of the dead magistrate. They informed the moonlighter
      that the man he was looking for was not in the house. This information seemed to
      enrage the moonlighter, who drew a revolver and fired upon one of the girls.
      Fortunately his aim was bad and the bullet went wide of its mark. He then amused
      himself by firing at random about the room until his weapon was empty, when he
      withdrew and joined the gang awaiting him on the outside. When they learned that
      the man they wanted was not in the house the moonlighters withdrew without
      making any further trouble.

      KILRUSH, Jan. 2 - Serious disturbances occurred here today between
      Parnellites and anti-Parnellites, and exciting fights occurred between the two
      factions lasting over three hours. The police were powerless for a time and it
      looked as if the military would have to be called upon. The police, however,
      charged the crowds and by clubbing a large number and making many arrests,
      succeeding in restoring order, not, however, until great damage had been done to
      several houses belonging to members of both factions. The exact amount of the
      loss to property is not estimated, but will be quite heavy. No lives were lost,
      but many were seriously injured. A large number of arrests were made today and
      more will probably follow.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, April 13, 1893
      CUSACK - Thomas G. Cusack, late of Ottumwa, Ia., native of Kilrush, County
      Clare, Ireland, aged 55 years. Funeral Friday from his late residence 182 South
      Paulina-st. to St. Charles Church, thence by carriages to Calvary.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, Aug 17, 1893
      Boat Capsizes in the River Shannon, Ireland - Rescuers Arrive Too Late
      Dublin, Aug 16, An excursion party today left Kilkee in the southwestern part of
      County Clare, intending to cross the River Shannon, which at that point is quite
      wide, forming what is known as Carrigaholt Bay. When the party was a
      considerable distance from shore the boat capsized. Rescuers at once bore down
      on the capsized boat, but seventeen of the excursionists drowned. Some people
      who were clinging to the keel of the boat and several who had kept themselves
      afloat were rescued.

      Chicago Daily Tribune, Oct 23, 1893
      M'CLOWRY - Oct. 24, at her residence, 5301 Wabash av., Mary, beloved wife of
      Officer Michael McClowry, nee Halloran, aged 26 years, native of Parish of
      Coolneen, County Clare, Ireland. Funeral Wednesday, Oct. 25, at 10 a.m. to St.
      Anne's Church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to Mount

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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