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!! Ballina Chronicle; Aug 29, 1849 "Ward Murder, Lamb Suicide & Slaves"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, August 29, 1849 Friday night a man named Robert Ward, twine-spinner, of James s-street, Limerick, while
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, August 29, 1849

      Friday night a man named Robert Ward, twine-spinner, of James's-street,
      Limerick, while quarrelling with his wife and daughter, took a red hot poker out
      of the fire, and struck his wife a tremendous blow on the head with the weapon
      which deprived her of life.

      Considerable excitement prevailed during the Monday night and Tuesday in
      Athlone, in consequence of a rumour that Mr. Samuel Lamb, Barrack-master and
      storekeeper in that garrison, had suddenly and unaccountably disappeared. It was
      with some difficulty that we could obtain the particulars, which may be stated
      in a few words:-On Monday between seven and eight o'clock, Mr. Lamb left his
      quarters in the barracks, first having deposited his watch, keys and money
      (about £15) on his dressing table and dressed himself in a suit of cast off
      clothes; later in the evening he was accosted on the bank of the canal by an
      acquaintance, but since he has not been heard of. A number of persons have been
      engaged in dragging the canal and river, but as yet no clue has been obtained
      either of the manner or cause of his disappearance.--Westmeath Independent.
      On this day (Wednesday) the body of Mr. Lamb was picked up on the Leinster
      side of the Shannon, to which place the current of the river carried it. The
      body was at once conveyed to the Barracks, until an inquest is holden upon it;
      and from the variety of strange and conflicting rumours afloat as to the causes
      which prompted the rash act, we do not wish to enter further into detail until
      investigation takes place.
      Just as we were going to press, an inquest was held on view of the body by
      Mr. Edward Lynch. The following verdict was returned:- "We find that Samuel S.
      Lamb was found drowned in the river Shannon, on the Leinster side of the town,
      county Westmeath, on the 22d instant." -Athlone Sentinel

      Two swift slave steamers lately made their appearance on the west coast of
      Africa and succeeded in embarking their human cargoes, and escaping the pursuit
      of several British cruisers.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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