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!! Ballina Chronicle; Feb 20, 1850 "Miscellaneous"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, February 20, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS Twelve died of cholera at Cahirciveen, county Kerry, last week. Carlotta
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, February 20, 1850

      Twelve died of cholera at Cahirciveen, county Kerry, last week.
      Carlotta Grisi has commenced an engagement at the Dublin theatre.
      Subscriptions are opened in the different wards in Dublin to sustain Mr.
      The mountains on the Clare and Tipperary sides of Limerick are covered with
      Not one vessel has arrived in Limerick for the last eight days.
      There are a dozen deaths, for want of the necessities of life, reported in
      Kilrush union, the last month.
      Robberies are very frequent in Cashel that whenever a house becomes vacant
      either the windows or doors, or both are stolen.
      Lurgan bank was robbed by burglars a few nights ago and they carried off
      the iron safe, fortunately, with only a few coppers in it.
      Patrick O'Connor at the time of his murder by the Mannings was reported to
      have been worth from £7,000 to £8,000. His property of all kinds has scarcely
      realised as many hundreds.
      A notice is served upon the Treasurer of the borough of Dublin, cautioning
      him against paying any moneys during the disputed mayoralty of Mr. Reynolds,
      The Court of Exchequer have refused the liberation of Capt. H.M'Mahon,
      arrested on a judge's fiat for £350 damages on the affidavit of Miss Devine,
      whom he had seduced and taken her money.
      The result of the Constabulary investigation at Ballymote, county Sligo, is
      that Mr John Stuart, Sub-Inspector of Tubbercurry, has been placed at the foot
      of his list, for disrespectful language to George Knox, Esq., the Resident
      On Wednesday, a fine young woman, daughter to William Corcoran, who lives
      near the canal at Mountmelick, fell into the harbour, while endeavouring to
      cross over a style, the night being very dark and stormy, and was unfortunately
      The barque Eclipse arrived at the Cape after a passage of 82 days from
      Plymouth, brought 187 emigrants. About 20 of the unmarried females are young
      girls from Irish workhouses. They are well conducted and most of them obtained
      places in respectable families.
      At the Belfast police-office, the Commissioners of Inland Revenue
      prosecuted Mr. John M'Kenna for sending two gallons of whiskey to Scotland
      thereby depriving the revenue of the differential duty. The magistrates had no
      alternative but to inflict the most mitigated penalty under the act, £50.
      On Monday last the members of the Connaught Bar, entertained their brother,
      George John Crawford, Esq., L.L.D. at a sumptuous entertainment at the Bilton
      Hotel, prior to his departure for Australia, and presented him with a splendid
      pair of silver claret jugs.
      An investigation was held in the Dungarvan Workhouse relative to the
      attendance of the Roman Catholic Chaplain by Major Bolton, Poor Law Inspector,
      and terminated in proving neglect of duty, by the death of Mary Mulgan, a pauper
      inmate, without the last rites of religion.
      In consequence of a recent application from the magistrates, the police
      force in the city of Kilkenny, are to wear brass numbers on their uniform, in
      order to their being more easily distinguished one from the other. The numbers,
      which extend from 1 to 45 will be worn on the front of the cap.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
    • Cathy Joynt Labath
      BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, February 20, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS The Galway advowson is sold for £2,000. Athy Union last week repaid
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        Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
        Wednesday, February 20, 1850

        The Galway advowson is sold for £2,000.
        Athy Union last week repaid £1,000 relief advances.
        The Ballinasloe guardians have contracted to build a new board room for
        George Day Stokes, Esq. is the first Roman Catholic elected Treasurer of
        Kerry for 300 years.
        A good service pension becomes vacant by the decease of Rear Admiral Sir G.
        Bremer, K.C.B., K.C.H.
        By the fall of a house in Castle-st., Newry, on Friday, Mr. Michael Downey,
        his son, and a child of Mr. M'Kevitt, next house, were killed.
        Three men are committed for the violation and death of Margaret Duggan, a
        dissolute Irishwoman, at Bradford, on Wednesday night.
        Edward Curling, Esq., agent to the Devon estates, Newcastle, has not a
        single able-bodied person on the outdoor relief.
        Killarney, the only poor law union in Kerry not in debt, has memorialed the
        Treasury for a loan to complete the Killarney junction railway.
        The Rev. Daniel Foley lectured last week at Christ Church, Cork, upon the
        doctrines of the Protestant and Roman Catholic Churches.
        Professor Moffett is engaged to deliver lectures on "political economy" at
        Galway Mechanics Institute.
        Sir Richard de Burgho, Bart, and Mr. J. Dillon Croker, are severally
        mentioned as the new Fishery Commissioners.
        The notorious Joseph Adey, favoured his friends in Limerick with several
        unpaid letters "to the advantage" through the post office.
        Upwards of two hundred persons emigrated last week from the county
        Waterford, for El Dorado, America.
        Henry Edgeworth, Esq, son of Major Edgeworth, D.L., is appointed surgeon to
        the Longford Infirmary.
        Messrs. Browne and Co., a Scotch firm, have taken the linen hall, Sligo,
        for the purpose of converting it into a factory.
        Miss Agnes Rotchie, of the Isle of Man, has obtained £1,500 damages against
        the Rev. Philip D. Blande, curate of Rotherhithe, for breach of promise of
        It is very extraordinary, but most true, that John Reynolds, Lord Mayor,
        owes his return for the representation for the city of Dublin to the Rev.
        Tresham Gregg and 300 Orangemen.
        The house of Thomas Walsh, Esq., near Carrick-on-Suir, was forcibly entered
        into on Saturday by four armed ruffians, with their faces black, who carried
        away six pistols and two powder flasks.
        The Rev. Frederick Guy Walker, Ex Scholar of Trinity College, is appointed
        to the assistant Curacy of St. Peter's, Cork. The Rev. Charles J. Swete, is
        appointed to the Curacy of St. Paul's.
        A diabolical attempt was made to assassinate Mr. Anketell, the agent and
        relative of D.S. Kerr, Esq., on Thursday night, when shots were fired into that
        gentleman's residence, near Ballinahinch, Belfast.
        Sir W. Somerville, on Monday, introduced a bill same as that of last
        session, to amend the law of landlord and tenants in Ireland, by making
        compensation to tenants for certain permanent improvements.
        William Murphy, clerk to the Rev. Theobald Mathew, and the Princess Royal
        Total Abstinence Society, was sentenced at the commission, to two years
        imprisonment for embezzling of £29 15s., funds of the society.
        The Vicarage, not amounting to £180 a year, held by the late lamented Rev.
        George Vincent, at Shanagolden, for nearly half a century, is in the gift of the
        Rev. John Warburton, Precenter of the Limerick diocese.
        A desperate riot took place in Cornwallis-street on Saturday evening,
        between factions of the "Keoughs" and "Mulcahys". The combatants laid on each
        other with brutal ferocity, and five or six had their heads cut open, while they
        were besmeared with blood to an extent that left their features
        undiscernable.---Limerick Chronicle.

        Cathy Joynt Labath
        Ireland Old News
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