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!! Freeman Journal; July 3, 1964

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, July 3, 1764 IRELAND The Rev. Mr. William Hodnett, has been collated by the Right Reverend the Bishop of Cork, to the
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, July 3, 1764

      The Rev. Mr. William Hodnett, has been collated by the Right Reverend the
      Bishop of Cork, to the Livings of Affadown, &c., void by the Death of the Rev.
      Mr. Waterhouse Shippy.
      Yesterday an Officer belonging to his Majesty's Revenue at Kinsale, brought
      into this Port, the Bellisle of Cork, Captain James Neale, laden with 40 Anchors
      of Tea, and a large Quantity of Tobacco, which he has made a Seizure of.
      This Day Mr Samuel Bagwell was elected common Speaker of this City, for the
      ensuing Year.
      Tuesday last died Cornelius Murphy, Maltster, occasioned by a Fracture he
      received in his Skull on Thursday last at the Lough from three or four Persons,
      one of whom was put in Goal, and the Rest have given Bail for their Appearance
      at the next Assizes. The Coroners Inquest sat on the Body, and brought in their
      Verdict wilful Murder.
      We hear that on Friday Night the 22d past, as Mr. James Hodson, a Merchant
      well known in this City, was going home from where he had supped, he found a
      Woman on her Knees in Castle-street, begging her Life from a Soldier, how seemed
      to threaten it; this Gentleman humanely interposed, by desiring the Watch to
      take him into their Custody; But for this Act of Humanity, he was ill rewarded
      by the Serjeant of the Main-Guard, Daniel McKenzie, who was a looker on; this
      military Gentleman without further Provocation, gave Mr. Hodson several severe
      Strokes on the head with his Fist. When our fellow Citizen extricated himself
      from this GUARDIAN OF THE PUBLIC, he went directly to the Main-Guard-House, to
      lay his Complaint before the Officer, but was answered, that "he was not there,
      nor did they know where he was." Notwithstanding this Obstruction, at coming at
      the Delinquent, We have the Pleasure of informing the Public, that by Mr.
      Hodson's Perseverence and the seasonable Assistance of our Chief Magistrate,
      McKenzie was taken, and brought under proper Guard, to the Justice Office, where
      Examinations were taken against him, and Sureties given, that he shall take his
      Trial for said Offence at the next Quarter Sessions to be held for this City.
      A Faculty is preparing to pass the Seals to enable the Rev. Robert Cashin,
      M.A., to hold the Prebend of St. Munchin's and Rectories of Cillonohan, and
      Derrygalvin in the Diocese of Limerick and the Rectory of Killiny in the Diocese
      of Ardfert, together with the Rectory of Killeely in the diocese of Limerick.
      His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin hath been pleased to present the
      Reverend Mr. Godley, Curate of St. Paul's, to the Prebandary of Castleknock.
      Wednesday, June 27.] Twelve hundred Weight of Tea, seized by Frederick
      Cuningham, Esq., was lodged in the Stores.
      Friday, June 20.] Monday last Francis Lodge, Esq. was elected Mayor of the
      City of Kilkenny, for the ensuing Year.
      James Agar, the Younger, Esq; was elected the Sovereign of Gowran and
      The Right Hon. Sir William Fownes, Bart, was elected Sovereign for the
      Borough of Callan, for the ensuing Year.
      Saturday, June 30.] The Right Honourable Lord Fitzwilliam, sailed in the
      Hampden Packet for Holyhead.
      Mr. James Champion, an eminent Goldsmith and Jeweller, and a Man of
      unblemished Character, died at his House in Grafton-street, deservedly lamented
      by all his Acquaintance.
      MARRIED.] Mr. John Boxwell, of the County of Wexford, to Miss Cullimore.---
      Erbery Hondley, Esq; of Castle-street, to Miss Whelan, Daughter of Thomas
      Whelan, Esq. of Rath in the County of Meath.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, in Clarendon-street, Mr. Kearney, Nursery-Man and
      Gardener.--- In Chequer-Lane, Mr. James Pearson, Brazier; and in Sycamore-Alley,
      Mrs. Sarah Kelly, eldest Daughter of said Pearson.---At Waterford, the Wife of
      Mr. Brenan Skinner.---At Corke, Mr. Samuel Prim, Clothier. -- At Six-mile-bridge
      in the County of Clare, the Relict of Edward Dalton, of Deer-park in said
      County, Esq.---At Limerick, the Wife of Counsellor Spring.---Michael
      Fitz-Michael Scanlon, of Ballinakell in the County of Limerick, Esquire.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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