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!! Connaught Journal; Aug 9, 1824 "Provincial Intelligence"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, August 9, 1824 PROVINCIAL INTELLIGENCE LIMERICK, AUG 4 - On Friday night, two men were deliberately beaten in the
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      Galway, Monday, August 9, 1824

      LIMERICK, AUG 4 - On Friday night, two men were deliberately beaten in the
      neighbourhood of Askeaton, by a party of disguised villains; and the reason
      assigned was, for working on the new line of road, according to Mr. Griffith's
      plan, and contrary to the wishes of the people. It appears that Mr. Griffith
      insists on having the work performed by task, in gangs of 12 each, while the
      labourers require to be paid by the day.
      A most barbarous outrage was committed on the mountains of Ballygerine,
      about two miles from Killaloe, on Saturday night last. Some person most cruelly
      tortured two cows, the property of William Smith, by forcing sticks into their
      bodies, in consequence of which they died in the greatest agony on Sunday night.
      At the fair of O'Brien's Bridge, on the 26th ult. a man in the employ of
      John Massy, Esq., was dreadfully beaten, and his skull fractured. He died on
      Sunday last.
      On Saturday last, Mrs. Hare, widow of Major Hare, who was murdered at Mount
      Henry, in the county Limerick, arrived in that city from Plymouth, to attend the
      trial of the person in custody for the foul act. On Monday she had an interview
      with them in the gaol, when she identified one of them as being concerned; her
      feelings were much agitated on the occasion; and since the murder she has been
      in extreme grief.
      Sunday last, Mr. Griffith laid the foundation stone of the new bridge, over
      the river Feale, which is to be called Wellesley Bridge, in commemoration of the
      Viceroyship of his present Excellency, to whom the public are solely indebted
      for so many important works now going on in that hitherto neglected part of the
      Country. The three first stones that were laid weighed over seven tons. A
      quantity of whisky was poured on them when they were put down.
      The public will be gratified to learn, that the line of Road between
      Limerick and Tralee, part of which was executed at the private expense of Mr.
      Rice, of Mount Trenchard, is nearly complete, and that a Mail Coach will be
      started in August, to run between Limerick and Tralee.- Mr. Rice will be repaid
      his expenses by the Grand Jury. It is curious to remark, that Mr. Rice excepted
      a piece of road for 200l. for which a sum of 2,000l. was demanded for by

      ENNIS, AUG 5 - At the fair of O'Brien's Bridge, on Monday week, a bloody
      engagement occurred between two factions. A young man named Wixred had his skull
      fractured, of which he died on Monday last. An inquest was held on the body by
      Thomas Sampson, Esq.,and a verdict returned of wilful murder against persons

      The windows of the Church of Ballybay were demolished in consequence of the
      Rector, Mr. St. George, preaching to the Orangemen on the 12th of July. The
      parishioners have offered 500 reward for the perpetrators.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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