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!! Connaught Journal; Aug 6, 1824; "Ennis News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, August 6, 1824 ENNIS, AUG 2- On Thursday, at the conclusion of our Assizes, above thirty persons were charged by
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      Galway, Thursday, August 6, 1824

      ENNIS, AUG 2- On Thursday, at the conclusion of our Assizes, above thirty
      persons were charged by proclamation. Amongst those were the two persons for the
      murder of O'Callaghan at Scariff. Since the commission of this crime, every
      exertion has proved insufficient to procure evidence against these persons, not
      withstanding the numbers who witnessed the transaction. A person in the crowd,
      when these fellows were discharged from the dock, remarked, "If things are
      allowed to pass this way, we may all expect to be Scarrif-fied before the end of
      the year." The gentleman, no doubt, intended a pun, though his countenance did
      not express much pleasantry.

      The following persons have been sentenced: - John Hallinan, rape, to be
      hanged on the 1st of September; George Parker, cow-stealing, James Minogue,
      sheep-stealing, Thomas Corbett, pig-stealing, Patrick Shaughnessy,
      sheep-stealing - to be transported for seven years.

      An Inquisition was taken on Saturday morning at Broadford, before Thomas
      Sampson, Esq. upon the body of Richard Maley, shoemaker, who went to bed the
      night before apparently in good health. Verdict. - "Died by the visitation of

      Yesterday morning, a young woman, named Catherine Griffy, who went to bathe
      in the lake of Clonlea, near Kilkishen, in company with two other young women
      was an expert swimmer, and trusting to this circumstance, she ventured beyond
      her depth. An Inquest was held on her remains by Thomas Sampson, Esq.

      We have heard that a man was murdered in the neighbourhood of Newmarket on
      Saturday. The particulars, as they reached us, are as follows: - Two young men,
      in passing thro' a potatoe garden; pulled up a stalk out of curiosity. The owner
      having observed them, waited the return of the deceased, whose name was Molony,
      and an altercation arose between them, which ended in the death of the latter,
      from a single blow of some heavy weapon.

      Wednesday night, about 10 o'clock, a fire was observed, in the direction of
      Morelands, in this County, about half a mile from Limerick. A party of the
      Limerick police proceeded immediately to the spot, across the river, and on
      arriving there, found that an untenanted house in which a man named Gleeson
      lately lived, and from which he was ejected for non-payment of rent, was burned
      to the ground, along with a few out-houses adjoining. That his burning was
      malicious we are sorry to say is not too evident. The annexed Rock Notice was
      found on the door of a house contiguous:

      "SIR - General John Rock, Commander of and Chief of Ireland, gives warning
      to John Hute to quit the place; or else if he does not, that he will et a worse
      death than Ryan; or if he gives his Majesty the trouble of coming any more, that
      he will consume both houses and cattle to ashes. His Majesty gives orders to
      James Madden, in like manner, to quit the place from his herding."

      We understand that an invite will be sent by the Stewards of the Ennis
      Races, to Mr. Livingston, at present in Limerick, to make an ascent in his
      balloon from this town. We have no doubt but the novelty of the exhibition would
      attract great numbers, and amply recompense the intrepid adventurer.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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