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!! Connaught Journal; Aug 2, 1824 "Swindler"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, August 2, 1824 AN UNSUCCESSFUL SWINDLER A person travelling under the name of Burke, in the course of last week arrived
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      Galway, Monday, August 2, 1824

      A person travelling under the name of Burke, in the course of last week
      arrived at Gresham's Hotel as from Cork and sent to one of the most wealthy
      money houses in town, highly responsible letters of introduction, (with his
      cards), purporting to be written by Merchants in Cork, where Mr. Burke had
      lately landed from Barbadoes. He was shortly waited upon by one of the junior
      partners of the house, and tendering every assistance in their power to bestow.
      Mr. Burke was indisposed, and obliged to keep his room, but told his visitor he
      was going down to Connaught in a few days and would want some ready cash, at the
      same time producing two drafts upon London, one for the sum of £2500 and the
      other for £2000, drawn by a banking house in Bristol, and requested they might
      be converted into cash. From the names of the persons in Cork, who were supposed
      to have given the letters of introduction, there was no hesitation in complying
      with his request, and the Bank of Ireland Post Bills for the amount were
      immediately procured, and the Bills forwarded to London for acceptance. By
      return of post a letter announced that the house they were drawn on refused
      present acceptance for want of advice: this, from the supposed character of Mr.
      Burke, was not thought of any serious consequence - but what was their
      astonishment upon the arrival of the next packet- they got an account that one
      of the Bristol partners had arrived in London, and upon his being shewn the
      bills, and requested to give authority for their acceptance, he declared they
      were forgeries, and the house had no knowledge of any person of the name of
      Burke. "We are cleaned out," was the word, and instant preparation was made for
      following Mr. Burke to Galway, where it was supposed, from his own declarations,
      he had gone. Whilst the preparations were making for the pursuit, the clerk who
      happened to have been sent to Gresham's with the Post Bills to Burke, was sent
      upon business to one of the private banks in town, and, while conversing there
      with one of the clerks, he happened to peep thru the pigeon-hole of one of the
      private officers of the partners, and what was his astonishment at seeing his
      friend, Burke, behind the desk, with all the post bills before him; he, in the
      shortest way possible, told the clerk how his house was in jeopardy with Burke,
      and requested of him to detain him while he ran down to the police office for a
      constable. - In a few minutes he returned, and stationed two policemen at the
      door, and requested that he be admitted into the private office, where Burke was
      there seen; their recognition of each other, as may be supposed, did not
      terminate very amicably. Upon his mentioning to Burke that his bills were
      alleged to be forgeries, he replied, "Oh! that's impossible, I'll go down with
      you instantly and settle this business." The clerk told him, from the nature of
      the transaction, he would be obliged to give him into the custody of the police
      he had at the door, while he went to inform his employers of the caption he had
      made. The denoument ended by the house recovering their money minus £300 and
      lodging Mr. Burke in Newgate. When discovered by the clerk he was making up his
      money to pay for bills upon London, drawn by the Dublin bankers, and had a po?
      chaise at the door waiting to carry him off.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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