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!! Ballina Chronicle; Jan 30, 1850 "Mayo Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, January 30, 1850 SERIOUS ACCIDENT. It has not before been our duty to notice with deeper feelings of regret
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, January 30, 1850

      It has not before been our duty to notice with deeper feelings of regret
      any accident than that which occurred on this day se'nnight to Mr. George
      Hearne, of Palmyra Cottage, while out shooting at a short distance from this
      town. It was occasioned by the bursting of the left barrel of the gun into which
      he thinks he put a double charge. The first fingers of the left hand was
      completely carried away and the hand otherwise so much injured that Surgeons
      Whittaker and Neilson considered it necessary to cut if off from above the wrist
      (not from the elbow, as stated in the Tyrawly Herald,) in order to prevent
      tetanus; and we are happy to say that he is now progressing as favourably as
      circumstances will admit. The accident is not regretted alone by those who enjoy
      the acquaintance of the young gentleman, the regret is general among the
      inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood. His estimable family, his mild and
      affable character, his age, (26 years), and his fine handsome appearance have
      excited the sympathies of all. The gun which burst had been in use for very many
      years, but was apparently in very good order. It was lent him some weeks
      previous by a gentleman who took it with him from England about two years since.

      On the night of the 25th, a barn attached to the house of William Henigan
      of Beaghy, in the parish of Kilmoremoy, was entered through the roof from which
      part of the thatch was removed, and a quantity of potatoes taken away by some
      person or persons unknown:- Beaghy is about two miles from this town [Ballina].

      Some short time since Mr. Robert R. Savage, Collector, made a seizure of
      sheep for arrears of poor rates due on the lands of Dohoma, Erris, when he was
      followed by several persons armed with pikes and sticks. He succeeded in
      bringing the sheep to pound, but the mob increasing showed a determination to
      attack. Stones were thrown and several of the drivers stuck. The pound-keeper
      delayed opening the door, evidently with the intention to gain time for the mob.
      When the door of the pound was at length opened and some of the sheep driven in,
      one man who was armed with a large stick entered and endeavoured to force the
      sheep back, and struck fiercely at any who dared to interfere with him. At the
      same time there were several persons on the walls of the pound throwing stones
      at the men who were attempting to drive in the sheep. One of the drivers forced
      his way into the pound, when he was attacked by the man inside, and both then
      struck at each other. Mr. Savage, when he saw there was no other way of saving
      the lives of his assistants, directed them to escape in the best manner they
      could. They were pursued by the mob, which at this time had increased to several
      hundreds. Mr. Savage to save his life turned his horse on the pursuers, and thus
      checked them for the moment. The pursuit was renewed, and continued about six
      miles, when four of the drivers were overtaken exhausted on the mountains by six
      men who would, doubtless, have taken summary revenge were it not for the timely
      interference of two gentlemen. We believe this affair is in course of
      investigation, and is the only instance of any rescue being attempted since Mr.
      Savage's appointment.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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