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!! Ballina Chronicle; Jan 30, 1850 "Miscellaneous"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, January 30, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS There are 57 Savings Banks in Ireland. Lord Cole, one of the Earl of
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, January 30, 1850

      There are 57 Savings' Banks in Ireland.
      Lord Cole, one of the Earl of Enniskillen, is dangerously ill.
      The port dues at St. Helena on all shipping are raised from one farthing to
      a penny per ton.
      The Solicitor-General will be the second judge over the Munster Circuit.
      The office of the second Remembrancer, held by Mr. Tighe Hamilton, is to be
      Under the new act Petty Sessions Clerks in Ireland will be paid a fixed
      The Sanatory Committees at Tuam and Ballinasloe are dispensed with.
      Malignant small pox is very prevalent at Waterford.
      Bernard Rogan, police constable, was accidentally killed, at Portaferry by
      the discharge of a gun.
      Joseph Gubbins, jun., Esq., of Kilrush, is nominated to an Ensignery in the
      28th Regt.
      Messrs. Douglas, linen drapers, Donegal-street, Belfast, were burnt out on
      Saturday night.
      The non suit at last Cork Assizes, in Crofts v. White Hodges, is set aside
      by the Queen's Bench.
      Mr. Doheny, the runaway Confederate, threatens "before another year" to
      invade Ireland with 50,000 Irishmen, drilled and trained in America!
      Registered shipping of the port of Limerick for the year ended 5th Jan.
      last, 105 vessels, 13,838 tons, 646 seamen.
      Gordon, steward to the late Mr. Bleazby of Glenaul, was committed to Armagh
      gaol on Thursday on the coroner's warrant, charged with this master's death.
      Government have offered £100 reward for the discovery of the murderer of
      Edward Hurley, of Ballinahinch.
      Since Saturday last a fleet of thirty sail of shipping with "bread stuffs"
      from the Mediterranean, arrived at the Cove of Cork.
      In one tract of the county Clare where 20,000 acres were sown with wheat
      this time three years, not more than 300 are now laid down for seed!
      John Pike, a pensioner from the 18th Royal Irish, aged 80 years, hung
      himself at Bristol on Saturday.
      Mrs. Rebecca Harwood of Bride-street, Limerick, was choaked on Thursday
      evening at dinner by a bit of meat which got fixed in her throat.
      The barque Hudersfield, from Bonny and Comeroons, Africa, bound to
      Liverpool, when off Tusker took from the Isabella of Cork, Drury, master, coal
      laden, and then sinking, the crew, consisting of four persons. The vessel sunk.
      Since the conviction of Joel, the Jew jeweller and bill dealer, alleged
      forgeries by him to the amount of 800l. upon another military gentleman, were
      reported on Saturday at Marlboro'-street, police office.
      The Lordship attached to the Mayoralty of Dublin only dates from 1665, when
      the title was conferred, and £500 given by the Government of the day in lieu of
      the company of Foot, to which, exvirtuie officli, that functionary has been
      The Joel family "do business" in London and Dublin. Mr. Joseph Joel, in
      returning thanks to those officers who have patronized him, says that he has no
      connection with any other person of the same name, and that his sole address is
      49, Strand, London.
      A young man named Daniel Grace, of Thomond-gate, while labouring under the
      influence liquor attempted to put an end to his existence, on Saturday night, by
      strangulation. He fastened a handkerchief around his neck, and then suspended
      himself from a bed post. He would have succeeded in his graceless purpose, but
      for the prompt exertions of Mr. Garvey, relieving officer, who cut down the
      intending suicidist when life was nearly extinct, and applied remedies to
      restore animation, in which he succeeded.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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