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!! Freeman Journal; June 26, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, June 26, 1764 IRELAND Corke, June 2. Last Sunday 7-Night (Wednesday) as Mr. Thomas Brabazon, Parish Clerk of Ardagh,
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, June 26, 1764

      Corke, June 2. Last Sunday 7-Night (Wednesday) as Mr. Thomas Brabazon,
      Parish Clerk of Ardagh, in the Neighbourhood of Youghall, was going to attend
      Divine Service, he was most inhumanly knocked down and assaulted, by some
      Persons as yet unknown; when after a short space of Time, he had recovered his
      Speech, they illegally forced him to make Oath, that from that Day, he never
      more would frequent said Church, or Demand any Dues or Salary whatsoever as
      Clerk of said Parish.
      Yesterday Morning arrived the Favourite Yacht, of and belonging to Mr.
      Randall of Bristol, Capt. Bastable, with several Passengers, in 20 Hours from
      Milford. This Vessel is compleatly fitted and altogether designed for the
      Accommodation of Passengers, having seventeen separate Beds standing, and is we
      hear to ply constantly between this Port and Bristol.
      Tuesday Evening, William Vaughan, Coal Porter, being intoxicated by Liquor,
      missed his Step getting on board a Vessel at the Coal Quay, and fell into the
      Chanell, from which he is so much hurt, that it is thought he cannot recover.
      Last Tuesday, the following young Gentlemen obtained Scholarship in our
      University, Messrs. Knaggs, Lanause, Ward, George, Miller, Mullock, Day,
      Hastings, Bacon, Mosse, Rankin, Tisdal, English, Magrath and Weir.
      Last Week Mr. Wheeler, Surveyor of Killough, made a large Seizure out of a
      smuggling Wherry, of 960 lb of Tea, which he lodged in the Collector's Office at
      George Reeves, Gent., was admitted and sworn an Attorney of the Court of
      The Liberties and Franchises of this City will be ridden and perambulated
      on Tuesday the 7th of August.
      Thursday, June 21 ] Miss Thompson, Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. M'Connell, Mrs.
      Wilkinson, Mr and Mrss. Haufar, Messrs. Nicholson, Knaresborough, Witcher,
      Kearney, Allen, M'Carty, Clarke, Kelly, Hobbs, Mealy, Booth, Bourke, Burton,
      Goff and the Mail, arrived in the Fortescue Packet from Holyhead.
      Saturday last, the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, inspected the several Markets
      and seized a Quantity of unsaleable Provisions which were distributed as usual.
      BIRTHS. ] A few Days ago, at Maryborough, the Lady of John Newenham, Esq;
      of a Daughter. - On Thursday last, of a Daughter, the Lady of Lord Viscount
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Francis Perry, an eminent Attorney, to Miss
      M'Laughlin of Booterstown. - Mr. Usher, belonging to the Revenue, to Miss
      Dickenson, of Fleet-street.
      Died.] In Loughboy, the Hon. Lady Dowager Mountgarret. - On the Puddle,
      much lamented, Mr. Patt Coleman, an eminent Grocer.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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