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!! Freeman Journal; June 12, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, June 12, 1764 IRELAND Cork, June 7. Monday last was committed to the County Jail, by Lewelln Nash, Esq; John Casey,
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, June 12, 1764

      Cork, June 7. Monday last was committed to the County Jail, by Lewelln Nash,
      Esq; John Casey, William Rooney and Dennis Connel, for assaulting William
      Anderson and the Rev. William Nash, Esq; two of his Majesty's Justices of the
      Peace for the County of Cork.
      Marriages.] Last Thursday Mr. Dennis Sullivan, Accomptant, to the agreeable
      Widow Sullivan, at the End of Water-gate-lane, Grocer, with a handsome Fortune.-
      This Morning Mr. John Daniel of the Back-shambles, to the amiable Miss Mary
      Sunday died on Kyrle's-Quay, Mr. Thomas White, one of the People called
      Quakers; very much lamented by all of his Acquaintances.

      We hear from London by the last Mail, that Mr. Macartney, Son of George
      Macartney, Esq, one of the Representatives of the last Parliament for Belfast,
      is appointed Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of Russia; the Earl of Buckingham
      being recalled. Also, that on Sunday the third Instant, Lord Albemarle was sent
      for to Bloombury-House, where his Grace of Bedford declared to him the Election
      of his Sister as Marchioness of Tavistock; (a Union much longed for by both
      Families) it was to have been completed the latter End of last Week; they were
      all to have set out for Wooburn-Abbey on Thursday. The Duke settles 10,000 a
      Year for present Maintenance, give the Lady 600l. per Annum for Pin-money, and
      provides for her Widowhood by 3000l. a Year.
      Monday, June 11. The Right Hon. the Earl of Meath, lately appointed Richard
      Supple, Gent. publick Weigh-Master of the Liberties of St. Thomas-court and
      Donore in the County of Dublin, in the room of John King, Esq.
      Friday, June 8, the Right Honourable the Countess of Drogheda, Sir William
      Main, Mrs. Forde and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Kelly, sailed in the
      Dorset Yacht for Parkgate.
      The Honourable Major Rochford, second Son of the Right Honourable the Earl
      of Belvedere, was married to Miss Mervin, of Dawson-street.
      Sunday, June 10. The Right Hon. the Earl of Tyrone and his Brother, sailed
      in the Besborough Packet for Holyhead.
      The Right Honourable and Honourable the Commissioners of his Majesty's
      Revenue have appointed Mr. Francis d' Evely to be a Land Carriage Officer of
      Thomas Gordon of Clonmell, in the County of Tipperary, Gentleman, is
      appointed Coroner of said County.
      The Incorporated Society in Dublin for promoting English Protestant Schools
      in Ireland, acknowledge to have received from James Adair, of London, Esq; one
      of the Executore of Patrick Adair, late of the Parish of St. Laurence Jewry,
      London, Esq, deceased, by the Hands of Robert Montgomery, Esq; 60l. Sterling,
      being a Legacy bequeathed to the Society, by the said Patrick Adair.
      Last Friday, an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions of the City of Dublin
      was held at the Tholsel when 12 Prisoners were tried, five of whom were
      acquitted, and the following seven were found guilty and received their
      Sentences accordingly, viz. William Connolly, Matthew Leonard, Daniel Kennedy,
      Martha Malone, Catharine Nugent, and Mary Salts, for different Felonies, all to
      be transported; and William Kelty for stealing a hunting Saddle was burn in the
      Hand, and ordered to be confined a Fortnight, and give Security for his good
      Behaviour, After which the Court adjourned to Yesterday Morning at Ten o'Clock.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago Henry Alcock, Esq; one of the Representatives in
      Parliament for the Borough of Clomines, to Miss Chenevix, Daughter of the Right
      Rev. the Lord Bishop of Waterford.-- Edward Brereton, Esq; to Miss Bckerstaff,
      Daughter of the late Captain Bickerstaff.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago in Smithfield, the Widow Ormsby.-- At the Boarding
      School in Channel-Row, Miss Elinor Kelly.- In Dunlaghlin, the Wife of Mr.
      Supple, Grocer.- In Glassneven, Mr. Richard France, Printer.- On George's Quay,
      Mr. Thomas Lambert, an eminent Builder. - At her House in Suffolk-street, in the
      71 Year of her Age, Mrs. Patience Howard, Relict of Robert late Lord Bishop of
      Elphin. - At Newport, in the County of Tipperary, Miss Anne Waller, Daughter of
      the late Samuel Waller, Esq; most deservedly lamented, being possessed of every
      amiable Quality that adorns her Sex.

      An INVENTORY of SILVESTER MATHEW'S Losses by the late accidental Fire.
      4 Packs Sheetings at 70l. per 280
      4 Baggs of Cotton Wool, at 20l. per 80
      5 Packs of Trips at 60l. per
      Yarns, about
      Flax, about
      Cottons, about
      Damages in Loss of Ware-house, Household Goods, &c. 100


      £ 1060
      County of the City of } Silvester Mathews, of said City, Weaver
      Dublin, to wit. } came this Day before me, and made Oath,
      that, upon the nearest Calculation, the above Inventory of his Losses,
      by the accidental Fire which happened on Thursday Night, last, at his
      House, and Ware-house in Thomas-street, are true, and that he verily
      believes his Losses in the Whole amounts to upwards of 100l., Sterling.
      Silvester Mathews. Sworn before me this 2d of June, 1764,
      We have examined the above Particulars, relative to Mr. Silvester Matthew's
      accidental Fire on Thursday last, and hereby certify we believe the Contents.
      True, dated as above, DAVID SHERRARD.
      County of the City of } John Johnson of the City of Dublin
      Dublin, to wit. } Linen Weaver and Foreman to Mr. Sil-
      vester Mathews, made Oath before me this Day, that he knows that
      the Inventory of the Goods that Mr. Matthews swore to be just and
      true, and likewise verily knows that his Losses by the late accidental
      Fire, amounted to upwards of one thousand Pounds Sterling.
      John Johnson. Sworn before me this 5th Day of June 1764.
      A Copy. HANS BAILY.
      THOMAS KELLY, Bricklayer,
      At Mr. Golds, next Door to the Sugar-House in Stephen's-street, almost opposite
      Little Butter-lane,
      UNDERTAKES to cure any smoking Chimney whatever effectually, that has the common
      Draught. No Cure no Pay.- He communicated to the late Mr. Brett (who gave
      Satisfaction to those who employed him) what Knowledge he had in that, and was
      said Brett's principal Operator.
      Many of said Kelly's Friends and others have lately charged him as being
      the Person advertised in the Freeman's Journal of April the 28th, signed a
      Citizen. This is to assure the Public that he is not the Person so Advertised,
      nor does he know the Imposter being about that Time, employed by Mr. Redmond
      Boat, Surgeon in Bride-street; and afterwards by Mr. Long, Printer, in
      Cope-street, both of whom can and will certify the same.- He may also be heard
      of at Mr. Boat's and at Mr. Long's aforesaid.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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