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!! Ireland Catholic Chronicle; Nov 16, 1867 "Keena Funeral"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Irish Catholic Chronicle And People s News of the Week Dublin, Ireland Saturday, 16 November 1867 FUNERAL OF CONSTABLE KEENA The body was taken from Mercer s
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      Irish Catholic Chronicle And People's News of the Week
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, 16 November 1867

      The body was taken from Mercer's hospital on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock
      for transmission to Mullingar where the family of the deceased reside. While the
      hearse was waiting about six hundred police of the several divisions under their
      respective superintendents and inspectors, formed along William-street and when
      the body was brought out, the large crowd respectfully uncovered. The cortege
      then moved on in the following order - A troop of mounted police cavalry under
      Inspector Ward and Sergeant O'Callaghan preceded the hearse, which bore white
      plumes, and succeeding this was a mourning coach contained the father and sister
      of the unfortunate deceased. The members of the various divisions who were off
      duty followed in procession in alphabetical order, Colonel Bake and Mr.
      O'Ferrall, the Commissioners, and Dr. Nedley, followed in carriages, after which
      were a number of cabs. The Lord Mayor was also present. The funeral was moved
      along South King-street, down Grafton-street, Westmoreland-street,
      Sackville-street, and Dominick-street to the Broadstone. As the force marched in
      twos the cortege occupied a great length. Six representatives from each division
      accompanied the remains to Mullingar.
      MULLINGAR SATURDAY EVENING- The remains of Police Constable Keena, were
      this evening interred in the old graveyard at Lynne, three miles from the town
      of Mullingar. On arriving from Dublin, the coffin was borne from the terminus on
      the shoulders of a number of men of the Metropolitan Police to the residence of
      the father of the deceased, and conveyed from thence to the cemetery, where,
      with becoming reverence he was placed to rest with his kindred. Deep sympathy
      and regret were evinced by the crowds of country people who followed in the

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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