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!! Connaught Journal; July 19, 1824 "Mendicity Assoc.-Galway"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, July 19, 1824 MENDICITY ASSOCIATION At a Meeting of the Inhabitants held on Friday last, pursuant to notice, (James H.
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      Galway, Thursday, July 19, 1824

      At a Meeting of the Inhabitants held on Friday last, pursuant to notice,
      (James H. Burke, Esq., Mayor, in the Chair,) the following Resolutions were
      proposed, and unanimously adopted:-
      "1st-Resolved, That the great resort of mendicants to this town,
      particularly during the Summer months, tends considerably to increase the
      distress which then especially prevails, has frequently been the source of
      infections and malignant fever, and must, in whatever point of view it is
      considered, be deemed an evil of the most alarming nature.
      "2d- Resolved, That until effectual measures to check this evil be adopted,
      the advantages as a bathing place, which this town possessed, must be over
      looked, its trade depressed-the best feelings of its inhabitants wounded- their
      charity abused-and all their exertions to ameliorate the condition of the lower
      orders, rendered in a great measure fruitless.
      "3d-Resolved. That the best, the surest, and the most humane measure that
      can be taken, in the establishment of an institution at which every case of
      genuine distress may be relieved, THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF EMPLOYMENT, in such a
      manner as to discourage mendicity, without increasing distress.
      "4th - Resolved, Therefore, that an Association for this purpose, be now
      formed this Association to consist of a President, two Vice Presidents, and such
      other members as may subscribe one guinea a month or give a donation of ten
      guineas to the fund for its support.
      "5th-Resolved, That the business of this Association be entirely entrusted
      to the management of a Committee, consisting of the Mayor, Magistrates and
      twelve persons, such Committee to be elected annually by the members of the
      Association, and to be empowered to adopt such regulations, and appoint such
      Officers with proper salaries, as to them may appear necessary, for the
      management of the Institution.
      "6th - Resolved, That the Committee be also empowered to fill up every
      vacancy that may occur in their own body by election, such election to stand
      good until the next annual day of meeting.
      "7th - Resolved, That his Grace, the Archbishop of Tuam, be respectfully
      requested to become the President of this Association, and the Very Reverend
      James Daly, the Very Reverend Edmond Ffrench, our Vice President, for the
      ensuing year.
      "8th - Resolved, That the following Gentlemen be elected Members of the
      Committee for the ensuing year.
      "9th - Resolved, That the Clergy of all denominations be requested to
      cooperate with this Committee by using all their exertions to carry its measures
      into effect, to induce their respective congregations to do so.
      "10th-Resolved, That confidently relying on the strenuous exertions of the
      Committee who have this day been appointed, this Meeting do at its rising,
      adjourn to the first Monday in August, 1824, or such other intermediate day as
      the Committee may deem necessary to reassemble them.
      "11th-Resolved, That the thanks of this Meeting be given to our worthy and
      respected Mayor, for his very proper and dignified conduct in the chair."

      John L. Reilly, Esq., Richard Martin, Esq., Rev. P. Daly, James Costello,
      Rev. H. Morgan, Rev. J. Kirwan, Lachlan Maclachlan, Rev. M. Fynn, John Blake,
      Rev. E. Burke, Rev. M. Gill, Rev. J. D'Arcy, and John Ireland, Treasurer.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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