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!! Ballina Chronicle; Jan 16, 1850 "Army and Navy"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, January 16, 1850 THE ARMY (From the Limerick Chronicle of Saturday) Lieut. Hutton, late Light Dragoons, has
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, January 16, 1850

      THE ARMY
      (From the Limerick Chronicle of Saturday)
      Lieut. Hutton, late Light Dragoons, has left Lemmington for Athlone, head
      Lieut. Wortley, who exchanged from the 1st Grenadier Guards with Lieut.
      Lindow, 74th, is eldest son of the late Hon. Capt. Charles Stuart Wortley, 4th
      The garrison amateur performance of the non-commissioned officers and men
      of the Buffs and 74th Highlanders on Monday night, realised £20 for the
      Christian Brothers poor schools.
      Lieut.-General Charles Nicol, C.B., Colonel of the 68th, died on Monday at
      Clifton. He commanded the 66th in the Peninsular war.
      New Year's night a soldier named Andrew Lynch, was beaten by civilians in
      the Main-street of Mallow, and had one of his legs broken in the affray.
      The Army in Ireland is to be considerable reduced; but the rank and file of
      the regiments abroad are to be kept up to the establishment.
      Major-Generals George Bowles and John W. Aldred are to be added to the list
      of General Officers in receipt of the unattached pay of 25s. a day.
      Captain Lord Burghersh, Scots Fusilier Guards, is appointed extra
      Aide-deCamp on the staff of Lieut.-General Sir Edward Blakeney, G.C.B.,
      commanding the forces in Ireland, during the absence of Brevet Major Lord Cosmo
      Russell, 93d Highlanders.
      The son of Lieut-General Ellice, who has succeeded to a Majority in the
      23th Regt. is serving with his father as Aide-de-camp, at Malta.
      The 36th, under Lieut.-Col. Trollope, were in good health at Cephalonia, on
      the 11th Dec.
      Cornet Bennett, 3d Light Dragoons, tried by court-martial at Calcutta, for
      intoxication on duty, 48 hours after arriving from England to join his regiment,
      has been found guilty.
      The late Counsellor Charles O'Malley, of Hawthorn Lodge, Mayo, who died
      last month, was the original "Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragoon" in the well
      known popular tale of Mr. Lever. He was formerly an officer of the 7th Dragoon
      Guards, which he left in 1847 for the Bar. Mr. O'Malley was son-in-law of the
      late Anthony Denny, Esq., M.P. for Tralee.
      Lieut-Col. M. Shaw, Bombay Army, one of the most zealous advocates of
      tee-totalism in India, has resigned the service, and leaves for England by
      Head-quarters of the 26th embark at Cork the last week of this month, in
      the Hercules for Gibraltar.
      Major-General Henry Goodwin, C.B., has succeeded to the unattached pay of
      25s. per diem.
      Brevet-Major Donovan, Cape Rifles, has arrived in Dublin on leave of
      Sergeant-Major Layng and Quartermaster Sergeant Hook, Depot Battalion, Isle
      of Wright, are gone to Chatham, to be invalided for pension.
      Captain William Hay, Inspecting Superintendent of the London Police, promoted
      a Commissioner, on the retirement of Sir Charles Rowan, passed twenty years in
      the army.
      The late Mr. Blennerhasset, of Ballyseedy, Tralee, is succeeded in his
      estates by his only brother, an Ensign in the 71st Regt.
      The 31st at Athlone expect to move to Templemore in the spring previous to
      advancing to Dublin. Opthalmia continue to affect several of the men.
      The officers of the 4th Light Dragoons have been obliged to dispense with
      the gold stripe in the pantaloons (for which red is substituted) and with gold
      embroidery in their undress caps, jackets and belts, by order of Major General
      Wemyes, as being contrary to regulations.
      Lieutenant Ellerman and Lieutenant Ashworth, 19th, are on their way home
      from the service companies to join the Depot at Boyle, the former to be
      Paymaster and the latter Adjutant, Lieutenant Clendinning, h.p. 6th Regiment, to
      be Paymaster of the regiment.
      The yellow fever is desolating the ranks of the 54th at Antigua.

      THE NAVY
      The Raleigh, 50, Capt. the Hon. G. Hope, with the pendant of Commodore Sir
      Thomas Herbert, K.C.B., arrived at Rio Nov. 6, from Monte Video, and left Nov.
      14 for Spithead to be paid off, having been relieved by the Southampton, 50,
      Capt. Cory, with the flag of Rear Admiral Reynolds, C.B., the new commander in
      Captain William F. Martin, of the Prince Regent, 92, is appointed Commodore
      of the second class and to command the experimental squadron ordered to assemble
      at Lisbon.
      A Court of Inquiry is sitting at Chatham, investigating a charge by a
      Captain against a Subaltern of Marines.
      Captain John Adams is to command the Gladiator, steam frigate, at
      Devonport, ordered to the coast of Africa.
      Assistant Surgeon Jack, R.N., who gave wrong medicine to a Marine officer,
      is released from arrest and ordered to resume his duties by command of the Lords
      of the Admiralty.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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