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!! Connaught Journal; July 19, 1824 "Galway Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, July 19, 1824 UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE Trinity College, July 13, 1824 The undermentioned Gentleman received their
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      Galway, Thursday, July 19, 1824

      Trinity College, July 13, 1824
      The undermentioned Gentleman received their Degrees:-
      James Martin, Esq., of Ross- Andrew James Veitch, and Henry Baldwin, Esqrs. of

      PORT NEWS - The Lovely Nelly, that sailed from this port for Bristol, with
      oats, was lost on the 1st instant, near Biddiford. It is also reported that the
      Blossom, a constant trader of this port, which was loaded here with wheat for
      Sligo, went ashore in Sligo bay. Our port at present is rather bare of shipping;
      but we understand there are daily expected two vessels from Memel, two from
      Quebec, one from Stockholm, one from Ontario, one from Darm, besides a number
      from Liverpool, Glasgow, &c, &c.

      Part of the Estate of Giles Eyre, Esq. in the County of Galway, was, on
      Friday sold, under a decree of the Court of Chancery, for 29,000l. - Simpson
      Harker, Esq. of Riverstown, in the Co. Tipperary, is the purchaser.

      TO BE LET
      MUNNA LODGE, joining the Race-Course of Burren. Every encouragement will be
      given to any person taking if for this purpose.
      There is an excellent BALL ROOM & STABLING for Twelve Horses attached.
      This Watering place, which is at all times respectfully attended, will be
      particularly so this Season, as some of the first Families in the Counties of
      Clare and Galway have engaged Lodges, and every source of Amusement will be
      Applications to Mr. Patt Reilly, Burren.
      July 19, 1824.

      From motives of justice, we deem it imperative on us to comment, in some
      degree, on the pretensions of our Townsman, Doctor O'Maley, as set forth in his
      advertisement. From the general acknowledgement of his efficiency by the poorer
      class, as also from the decided impression on the minds of many highly
      respectable persons who have experienced his assistance, we can soar above the
      limits of refutation in asserting, that no Medical Man in the sphere of our
      Community has evinced more general professional acquirement or talent. The
      favourable result of many dubious Medical and Surgical Cases under his care
      within the last fifteen months, being well attested, cannot fail in acquiring
      him the character of a judicious practitioner; and we therefore cannot conclude
      without mentioning from the most unquestionable authority, that in the
      accoucheur province none of his contemporaries will be found superior; and,
      under the auspices of that celebrated College from which erudition has so long
      emanated, we positively assert that no man can have a greater prospect of
      extensive practice in this very essential professional department.

      TO BE SOLD BY INCH OF CANDLE, at the Excise Office, Galway, on Wednesday,
      the 21st instant, at the Hour of Twelve o'Clock, for breaches of the Excise Law,
      FOURTEEN CASKS, containing
      Terms will be declared at Sale, by
      GEORGE CUPPAIDGE, Collector.
      July 19, 1824.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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