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!! Freeman Journal; June 2, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, June 2, 1764 DUBLIN The Sufferings of John Byrne a Sawyer in Winetavern-street, who was lately treated in a most
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, June 2, 1764

      The Sufferings of John Byrne a Sawyer in Winetavern-street, who was lately
      treated in a most barbarous Manner, by a great Number of Persons unknown, on
      Account of his having refused to join with the Journeymen Sawyers, in an
      unlawful Combination, to raise the Price of Labour, and cause Disturbances in
      this City, having been represented to his Excellency the Earl of Northumberland,
      his Excellency, out of his great Wisdom and Humanity, and to disappoint the
      wicked Intentions of those who by their cruel Usage had reduced this poor Person
      to Want and Misery; has been pleased, by an Act in Council to grant a Warrant
      for the immediate Payment of thirty Pounds, to the said John Byrne, for his
      Support, and as a Reward for his Conduct, which Sum, we are informed, is to be
      continued to him yearly. It is not doubted, that this very judicious and
      compassionate Attention of Government, in the Distresses of an unhappy Object,
      suffering in such a Cause, will encourage all others to abide by and obey the
      Laws, and not to yield to the unlawful Solicitations or Threats of any such
      daring and lawless Confederates.

      Saturday last the 26th Instant, the following Gentlemen, in the name of the
      Guild of Merchants of this City, waited on the Right Hon. Sir Charles Pratt,
      Knt., Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas of England, at his
      Lordship's House, in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, and presented him with the Freedom of
      said Guild in a Gold Box, viz.
      Mr. Travers Hartley, Mr. Wm. M'Murtrie, Mr. Henry Bevan, Mr. Peter Smith,
      all of this City Merchants.
      They were received very politely by the great Judge, who expressed his
      Sense of this Mark of the Guild's Approbation of his Conduct.

      Mr. Henry Rippingham, is promoted by the Dean of St. Patrick's to the Place
      in the Choir, vacant by the Death of Mr. Brett.

      On Thursday the 31st May, an accidental Fire broke out in a Stable
      adjoining the Warehouse of Mr. Sylvester Mathews, Linen-Weaver in Thomas-street,
      whose Loss thereby in Linens, Cottons, &c. amounts to upwards of eight hundred
      As he is an honest industrious Man, with a large Family, it is hoped that
      the Charitable and Humane will take his Case into Consideration, which may
      prevent an useful Member of Society and so considerable a Manufacturer in our
      Staple Article of Trade from falling to Ruin, which must be a Loss to the
      Public.--Thomas Read, Esq; Rob Montgomery, Esq; Messrs. Wm Montgomery, Anthony
      Dermott, John Pim Joshua, Wm Alexander, and Edwin Thomas, will receive

      A few Days ago Mr. Murphy, Attorney, was married to Miss Fanny O'Hara of
      the Inns-Quay.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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