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!! Ballina Chronicle; Jan 9, 1850 "Misc News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, January 9, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS During the past year 15 Flag Officers departed this life. Mr. Samuel Buck is
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, January 9, 1850

      During the past year 15 Flag Officers departed this life.
      Mr. Samuel Buck is elected master of Kinsale Workhouse at £75 a year.
      The old barracks of Tuam are taken as an auxiliary workhouse for 600
      Caherciveen union has declared a rate of 2s. to 2s. 6d. in the pound.
      The order for transportation to the Cape will be revoked at next cabinet
      Private John Kelly, 55th, cut his throat at Smithfield, but the wound is
      not mortal.
      Mr. H. Grattan, M.P., has dismissed his numerous workmen and laid down his
      land in grass.
      Mr. E. M'Sweeny's house and leather store, at Killarney, was destroyed by
      fire on Tuesday.
      On Saturday night Michael Murphy, a bailiff, from Dublin, died suddenly in
      Roscrea, by excessive drinking.
      There are forty-seven places of public worship in Belfast.
      Friday night the clock and gas chandeliers were stolen from St. Mary's
      church, Clonmel, by some ruffians who effected an entrance.
      The Marquis of Kildare is elected Vice President of the Agricultural
      society of Ireland for this year.
      The practiced agriculturists this year for instructing the small farmers,
      are to receive £8 per month.
      John F. Maguire, of Cork, Esq., is again adopted as a candidate by the
      Repeal electors of Dungarvan to oppose Mr. Shiel.
      There are 9000 poor rate appeals from the Galway union to Mr. Freeman, at
      the present quarter sessions.
      The Albert steam packet, from Liverpool with goods and passengers, put into
      Milford haven in distress, after throwing cargo overboard.
      Fermoy union has paid the rate in aid, £3826, to the Treasury and there is
      £4666 to the credit of the guardians.
      Mr. Joseph Burke, Poor Law Inspector, met with a severe accident lately in
      Kilkenny, by which his right leg was broken near the ankle.
      In Sligo butter market this season there is an increase of thirteen
      thousand firkins over last season.
      Mr. Keays is awarded £80 at Kerry Presentment Sessions, for the burning of
      the ice house at Killorglin.
      At Downpatrick the union rate for the new year is but 11 1/2 in the pound,
      including the rate in aid of 6d in the pound.
      The Sisters of Mercy have opened a Bazaar in the Rotundo, Dublin, for the
      starving poor of Connaught.
      Captain Farquar, of H.M.S., Albatross, has got a certificate for £20,000
      lead money, for his late slaughter of the Bornean pirates.
      The next batch of convicts under sentence of transportation will be
      forwarded to the new settlement at Perth, Western Australia.
      Dr. Power, M.P. for Cork, avows himself an anti-protectionist, and will not
      vote for a "provision tax." Mr. W. Eagan, M.P., is of the same opinion and says
      that free trade will lower rents.
      Miss Ann Coote, connected with a respectable family in the south of
      Ireland, died of excessive intoxication at Gray's Inn Road, London, on Thursday.
      The exact number of matriculated students in Queen's College, Galway, is
      not eight but twenty-seven, still a most inadequate proportion to the
      professor's staff.
      Wednesday a large eagle at Blarney, seized upon a well-grown pig, and flew
      a considerable distance but was terrified into a surrender of his prey by the
      shouting of the inhabitants.
      The Limerick Canal waters were entirely frozen on Monday last, and the
      surfaces presented a perfect glacier. The frost abated on Tuesday and on
      Wednesday disappeared under a fall of rain.
      Scotland, with a population of two and a half million, has eleven
      universities or colleges, and 3000 students - and Ireland, with a population of
      eight millions, with (until this year) only one university and 1200 students.
      The Presidency of Queen's College, Galway, vacant by Rev. Dr. Kirwan's
      death, is in the gift of the Lord Lieutenant. Salary, £800 a year. Mr. Berwick,
      the Vice President, is likely to succeed the late Rev. Dr. Kirwan.
      The Countess of Carendon distributed blankets and warm clothing at
      Castlenock Glebe, on Friday, to 220 families. His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant
      sent a prime ox and 300 loaves of bread to the mendicity.
      Mr. Thompson, assistant to Sir W.B. Hamilton, Astronomer Royal, dissipated
      the general alarm in Dublin, for the extraordinary high tide of the 29th or
      30th, by stating that the flood could not be more than ordinary; unless favoured
      by wind.
      In addition to the seizure of gunpowder in Mr. Grey's establishment,
      Belfast, large quantities have also been seized in the stores of Mr. Murney and
      Mr. Ward, Belfast, and removed to Carrickfergus Castle.
      Profane robberies were committed in the Roman Catholic Chapels of Limerick,
      on Christmasday, upon the large congregations therein assembled, and by expert
      practitioners, this contrived with penknife or scissors to cut off the pockets
      of several females, who did not discover their loss until they returned home.
      On Christmasday, 42 handsome young women, neatly equipped, and supplied
      with necessaries for a passage to America, left this day by railway to embark at
      Liverpool. Mr. Ryan, ship agent, of the port, having secured births in a vessel
      to sail from thence.--Limerick Chronicle.
      Mr. Dillon Browne, M.P., for Mayo, has been appointed to the Surveyor
      General of the Falkland Islands, vacant by the promotion of Mr. Bailey. A
      conservative and protectionist will start for Mayo and with every prospect of
      success.-- Limerick Chronicle.
      Edward J. Greene, Esq., Greenmount, has made an abatement of 6s. in the
      pound on the rents of his tenantry at Graigeanster, which, with other allowances
      for permanent improvements and poor rate, amounts in full to his own interests
      in the property!

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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