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!! Irish Catholic Chronicle; Oct 19, 1867

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Irish Catholic Chronicle And People s News of the Week Dublin, Ireland Saturday, 19th October 1867 PROVINCIAL PRESS FLAX. On Friday, V.H. Burgess Esq., Hon.
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      Irish Catholic Chronicle And People's News of the Week
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, 19th October 1867


      On Friday, V.H. Burgess Esq., Hon. Secretary of the Flax Extension
      Association of Belfast, visited Islandbawn Mills, near this town, for the
      purpose of inspecting the new breaking and scotching machines lately invented by
      Mr. Samuel Brindley. After witnessing eh machines working, and securing samples
      of the flax operated on in his presence, he expressed his approbation and
      delight at the discovery.--Tipperary Advocate.

      Five of the Orange party have been apprehended for the wanton and barbarous
      outrage perpetrated on a man named Quinn (convenient to the place where Drum was
      shot nearly two years ago) on the 27th ult. He was on his way home from Arva
      fair, when he was followed by a party of eight or eleven, and brutally beaten to
      such a degree that little if any hopes are entertained of his recovery. Quinn
      was beaten so barbarously that his skull is broken and a portion of the
      cerebrium visibly protruding from under the scalp.--Anglo-Celt.

      DEATH OF REV. JOHN KEATING, P.P.- The Rev. John Keating P.P., Crossbeg,
      departed this life on this day week in the fifty-second year of his age, having
      laboured for twenty-two years as a pious and zealous priest. On Sunday his
      remains were removed to Crossbeg; where they were followed by a large number of
      mourning friends from Wexford and vicinity. On Monday, the high mass and office
      for the repose of his soul were celebrated in the church of Crossbeg. The
      ceremonies were presided over by the Most. Rev. Dr. Furlong, Lord Bishop of this
      diocese, and were attended by about forty clergymen.--Wexford People.

      ORANGE OUTRAGES AT PORTADOWN- Last Saturday night the house of Joseph
      Brennan and Thomas M'Convill of Portadown were wrecked by the Orange rabble
      between twelve and one o'clock. Their doors were kicked in and windows smashed
      with large stones, their lives threatened and ordered to leave or they would be
      shot the next time.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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