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!! Freeman Journal; May 26, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, May 26, 1764 AMERICA Philadelphia, April 5. Since our last we received what follows from Carlisle, viz The
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, May 26, 1764

      Philadelphia, April 5. Since our last we received what follows from
      Carlisle, viz
      "The Distresses of the back Inhabitants are greater than can well be
      conceived. Two hundred Miles of an extended Frontier are so exposed to the
      Incursions of Indians, that no Man can go to Sleep within 10 or 15 Miles of the
      Borders, without being in Danger of having his House burnt and himself and
      Family scalped, or led into Captivity before the next Morning. No Man can tell
      where the Indians will strike the next Blow when they have begun their Murders
      and Devastations. On the 20th of last Month five Persons were made Prisoners.
      Seven Houses were burnt down on the 21st and a great Number of Horses, Cows,
      Sheep and Hogs were killed. About twelve Indians carried off the Captives and
      seven or eight tarried behind, and did considerable Damage. The Captains Pipe
      and Brady, with their Companies, did all that lay in their Power to protect the
      Inhabitants; and Lieut. Chambers and Ensign Asky pursued the Indians to rescue
      the Prisoners but without Success. These fresh Troubles greatly discourage the
      poor People, who intend to return early in the Spring to their deserted

      Cork, May 21. Thursday his Majesty's Cutter, Good will, Capt. Laws, arrived
      at Cove from Waterford, and Yesterday sailed for Kinsale.
      This Morning a Division of the Royal Scotch arrived in Town from Clonmell.
      Saturday morning was married at Carrigrohan Church, Nicholas Dunscombe,
      Esq; to the most amiable Miss Molly Parker, only Daughter of Thomas Parker, of
      Carrigrohan, Esq; with a Fortune of 10,000l.
      Saturday died, at his House on Barrick-hill, Mr. Andrew Johnson, an eminent
      Dyer and Cloathier.

      On Thursday came on the Election of a Sheriff, in the Room of John Hunt,
      Esq; who has resigned. Previous to this the Back-Lane-Club held their usual
      Meeting and determined to return four of their Members, which they accordingly
      did. The four at the Head of the following Poll-paper were their Returns. The
      Number of the Club may be guessed at, by the Number that polled for each Member.
      It is easy to see how they stick to their secret Compact. But they must be blind
      to their own Interest, as well as averse to their Duty to the Public, if they do
      not now see that by their dividing the Interest of the Commons they make that of
      the Aldermen prevail. It is pretty clear, that not one of the Free Commons, nor
      one of the Board of Aldermen can now vote for one of that illicit Association;
      for that the Aldermaen by a little Art, may easily carry their Point. If Mr.
      Hart had had one Vote left, and Mr. French one Vote more, the latter, instead of
      the former had been returned by the Commons, and probably, elected by the Board,
      who no doubt were better pleased to have a Brother's Son to elect. It is easy to
      see, when the Sons of Aldermen are made Sheriffs, who will next be Aldermen, and
      how little Chance a Free and Independent Citizen has to be called to the Purple,
      Confederate Powers of Back-Lane, All hail! for thus depressing the Commons and
      promising the Ends of the Board!
      Mr. Hart was unanimously elected Sheriff by the Board, out of the four
      having the Majority of Voices on this Poll Paper, which were Nathaniel Trumble,
      Weaver, Thomas Emerson, Weaver, Thomas Green, Brewer and Henry Hart, Merchant.
      The Poll of the Commons.
      Messrs. Messrs.
      Thomas Green, Brewer 40 Richard Dunn 4
      Tho. Emerson, Weaver 42 Joseph Verschoyle 1
      Wm. Dunn, Chandler 37 Robert Patrick, Ditto 1
      Anth. King, Brazier 31 Robert Bentley, Ditto 1
      Nath. Trumble, Weav. 44 George Thwaites, Brewer 7
      Richard French, Dreg. 38 Theo Medicot, Woolen-
      Henry Williams, Brewer 24 draper 4
      Henry Hart, Mer. 15 David Ribton, Druggist 1
      Ro. Calderwood, Goldf 19 James Jones, Merchant 2
      Wm. Alexander, Mer 4 John Darragh, Mer 1
      Thomas Blood, Mer 15 Mark Kirkpatrick, Goldf 1
      Edward Strezzle, Ditto 7 Richard Anderson, Miller 1
      Wm. Hurst, Ditto 21 Pat Boyd, Mer 1
      Tho. Hawkshaw, Ditto 2 Wm. Rutlidge, Ditto 1
      John Tucker, Ditto 4 Pet. Willson, Bookseller 1
      From the following, among some other Circumstances that have lately
      transpired, there is Reason to hope the Back-lane Club is near expiring. In some
      late Meetings of that anticonstitutional Association, a sensible and free Member
      or two justly objected to the declared Rules of the Club, which were, that the
      Conduct of every Member, in every Assembly of the Common Council, is to be
      positively determined by the Majority of the Club, in their previous Meeting.
      Those that were free enough to oppose these clandestine and illicit Courses were
      ordered to withdraw; whereupon, we hear that several others have withdrawn
      themselves, with intent to prove themselves Free Agents, a Character at which
      the steady Members of the Club cannot pretend to aspire.
      Another Circumstance which tends to the Dissolution of this and such like
      Associations is that most of the Aldermen and Commons have agreed in a
      Resolution never to give any Person a Vote that solicits for an Election into
      the Office of Sheriff.

      The Governors of St. Patrick's Hospital acknowledge the Receipt of Five
      Hundred Pounds, Sterl. by the Hands of George Spaight, and Henry Ellen Esquires.
      Executors of the Will of the late Henry Gill, of Carrickfergus, Esq; being a
      Legacy left by the said Mr. Gill, for the erecting of a Ward in said Hospital,
      for the Reception of twelve Patients for ever, to be called Gill's Ward.
      The Governors of the Workhouse of the City of Dublin, acknowledge the
      Receipt of the Sum of twenty five Pound, being a Benefaction from the Right Rev.
      the Lord Bishop of Clogher, to be applied toward the building of a Chapel.
      Died. Sunday last, the Rev. Dr. Peter Sterne, Minister of the Parish of
      Chapelizod. -- In New-street, Mr. Wm. Brett, belonging to the Choir of both our
      Cathedrals.-- At his House in Newtown-Castle-Byrne, Topham Mitchel, Esq; his
      Horse having the Evening before, stumbled with him and pitched him on his Head.
      The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor inspected the Markets, and seized a Quantity
      of unsalable Provisions, which were given to the Poor; His Lordship likewise
      seized a measly Pig, which he caused to be burned on Ormond-quay.

      To the CLERGY, GENTLEMEN, and FREEHOLDERS, of the County of WICKLOW,
      WHEREAS it has been industriously reported, that I do not intend to continue
      a Candidate for the County of WICKLOW, I take this Opportunity of assureing my
      Friends, (whose Kindness I shall ever acknowledge,) that I have received such
      Encouragement, as enables me upon very good Foundations, to declare my steady
      Resolutions of continuing a Candidate for that County.
      Saunders-Grove, 24 May, 1764.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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