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!! Freeman Journal; May 22, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, May 22, 1764 IRELAND Waterford, May 1- Yesterday were reviewed by Lieutenant General Dilke, the 1?h and 18th Regiments
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, May 22, 1764

      Waterford, May 1- Yesterday were reviewed by Lieutenant General Dilke, the
      1?h and 18th Regiments of Foot, commanded by the Generals Standford and
      Sebright, when they went through their Evolutions and ?itings to the entire
      Satisfaction of the Officers and Spectators.
      Cork, May 14. A Vessel is arrived here with several Statues to be erected
      at the Castle of Blarney. They were formerly the Property of his Grace the Duke
      of Ormond, and transported from Kilkenny by the late Colonel Broderick.
      Mr. James Cheney, Surveyor of Clognakilty, has seized the Ship George of
      Kinsale, George White, Master, from Dunkirk, with 1460 Bags of Tobacco, which he
      lodged in the Stores of Kinsale on Thursday last.
      Cork, May 17 died, near Crosses-green, advanced in Years, Mrs. Alice
      Croker, Relict of the late Colonel Croker, of Carriglass.
      We have the Pleasure to inform the Publick, that the Report of Captain
      Thomas Carroll's Death; owing to a Fall from his Horse, at the Strand of
      Youghall, (as in our last) is premature; no ill Consequence having happened to
      that Gentleman by the Accident.

      Pursuant to an Act of Parliament passed the last Session, intitled an Act
      for vesting further Powers in the Lord Mayor, Sheriff, Commons, and Citizens of
      the City of Dublin, for the securing of Ships trading to the Port and Harbour of
      The Common Council of this City, at a Post-Assembly held at the Tholsel on
      Thursday last elected the undernamed five Aldermen, and ten Common-councilmen
      being Merchants, free of the Guild of Merchants, and also free of the Six and
      Ten per Cent, at the Custom-House, being the Qualifications required by said
      Act, to be of the Committee to carry said Law into Execution, viz. until the
      next general Election of Commons.
      Aldermen Commoners.
      Tho. Cooke Wm. Alexander Travers Hartley
      John Cooke Thomas Blood Bob Montgomery
      Phil. Crampton John Hunt James Varcilles
      Edward Sanky Wm. Hurst Matt. Weld.
      And Yesterday at a Post-Hall of the Guild of Merchants, pursuant to the
      Power in them invested by said Act, the Members of said Guild qualified as
      above, elected the following fifteen to add to the above, which compleats the
      Committee of 30, for better regulating the Pilotage and Havenage of this Port
      and Harbour.
      Messrs. Thos. Blair Chs. Howison Chs. O'Hara
      Wm. Barton Rob Jaffray Edw. Strettle
      Tho. Barcroft John Pim Joshua Geo. Sutton
      Wm. Colvil Geo. Knox Wm. Thompson
      Wm. Clossey Sam. Laban Theo. Thompson
      N.B. The Lord-Mayor and Sheriffs for the Time being, are always to be three
      of the above Committee.

      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, in the Co. of Kerry, Mr. Charles M'Carthy of
      White Church, to Miss Donnoghue, of Glin--At Limerick, Mr. William Harrison,
      Attorney, to Miss Rebecca Harrison, of Aughess in the Co. of Clare.-- Mr.
      William Tyrell, Gauger of Dundalk, to Miss Nelly Ward, of Stephen-Town in the
      Co. of Dublin, with a good Fortune.

      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Cork, aged 68, Mr. Peter Bernard, Sail-maker;
      and Mrs. Elizabeth Paine.-- In York-street, the Widow Beasly.-- In Golden-lane,
      Mr. Theophilus Blakely, an eminent Attorney.-- At Waterford, Mrs. Mary Brie.

      To be sold by AUCTION,
      By the Sheriffs of the City of DUBLIN, by Virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias.
      On Wednesday the 23d Day of May Instant, 1764, the House Furniture and
      Effects of Messrs Francis Smith and Robert Knox, at said Smith's late
      Dwelling-House on Lower Ormond-Kay, consisting of Mohogany and other Four-posted
      Beds, with chequer and crimson Paragon and other Curtains, Feather Beds and
      Bedding, a Mohogany Desk and Book-case with Glass Doors, a Mogogany Tallboy,
      ditto Dining, Tea, Card and Dressing Tables, Marble ditto, Mohogany Chairs and
      Shag and Leather Seats, also with stuffed Backs and Seats, a Sopha to match,
      Hall Chairs, Rush ditto, a japaned Chamber-chest, Pier and Chimney-Glasses in
      carved and gilt Frames, Pier and Dressing Glasses in Walnut Frames, Chandeliers,
      Branches and Glass Bells with Shades, a Hall Globe, Paintings and Prints, Turkey
      and other Carpets, moving Grates and Fire-Irons, a Clock, a Jack, and great
      Variety of Kitchen Furniture; also useful and ornamental China, Roan and Delph
      Ware, Jelly and drinking Glasses, some House Linen, a Quantity of Plate, viz.
      pierced Bread-basket, large and small Cups, Salvers, Butter-boats, Sugar-dish,
      Cream-ewer, Soup, Table and Teaspoons, &c. a Frenc Plate X, a Pair of gilt
      Candlesticks. The Plate will be sold on Friday the 25th Inst. Said Smith's
      Interest in the Lease of said House, with the Ware-house, Stable, and the
      Appurtenances, will be sold on Wednesday the 23d Inst, at said House, between
      the House of twelve and one o'Clock, being a Term for 28 Years from the 25th of
      March 1752, at the yearly Rent of 50l., ??erl. A Person attends at said House to
      shew the Concerns.

      ANDREW FINLAY, Mercer, in Parliament-street, has this Day landed out of the
      King of Prussia, a large Assortment of the most fashionable Lutestrings. Note,
      an Apprentice is wanted.

      JOHN PURSELL, House-painter, &c. has removed from Borr's-court, to the
      House that Mr. Hollister lately lived in, opposite the Charter School-Nursery in
      York street, where he hopes to be honoured with the Commands of the Nobility,
      Gentry and others his Friends, as usual; he also hops there is no Necessity for
      mentioning his Care, Punctuality, and moderate Charges.
      April the 20th 1764.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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