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!! Freeman Journal; May 19, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, May 19, 1764 The Commissioners of his Majesty s Revenue have been pleased to appoint Joshua Glover, Esq; to be
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, May 19, 1764

      The Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue have been pleased to appoint
      Joshua Glover, Esq; to be Surveyor of Mallahide, in the Room of Mr. Adamson,
      deceased; and Arthur Mosse, Esq; to be Surveyor of Kilrush, in the Room of said
      Monday, May 14.] John Wheller, Gent, one of the Attornies of the Court of
      King's Bench, was admitted and sworn an Attorney of the Court of Exchequer.
      Tuesday, May 15.] About eight o'Clock at Night, a genteel looking Man went
      into Mr. Wood's Shop, Linen-Draper in Parliament-Street, and took off some
      Handkerchiefs; He got as far as Crane-lane, when he and another Accomplice was
      taken and sent to Newgate.
      Thursday, May 17.] A Man was committed to Newgate for killing a Woman in
      Church street.
      Last Week two Men, well mounted and decently dressed, went to a publick
      House in Lucan; and being shewn a room wherein was a Chest of Drawers; they
      picked the Lock, and took out of it 20 Guineas and a Moidore, with which they
      got off before it was missed. Several Publicans in and near this City have been
      robbed in the same Manner lately.
      Tuesday the Right Hon. the Earl of Shannon and the Right Honourable John
      Ponsonby, Esq; Speaker of the House of Commons, were sworn Lords Justices of
      tthis Kingdom, in the Council Chamber at the Castle; on which Occasion they
      received the Compliments of the Nobility and Gentry, the Flag was displayed on
      Birmingham Tower, and the Guns in the Park were fired.
      Two hundred and fifty-four Pounds of Tea, seized by Mr. Byers, and 26 lb.
      ditto seized by Mr. Draper, were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
      Thursday, May 17.] The Honourable the Lord Bellfield, James Agar the
      Younger, Esq; Major M'Culloh, Major Letablare, and several Domesticks belonging
      to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, sailed in the Lively, Williams, for
      Mess. Eustace, Macklin, Alley, and Somerville, arrived on board the
      Fortescue Packet from Holyhead.

      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Hugh Holmes, of this City, to Miss Molly
      Smith of Waterford.- Mr. George Hannon, to the Widow Doyle of Crane-lane.-
      Robert Bodkin of Annagh, in the County of Galway, Esq; to Miss Brabazon, of
      Newpark, in the County of Mayo.

      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, in Essex-street, Mr. John Power, an eminent
      Hosier.- In said Street, Mr. Kelly, an eminent Carver and Gilder.- At
      Londonderry, Col. William Stewart, formerly of Carolina.- At Galway, aged 84,
      Mrs. Bridget French.- At Cork, Mr. John Buffington, Woollen Manufacturer.- At
      said Place, Miss Callanan.- In Nicholas-street, Mr. Phillip Ferrant, Writing

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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