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!! Connaught Journal; July 5, 1824 "Misc Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, July 5, 1824 YOUGHAL- A meeting is shortly to be held in this place to take into consideration the best mode of
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      Galway, Monday, July 5, 1824

      YOUGHAL- A meeting is shortly to be held in this place "to take into
      consideration the best mode of obtaining for Catholics the Corporate rights
      which have so long and so unjustly been withheld from them." Of 10,000
      inhabitants which Youghal contains, no less than 8000 are Catholics. Of the
      entire number, however, only four of five have been admitted to what is called
      "the freedom of trade."

      CATHOLIC BURYING GROUND - The first interment in the burying ground of
      Naas, lately consecrated by Dr. Doyle, took place on the 20th ult. An old man by
      name David Raney, born in Edinburgh, and reared a Calvanist, was interred
      according to the rites and ceremonies of the Catholic Church.

      A canal is forming from the Red Sea to the Nile. It is intended to
      establish Steam Vessels to ply between London and Bombay in 34 days.

      TO DESTROY FLIES - Half a teaspoonfull of black pepper, one teaspoonfull of
      brown sugar, and one table-spoonful of cream; put the mixture in a plate or
      saucer, and set it in the room where the flies are troublesome, and they will
      soon disappear.

      New potatoes for sale in our market (Castlebar) this day at 8d. per stone.
      This amounts to almost an assurance, that with us there will be no such want of
      provisions as has been felt in the neighbouring counties.--Mayo Constitution.

      Colonel Sir Hugh Gough, 22d Regiment, has lately purchased an extensive
      estate in the county Tipperary.

      Major Wilcocks, at the petty sessions of Chair, on Wednesday, reduced two
      of the constables for improper conduct.

      The entire party of police who attended the late fair of Mount Talbot, have
      been lodged in Roscommon gaol for murder.

      There are a great many counterfeit sovereigns going through the Country,
      and persons should be very cautious how they receive them.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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