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!! Connaught Journal; July 1, 1824 "Mendicity Assoc."

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, July 1, 1824 MENDICITY ASSOCIATION We have frequently taken the liberty of calling the attention of our Fellow-Citizen
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      Galway, Thursday, July 1, 1824

      We have frequently taken the liberty of calling the attention of our
      Fellow-Citizen to the necessity of attempting to do something towards the
      suppression of mendicity; and we are glad to be able to say, that our calls have
      not been quite ineffectual-all classes seem to be fully impressed with a
      conviction of the benefits which would result from it; and very many of the most
      respectable Traders and Shop-keepers of the Town have assured us of their
      willingness to contribute largely towards the support. We now submit to our
      Readers the plan of the Mendicity Association of the Town of Sligo. We have got
      those of Dublin, London and Newry in our possession; but we prefer this, both
      because we are informed that it has been eminently successful, and that it
      appears to us so simple and so well adapted to the situation of this Town, that
      we think no person who considers it can for a moment doubt of its being
      successful, if any the slightest pains are taken to carry it into effect. The
      expence of each individual in the Sligo Institution to the Public does not, we
      are assured, exceed the sum of 2 1/2d. per diem, so trifling is the cost of so
      beneficial an Institution. We hope the Summer will not be suffered to pass away
      without something effectual being done; and we entreat those Gentlemen who are
      anxious for the good of the Town, or for the introduction of order and industry
      among the lower classes, to come forward in this business without further delay.
      "The Sligo Mendicity Association is managed by a Committee, according to
      the following plan:
      "A suitable person is appointed as Clerk and Steward, who resides in the
      house occupied by the Institution. He is allowed a competent salary, together
      with fuel and candles. He is required to give security to the amount of £200 for
      the faithful discharge of his duty, and the value of property entrusted to his
      care. He also provides the necessary female assistance for the domestic
      management of the house.
      "No person is admitted to the Institution who has not been resident in the
      Town at least three years prior to its commencement, or who is able to obtain
      subsistence otherwise than by begging.
      "All persons admitted shall attend at the house from April 1st to October
      1st, at six o'clock in the morning, and continue there till six in the evening
      from October 1st till April 1st, attendance is required from eight till
      half-past four.
      "The inmates are employed breaking stones, making mats, spinning coarse yarn
      and wool, knitting, platting straw, picking oakum, making baskets, or such other
      labour as is deemed suitable. An hour is allowed from work for breakfast and
      another for dinner.
      "A pint of oatmeal made into stirabout, and 1 1/2 pint of buttermilk or 3
      lbs of potatoes, and 1 1/2 pint of buttermilk or soup, is allowed to each
      individual at each meal. The soup is made from broken meat collected through
      this Town.
      "Each adult is allowed 8d. per week to provide lodging, clothing, and other
      necessaries, not furnished by the Institution. Not more than one individual in a
      family receives this allowance.
      "The Committee meet regularly at 11 o'clock every Monday in the
      Institution, and oftener if necessary.
      "Three Members of the Committee are appointed to visit the Institution
      daily, at meal hours, who register the number of inmates and other observations
      in a book kept for the purpose.
      "The admission of paupers is entrusted to the visitors for the day in
      conjunction with the Steward subject to the control of the General Committee. A
      register of all admissions is kept as per 'Sligo Mendicity Roll Book.'
      "The Institution is supported by annual subscriptions, together with the
      proceeds of work done by the inmates and other casual contributions.
      "All accounts due by the Institution are laid before the Weekly Committee
      Meeting, and if approved, are signed by three Members present. No other accounts
      are paid by the Treasurer. At each Meeting of the Committee the Treasurer
      produces the vouchers for all sums paid by him during the foregoing week.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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