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!! Connaught Journal; June 28, 1824 "Provincial News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, June 28, 1824 PROVINCIAL NEWS CLARE - ENNIS, JUNE 21. At the fair of Ruan on Friday, a great number of buyers attended;
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      Galway, Thursday, June 28, 1824


      CLARE - ENNIS, JUNE 21. At the fair of Ruan on Friday, a great number of
      buyers attended; and more business was transacted, and higher prices obtained
      for cattle than for the last five or six years. Three years old heifers rated
      from 5l. to 6 1/2 guineas a head.
      The Roman Catholic inhabitants of the parishes of Moyarta and Kilballyowen,
      in this county, have presented the Rev. Michael M'Mahon with an address, on his
      leaving them, to return to the diocess of Limerick.
      In several parts of this county the scarcity of potatoes has increased to
      such a degree, as actually to endanger the peace of the district. On Tuesday
      last, notwithstanding a very liberal bounty, there was not a load of potatoes in
      the market of Ennistymon; and so great was the clamour of the people, that a
      gentleman, whose presence alone restrained them from the commission of outrage,
      declared that if some means were not taken to alleviate the distress before
      Monday, he would not answer for the tranquility of the place.

      KILKENNY, JUNE 19- After the confession and execution of three notorious
      characters at Kilkenny, last Spring, the opinion became pretty prevalent that
      the unfortunate Sheas fell the victim of accidental fire. This was strengthened
      by several circumstances, to which it is unnecessary now to allude. A
      correspondent; however, informs us, that the indefatigable Magistrate, Francis
      Despard, Esq., has arrested six persons, charged, as we are assured, "under
      positive information," with being participants in the atrocious crime of burning
      that unfortunate family. Four of these fellows passed though this city for
      Dublin, on last Wednesday morning, well ironed and guarded, for the purpose, we
      understand, of being examined before the Privy Council. The other two, we
      presume, have been lodged in Clonmel gaol.- Leinster Journal.
      A full discovery relative to the horrid affair has, most happily for
      society, been just made- one of the principals is now in India, where he went to
      join a regiment a few months ago.
      On Thursday night, a man of the name of G. Holmes, who was in care of
      Castle-Blunden house and demesne, under Abraham Ball, Esq., received a dreadful
      beating near that place, on his return from this city.
      JUNE 23- We regret to say that G. Holmes, who was beaten near
      Castle-Blunden on the night of Thursday last, as stated in our paper of
      Saturday, died on Sunday morning.--Moderator.
      CALAMITOUS FIRE. - The extensive cloth manufactory near this city, known by
      the name of the Ormond Mills, was, we regret to say, consumed by fire on Monday
      morning. The flames broke out about one o'clock A.M. upon the ground floor,
      amongst some flyings or waste, an article too subject to voluntary combustion.
      The moment the watchman discovered the appearance of fire, he rung the factory
      bell, and roused the persons resident on the premises. One of the clerks ran
      into the city and got the fire bell rung to alarm the inhabitants. Mr. Colles
      instantly had the fire engine sent out. Numbers of the inhabitants, and the
      troops in garrison, proceeded with alacrity to the spot; but no efforts, however
      powerful, could check the devouring element, which, by 4 o'clock, had totally
      destroyed the whole of the interior, with all the valuable machinery which it

      LIMERICK, JUNE 19- Six men, charged with the attack at Routa, in the
      Liberties, on Monday, were apprehended on Wednesday night, but were discharged,
      after undergoing an examination before the Mayor and Sir C. Mariett. The Police
      are on the alert for the villains who committed this act of barbarity; the poor
      victims of their lawless ferocity is not yet declared out of danger.
      The tread-mill erected in our county gaol, has been productive of the best
      effects on the prisoners, fifty-one of whom are daily exercised at it; some of
      them have been heard to say, they would willingly prefer seven years
      transportation to a months labour at this formidable machine.

      MULLINGAR, JUNE 17 - On the night of Friday last, an extensive range of
      offices, consisting of a dwelling-house, barn, stable, and car-house, at
      Ballagh, within half a mile of this town, the property of Mr. Henry Wilton, of
      Monte Video, were maliciously set on fire, and totally consumed, together with a
      quantity of corn, potatoes, farming implements, &c. The conflagration was so
      rapid, owing to the dry state of the thatch, &c., that the herd and his family
      had scarcely time to escape with their lives.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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