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!! Connaught Journal; June 28, 1824 "Cork"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, June 28, 1824 PROVINCIAL INTELLIGENCE CORK, JUNE 18- On the 8th instant, between twelve and one o clock in the morning,
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      Galway, Thursday, June 28, 1824

      CORK, JUNE 18- On the 8th instant, between twelve and one o'clock in the
      morning, an outrage of a Whiteboy character was committed within five miles of
      the town of Bantry. Two houses, the property of a man named Tyrell, were
      maliciously burned, in consequence of his daring to become tenant to Mr. Murphy,
      for some lands from which the former tenants had been evicted. All the furniture
      and provisions belonging to the unfortunate man were consumed, and it was with
      much difficulty that he and his family escaped being burned to

      In answer to this, The Cork Chronicle says- "Now, it gives us much pleasure
      to say, that there is not, nor has there been, the slightest taint of
      Whiteboyism in the part of the Country which is alluded to in the above
      paragraph. It will be observed that The Advertiser is learning caution-thus
      describing the burning as 'an outrage of a Whiteboy character,' leaves a loop
      for the writer to escape through; at the same time nine hundred and ninety-nine
      readers out of a thousand would suppose from the context that the Country was
      infected by Whiteboyism. To be sure, burning a house is an outrage of a Whiteboy
      character; but we are enabled, on good authority, to say, that the matter was
      closely investigated before the Magistrates at the Petty Sessions in Bantry, on
      Saturday last, and there was not a particle of evidence even to assume that the
      outrage was the result of combination, or premeditated impropriety or
      Whiteboyism. We wonder how The Advertiser, with such official sources of
      information, as it owns, could be ignorant of the real circumstances of the

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News

      CORK, JUNE 23- The following Letter has been addressed to the Editor of the
      Cork Advertiser:-
      "SIR- Having seen a statement in your highly respectable paper, under the
      head 'Whiteboyism,' I have the honor to inform you, that the circumstances which
      occurred in this neighbourhood, proceeded from private malice; and I have the
      satisfaction to state, this Barony and the Barony of Beer, are in the most
      perfect state of tranquility. The Magistrates who attend the Petty Sessions
      every Saturday would be happy at all times to communicate any circumstances that
      might occur in this district.
      "I am, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant,
      "Bantry-House, June 19, 1824"
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