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!! Ballina Chronicle; Dec 26, 1849 "Miscellaneous"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, December 26, 1849 MISCELLANEOUS The Nenagh Guardians have reduced their relieving officers salaries 50 per
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, December 26, 1849

      The Nenagh Guardians have reduced their relieving officers salaries 50 per
      Mr. Robert Kendall, of Hatton Garden, poisoned himself by drinking a flask
      of vitriol.
      The oil of codfish is now generally applied to consumptive patients.
      In England and Wales 38,000 illegitimate children are born annually!
      The Hibernian bank has drawn £17,000 from its rest, to cover bad debts of
      the last two years.
      The Primate has given £1090 to Queen's College, Belfast, for the education
      of clergymen.
      In the year 1835 there were 2,300 voters in the Queen's County, at present
      there are 247!
      Cork pays more for gas lighting the streets than Dublin, Belfast or
      Mr. Joseph Hitier is appointed Counsul, in Dublin, for the French Republic.
      Mr. Julius Coloridge is about to leave the bench to become a lay brother of
      the church.
      Jenny Lind and Balfe have accepted a most princely offer to visit New York.
      Five cents is the uniform rate of postage on letters in the United States.
      The Cork guardians refused to adopt Lord Glengall's protection petition.
      One of the twelve sailors who deposited the late Queen Adelaide in the
      Royal vault at Windsor was a black man.
      The Queen sent 100 guineas to the fund for relief of the widows of 20
      pilots drowned off the Tyne last week.
      The order is made absolute, with costs, against Lord Portarlington, for the
      sale of the Portarlington or Damer estates in Ireland, which owe £685,000!
      Samuel Otway, a boy, was last week sentenced by Judge Perrin, to 21 months'
      imprisonment for having two pistols and gunpowder without license.
      Mr. Andrews, clerk to the Croydon board of guardians and bench of
      magistrates, shot himself on Friday.
      The High Sheriff of Limerick has convened the county, for its agricultural
      protection, on the 3d of January.
      Joseph H. Dunne, Esq., a highly respectable merchant, fell dead in Pim &
      Co.'s shop, in Westmoreland-street, Dublin, yesterday.
      Mr. Corballis, Q.C., has resigned being a Commissioner of the National
      Education, and also Commissioner of the Board of Charitable Bequests.
      Her Majesty's ship Ganges, 84, has arrived at Malta, after a passage of 16
      days, one of the quickest on record.
      Lieut. Church, R.N., is to continue the survey of the Cork coast,
      undertaken by the late much lamented Captain Wolfe, R.N.
      Alderman M'Kenna intends to move for the reappointment of Mr. Francis
      Morgan, the runaway Young Irelander, as solicitor to the Corporation.
      The cost of bringing a barrel of wheat from Longford to Dublin market is
      2s., while we can bring one from New York for 1s.!
      Ministers have consented to lend the Bandon Railway Company £35,000 for the
      completion of their line at 5 per cent.
      The Earls O'Neill and Rosse, receive no pension from the State, for the
      service of their predecessors as joint Postmasters General of Ireland.
      Allen and Henry Brown, and Cornelius Cremin are committed to Cork gaol for
      the murder of Patrick Drury, a bailiff, near Macroom.
      Mrs. Otway Cave has been dangerously ill in Dublin. Sir Philip Crampton and
      Sir Henry Marsh have been in constant attendance on her.
      The Postmaster General has requested that letters from the East and West
      Indies and other warm climates, should be closed with wafer and not with wax.
      Mr. Thomas Gray, of Belfast, was fined £20 on Tuesday for having 2-1/2 tons
      of gunpowder on his premises, without license, and the powder was forfeited.
      The Hon. Philip Sidney, only son of Lord L'Isle and Dudley, is to be
      married to Miss Foulis, only child of the late Sir W. Foulis, Bart., of Ingelby
      Manor, Yorkshire, and grand niece to the Duke of Leinster.
      A painful rumour is current as to the cause of the sudden sale of his
      commission by Lord Brownlow Cecil (second son of the Marquis of Exeter) in the
      Fusilier Guards. The embarrassment is said to be a heavy pecuniary
      one.--Liverpool Times.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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