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!! Ballina Chronicle; Dec 19, 1849 "Mayo Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, December 19, 1849 SOLICITORSHIP OF BALLINA UNION. We perceive by our report of the proceedings of the
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, December 19, 1849

      We perceive by our report of the proceedings of the Guardians of this
      Union, at their last meeting, that Mervyn Pratt, Esq. gave notice, that he
      would, on that day fortnight, move that in future occasions for the service of a
      Solicitor Mr. Peter Kelly be employed. The law business of the Guardians of this
      Union should not be entrusted to a better qualified gentleman than Mr. Kelly,
      who is justly held in high repute by those requiring his professional services,
      as also by his friends and acquaintances; but we must, in a spirit of fair play,
      most decidedly dissent form Mr. Pratt's opinion, that the services of Mr. Kelly
      should be substituted for those of Mr MacAndrew, who has been engaged in
      conducting the law proceedings of this union since its first formation, and has
      had the entire confidence during that period of each Board of Guardians. We
      would venture to state that not one of the present guardians have the slightest
      fault to find with their present Solicitor, on the contrary, we have heard many
      of them express, in the most unqualified terms, their approbation of him. Why,
      then, should he be now disregarded? Should it be so, the public must lose its
      confidence in the men who could net thus. Yet we hope better things of them. If
      there were a vacancy Mr .Kelly is the last man we would oppose, but we cannot,
      upon principle, express ourselves otherwise than we have done under the
      SOLICITORSHIP OF KILLALA UNION- The mention, of which notice was given a
      fortnight previous, to rescind the appointment of Peter Kelly, Esq., to the
      solicitorship of the Killala Union, was lost on yesterday by a majority of seven
      in a board of seventeen members. The guardians who voted for a continuance of
      Mr. Kelly were- Mervyn Pratt, Esq, Wm. Orme, Esq, John Fausett, Esq, Ernest
      Knox, Esq, John O. Orme, Esq, John Perkins, Esq, Thos. Palmer, Esq, Roger
      Palmer, Esq, Mr. Thomas Conway, Mr. Dominick Munnelly, Mr. P. Corcoran, and Mr.
      Michael Ruddy.
      Those who voted against him were, Robert Kirkwood, Esq, sen, Robert
      Kirkwood, Esq, jun., Mr. Pat Bourke, Mr. John Nealon, and James Kelly.
      The Earl of Lucan has appointed Davis R. Young, Esq., son of M. William
      Young, Esq. of Castlebar, to the situation of Governor of the Mayo Prisons. From
      what we have been able to learn of Mr. Young's qualifications we are confident
      the Noble Earl has made a prudent selection.
      OUTDOOR RELIEF- Within the last few weeks the number of persons receiving
      outdoor relief in this union has been reduced from 2200 to 500.

      We have much pleasure in stating that for townsman, John Bourke, Esq.,
      eldest son of the late Charles Bourke, Esq., was admitted a Solicitor of the
      Court of Chancery, and an Attorney of the Court of Exchequer, at the last
      Michaelmas Term.

      COST OF PAUPERS - Since the present Guardians of this Union came into
      office, the average weekly cost of each pauper in the workhouse has been reduced
      from 11-1/4d. to 9-1/2d, and in the Infirmary from 1s. 9d. to 1s. 2-3/4d.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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