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!! Connaught Journal; June 24, 1824 "Provincial Intelligence"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, June 24, 1824 PROVINCIAL INTELLIGENCE ENNISKILLEN, JUNE 17- Our fair on Thursday last presented a frightful appearance
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      Galway, Thursday, June 24, 1824

      ENNISKILLEN, JUNE 17- Our fair on Thursday last presented a frightful
      appearance of turbulence. An immense number of riotous ruffians assembled in the
      town for the base and brutal purpose, which we have heretofore unfortunately had
      occasion to notice as governing the rabble of this country; and had it not been
      for the activity and judicious measures adopted by Major Armstrong, and Hamilton
      Irvine, Esq. to whom the circumstance was made known, the consequences might
      have been deplorable. These Gentlemen procured a large party of military from
      the barrack, some of whom they stationed in different parts of the town, and
      some, accompanied either by one of themselves or by a constable, they caused to
      patrole the streets for the preservation of the peace, taking up several cudgels
      from suspicious persons. Notwithstanding all this precaution, several
      individuals were barbarously beaten, and groups of ruffians had the temerity to
      beard the authorities and almost set them at defiance.--Erne Packet.

      CORK, JUNE 15- On Saturday night, between nine and ten o'clock, as Mr. James
      Wallis, a young Gentleman of most prepossessing manners, and excellent
      character, was returning home to the residence of his grand-father, David
      Freeman, Esq., within a quarter of a mile of Youghal, he was stopped by a
      ruffian, who presented a pistol, and demanded his watch and money. Mr. Wallis
      considering resistance vain, delivered both. The robber then retired a few
      steps, and firing his pistol with, we fear, fatal effect, lodged its contents in
      the belly and stomach of his unfortunate victim. The young Gentleman, however,
      got home, but he fell senseless at his grand-father's door. The opinion of the
      professional gentleman is, that the case is not utterly hopeless, though the
      patient is in extreme danger.
      This young gentleman's father was, we understand, son to Mr. Wallis, of
      Cooke-street, and his family have just returned from Dublin to settle finally in
      Youghal. Mr. Wallis, we believe, is a student at Trinity College. At a late hour
      this day we are informed that the miscreant assassin has been arrested on the
      information of a woman who has finally identified him.--Southern Reporter.
      It is stated, that through the vigilance of the Magistracy of Youghal, a
      man, named Regan, a mason, has been taken into custody under circumstances
      strong enough to justify a suspicion that he was the person who fired at Mr.

      The Dublin Mail to Tuam, upset near Ballinasloe on Friday; Mr .Owen Kelly
      was slightly hurt.

      In several parts of the county Clare the scarcity of potatoes has increased
      to such a degree, as actually to endanger the peace of the district. On Tuesday
      last, notwithstanding a very liberal bounty, there was not a single load of
      potatoes in the market of Ennistymon; and so great was the clamour of the people
      that a gentleman, whose presence alone restrained them from the commission of
      outrage, declared that if some means were not taken to alleviate the distress
      before Monday, he would not answer for the tranquility of the place.--Clare

      Tuesday, two extensive distilleries, and a quantity of potale and malt,
      were destroyed near Crusheen, county Clare.

      The Lord Bishop of Killaloe intends, during the course of the summer,
      making a tour through the united dioceses of Killaloe and Kilfenora, for the
      purpose of holding confirmations.

      A man was fined 3l. in Waterford this day week for buying a trowsers from a
      soldier of the 15th regiment, it being part of his regimental necessaries.
      DR. BRENNAN OF CASTLEBLANEY.- We sincerely regret being obliged to record
      the death of one of the most excellent Irishmen the North could boast of - cut
      of f in the prime of life - in the rapid career of high professional eminence;
      the loss sustained by the public is not less great than it is grievously
      afflicting to his friends and relatives. --[ Belfast Irishman.

      LONGEVITY.- Died, last Saturday, at the Countess's Bush, county Kilkenny,
      Mary Costello, aged 102. Her mother, Matilda Pickman, died precisely at the same
      age. Her grandmother's age is not exactly known, but it exceeded 123 years, and
      long before her death she had to be rocked in a cradle like an infant. Mary
      Costello's brother lived beyond 100 years; at the age of ninety he worked
      regularly, and could cut down half an acre of heavy grass in one day.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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