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!! Connaught Journal; June 24, 1824 "Galway Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, June 24, 1824 UNFORTUNATE OCCURRENCE Tuesday morning, a young man of the name of Bracken, aged about 21 years, was
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      Galway, Thursday, June 24, 1824

      Tuesday morning, a young man of the name of Bracken, aged about 21 years,
      was unfortunately drowned, whilst bathing in the river, at the rere of the
      County Gaol. The poor fellow, although and indifferent swimmer, incautiously
      ventured into deep water, where he in a few minutes sunk. He was accompanied by
      two others, who, however anxious about his perilous state, could render no
      possible assistance, from their inability to swim. His remains were taken out in
      a short time after, and though medical assistance was in attendance, all efforts
      to restore animation were ineffectual. A coroner's inquest returned a verdict
      of --"Drowning by accident."
      On Friday, the 18th instant, a meeting was held at Tuam of the Trustees for
      the Encouragement of industry in the County of Galway, at which Mr. Hyett,
      Secretary to the London Directors, attended. Applications for the Loan of
      various sums, from £30 to £100, were made by the Committees of Kiltrasna,
      Abbert, Downpatrick, Tuam, Cregg, &c. We are happy to observe, that the public
      attention to this useful and benevolent system has been excited, and hope that
      the example will soon be followed by the remaining parts of the county.
      The Public are hereby Cautioned not to take in in payment or otherwise, any
      Promissory Notes or Bills, purporting to be signed by me, and passed to PATRIC
      DOUGHERTY, as same has never been executed by me or any value or consideration
      what ever received, and am therefore, determined to take such proceedings
      against him, for my own safety, as the law may direct- Given under my hand at
      Galway, this 23d day of June, 1824.
      TO BE LET
      For such term as may be agreed upon,
      Containing 59 acres, and also, the Farm of GORTLEMON, containing 63
      acres.--Those Lands are part of the Estate of the Rev. FREDERICK E. TRENCH, and
      are situate within 7 miles of Loughrea and 9 of Ballinasloe.
      Proposals in writing, post paid, to be made to the Rev. J.E. Trench,
      Killistown Glebe, Carlow, or to J.J. Bricknell, Esq. Loughrea.
      June 24, 1824.
      Those persons who wish to effect a Great Saving in the purchase of WOOLLEN
      DRAPERY, are respectfully requested to inspect the
      At James O'Doherty's, Main-Guard, Who confidently pledges himself that the
      Public will be supplied at his House with WOOLLEN DRAPERY of the very best
      description that can be procured, at prices hitherto unknown in Galway.
      O'DOHERTY begs to state, that he would be unable to hold forth such an
      advantage to the public, if he did not confine himself to a Ready Money Trade;-
      He therefore respectfully announces that he can give no credit.
      Galway, June 24, 1824.
      TO BE LET
      As the intended partition of Movilla Estate cannot be completed for some
      time, the Lands of Movilla will be Let until the 1st of May next, in such
      Divisions as may be agreed on. The Tenants will be declared immediately on the
      value being offered. No preference will be given except to the highest and best
      Proposals in writing (post paid) will be received by Patrick O'Connor, Esq,
      New Garden, Tuam, and William M. Burke, Esq Ballydugan, Loughrea.
      June 21, 1824

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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