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!! Freeman Journal; May 12, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, May 12, 1764 IRELAND Cork, May 7. Colonel Gray s Regiment of Foot is daily expected from Galway to quarter here with
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, May 12, 1764

      Cork, May 7. Colonel Gray's Regiment of Foot is daily expected from Galway
      to quarter here with Brudenell's.
      Last Friday Night Mr. Thomas Rogers of George's-street was attacked by
      three Robbers near Ronayne's Court on the Road to Passage. One of the Villains
      seized the Reins of his Bridle and demanded Mr. Roger's Money, who answered with
      a Blow of a loaded Whip which knock'd him down; on this the second Fellow snap'd
      at the Bridle, but Mr. Rogers clapt Spurs to his Mare and forced away from him;
      the third Fellow was at some Distance and thought to have knock'd Mr. Rogers off
      his Mare, but he received the Stroke on his Arm, and happily got clear off.
      MARRIAGES. Saturday Morning at Rathcoony Church, Robert Lane, Esq; one of
      the Burgesses of this City to Miss Alicia Freeman. --Same Day at Carrigrohan
      Church, William Trench, Esq; to Miss Frankland, eldest Daughter of the late
      Doctor Frankland. -- Mr. Edward Fling of Christ-church-lane, to Miss Johanna
      Ryan of this City.-- Christopher Byrne of Dunmanway, to Miss Murray of the same
      DEATHS. Thursday Night at his House in Hanover-street, in a very advanced
      Age, Samuel Jervois, of Bandon, Esq; Saturday in Cove-lane, Mr. Thomas Bewly,
      Tanner, eminent in his Profession, and very deserving of the Esteem of all who
      knew him. In Mallow-lane, in an advanced Age, Mrs. Exham, Widow. In said Lane,
      Mr. Edmund Flinn, Cork-cutter. In Hanover-street, after a tedious Illness, Miss
      Molly Croker, Daughter of Samuel Croker, Esq; last one of the Alderman of this

      The List returned by the BACK-LANE CLUB, Easter Assembly 1763.
      William Hurst, of Hawkin's-street, Merchant,
      Robert Montgomery, of Dominick-street, ditto,
      Thomas Green, of James's-street, Brewer,
      Richard French, of the Blind-Kay, Druggist,
      Thomas Emerson, of Castle-street, Weaver,
      Anthony King, of Cook-street, Brazier,
      Robert Burton, of Liffy-street, Cooper,
      George Faulkner, of Dolphin's-Barn, Tanner,

      List returned by the Back-Lane Club, the last Assembly Day.
      Robert Montgomery, Merchant,
      Thomas Green, Brewer,
      William Hurst, Merchant,
      Richard French, Druggist,
      * Thomas Emerson, Weaver,
      * Anthony King, Brazier,
      * William Dunn, Chandler,
      * Robert Burton, Cooper,
      Thus * marked are Members of the Back-Lane Club, some of which gave Mr.
      Faulkner the Tanner, another worthy Member a vote.

      But the Return made by the Commons alters this a little, as follows:
      Robert Montgomery, Merchant, 68 Votes.
      William Hurst, do., 62
      Richard French, Druggist, 56
      Thomas Green, Brewer, 51
      John Hunt, Merchant, 49
      Thomas Emerson, Weaver, 48
      Anthony King, Brazier, 41
      Nathaniel Trumble, Weaver, 37
      Of which the Lord Mayor and Aldermen elected Sheriffs for the Year ensuing,
      John Hunt and Robert Montgomery, Esqrs.

      The Governors of Mercer's Hospital have elected the Right Revd., the Lord
      Bishop of Waterford, and John Bury, Esq; Governors of said Hospital.
      One Hundred Pounds of Tea, seized by Messrs Snow and Kinsey, were lodged in
      the Stores.
      A Quantity of Silk and Silk Handkerchiefs and 16 Casks of Geneva, seized by
      Mr. Tremble, were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
      Wednesday, May 9, Frederick Conyngham, Esq; Surveyor of Skerries, seized
      fice Casks of Tea.
      A few Days ago, the Hon. William Brabazon, Esq; of Brabazon Lodge in the
      County of Meath, was married to Miss Catherine Gifford, only Daughter of Arthur
      Gifford, of Ahern in the County of Corke, Esq;
      The King of Prussia, Barry, sailed for Parkgate with Part of the
      Domesticks, Baggage, Equippage, and Horses belonging to his Excellency the Lord
      One hundred and sixty Pounds of Tea seized by Mess. Draper and Cooper were
      lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
      Capt. How, Capt. Acheson and his Family, Mr. Trotter, Mrs. Maule, some
      Horses, and a valuable Cargo of Merchandise, arrived in the Lively, Williams,
      from Parkgate.
      George Reynolds, Esq; one of the Aldermen of this City, is appointed
      Coroner, in the Room of Alderman Swiney, who resigned.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Arthur Smyth, of Griffintown, in the County of
      Westmeath, Esq; to Miss Smyth of Violetstown, in said County.-- Mr. Edward Foy,
      of Moore-street, Sedan-Chairmaker, to Miss Welch, of Cole's-lane.- Mr. Joseph
      Brice, an eminent Cabinet-Maker, of College-green, to Miss Denham of
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Cork, Mr. John Brophy, Bookseller.-- At said
      Place, Capt. Ellis.-- At Skibbereen, Mr. Richard Marmion.-- In Great
      Strand-Street, Mr. John Mountgarret, Upholder.-- In Cavan-Street, Mr. John
      Dodd.-- In Mary's-lane, Mr. James Tiernan, formerly one of the Supervisors of
      the Work-house, and lately an Officer belonging to the Exchequer-Office.-- In
      Christ-Church-Yard, Mr. Waite Wooborne, Shoemaker, and Sexton of Christ
      Church.-- In Duke-street, Mrs. Rachael O'Neil, eldest Sister of Charles O'Neil,
      Esq; at Shanescastle, remarkable for her Piety, Charity and amiable
      Deportment.-- On Thursday last the Rev. Mr. Anthony Brunton, Curate of St.

      By Robert Callan Auctioneer.
      On Thursday next, the 17th Day of May Instant, the Household Furniture of
      the Right Hon. the Earl of Drogheda, at his House in Henry-street, consisting of
      Mohogany four Pillar Beds, choice Feather Beds, a large Quantity of fine
      Blankets near new, with other Bedding; Mohogany stuffed Back and Seat Chairs and
      Settees; Mohogany Dining, Side-board, Tea, Card and Writing-Tables; Mohogany
      Desks and Book-cases; five Book presses, Brass-wired in the Fronts; Pier Glasses
      in rich carv'd and gilt Frames; Festoon Window-curtains; Variety of Carpets;
      Glass Bells and Shades; five gilt Leather Screens; a good Clock in Mohogany
      Case, a Chamber-Clock, a curious reflecting Telescope, a Chamber-Chest, three
      large Presses with Drawers, a large Bottle Drainer, a good Jack, with all Manner
      of Kitchen Furniture. The Sale to begin at the Hour of Eleven each Day, untill
      all are sold.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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