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!! Freeman Journal; May 8, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, May 8, 1764 Monday the 30th of April being Quarter-Day of the Guild of Merchants, the Freedom of that Guild was
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, May 8, 1764

      Monday the 30th of April being Quarter-Day of the Guild of Merchants, the
      Freedom of that Guild was presented to Sir William Mayne, Bart. for his
      vigorously supporting several Bills brought into Parliament this Session, for
      the Advantage of the Trade of this Kingdom in general, and of this City in
      particular; and for strenuously opposing the destructive Scheme of erecting a
      new Bridge to the Eastward of Essex-Bridge. And Friday last being
      Quarter-Assembly Day, the Freedom of this City was unanimously voted to that
      The Governors and Guardians of the Lying-Inn-Hospital most thankfully
      acknowledge the Receipt of a Benefaction of Fifty Pounds from his Excellency the
      Earl of Northumberland, and also of Ten Guineas from the Countess of
      Northumberland, which her Ladyship was pleased to order to be distributed by the
      Master of the Hospital amongst such poor Patients and he shall think proper.
      The Governors and Guardians of the Lying-Inn-Hospital having examined the
      Amount of the Weekly Collections in Chappel, find it to exceed their most
      sanguine Expectations, and being sensible how much the same hath been owing to
      the eminent Characters of the Rev. Clergymen who have preached there, desire the
      said Gentlemen to accept their hearty Thanks.
      The Managers of the Charitable LOAN to the Industrious Poor, having
      received from his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, by the Hands of the Earl of
      Mornington, One hundred Pounds in Aid of this charitable Fund, They beg Leave,
      on the part of the numerous Poor, who will be so sensibly affected by this noble
      Benefaction, to make their grateful Acknowledgements to his Excellency. They
      likewise return their Thanks to the President, for their Assistance at the
      Performance for the Benefit of the Charity.
      Thursday 7-night died in Bristol, Mr. Jonathan Welch, a Gentleman of this
      Kingdom, and late Vice-Consul in Teruan, in Africa.
      The Revd. Mr. Sterling is collated to the Living of St. Olave's in the City
      of Waterford.
      Last Wednesday, a Woman died suddenly in William-street.
      Saturday the Foundling Children of the Work-house, (upwards of two hundred
      Boys and Girls) went to the Castle, when his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant and
      the Countess of Northumberland, viewed them from the front Windows, and a new
      Shilling of his present Majesty's Coin, was given to each of them by order of
      his Excellency.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. John Fennell, to Miss Lucinda Turner, both
      of the People called Quakers.- At Galway, Lieut. John Squire, of Colonel Gray's
      Regiment, to Miss Nancy Kelly.--Mr. John Wise Hiatt, to the agreeable Miss
      Constantia Hunt, eldest daughter of Henry Hunt, Esq; of Logacurren, in the
      Queen's County.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Glassnevan, advanced in Years, James Belcher,
      Esq; First Pursuivant attending the State, Corrector of the Kings Printing
      Press.-- At Stephen's-green, the Wife of Archdeacon Heron.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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