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!! Connaught Journal; June 17, 1824 "BDMs"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, June 17, 1824 BIRTHS On the 8th instant, at Aberdeen, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Lindsay, of the 78th Highlanders,
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      Galway, Thursday, June 17, 1824

      On the 8th instant, at Aberdeen, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Lindsay, of
      the 78th Highlanders, of a daughter.
      In Castlebar, the Lady of Captain Cox, of he 29th Regiment, of a son.
      On Sunday, the 6th instant, the Right Honourable Lady Killeen, of a son.
      In Limerick, the Lady of Alderman D.F.G. Mahony, of a son; and the Lady of
      Major O'Hara, of a daughter.
      At Attyflin, county of Limerick, the Lady of John Westropp, Esq., of a
      At Mallow, the Lady of Assistant-Surgeon Macpherson, of the 42d royal
      Highlanders, of a son.
      At Ballycollig, County Cork, the Lady of Captain Cameron, of the Royal
      Artillery, of a daughter.

      In St. Peter's Church, Dublin, Christopher Tuthill, Esq. Lieutenant in the
      Royal Navy to Grace, second daughter of Robert Reeves, Esq. of Dublin.
      In St. Andrew's Church, Cunningham Anderson, Esq. to Helen, third daughter
      of J. Rea, Esq. of Barnwood in the County of Gloucester.
      On the 8th instant, at Bath, by the Hon. and Rev. James St. Leger, John
      Gabbett Spiers, Esq. of Tivoli, near Cork, and Baggotstown, county Limerick, to
      Miss Griffith, of Belvedere, in that city, daughter of the Rev. Guyon Griffith.

      On the morning of Tuesday last, at his lodgings, Rathmines, Dublin, in the
      24th year of his age after an illness of five weeks, Nicholas O'Flaherty, Esq.,
      eldest son of Morgan O'Flaherty, Esq. of Tralee. His disease was a rapid
      decline, consequent on a very severe fever, from which a constitution uncommonly
      strong and unimpaired, aided by the vigilance of his medical attendants, who
      were of the very first eminence in the metropolis, was not sufficient to rescue
      him. This young gentleman had nearly completed his surgical studies, under the
      able superintendence of Surgeon M'Namara, of York-street, whose inmate he had
      been during the last four years and a half, and whose parental care, and that of
      his entire family, he had experienced during his illness. His course through the
      University had been likewise marked by repeated honors. But however great his
      intellectual endowments, they were evidently outstripped by some of the finest
      propensities of the heart. His demeanour unassuming, gentle and amiable, his
      habits regulated, his morals pure, his sympathies generous and expanded. In the
      freshness of his youth, in the fullness of his fair prospects, in the unmixed
      future of his honourable career, this best of sons and relatives has been
      suddenly snatched from his broken-hearted Parents and inconsolable friends. His
      remains were removed to the family vault at Ardfort.
      On the 22d ultimo, near Castlewellan, the Rev. William M'Mullen, aged 60
      years, Roman Catholic Pastor of the Parish of Kilmegan for the last 23 years.
      At Modereny, county Tipperary, Lady Dancer, wife of Sir Amyrald Dancer,
      At Drumoland, County Clare, the infant daughter of Sir Edward O'Brien,
      Baronet, M.P.
      At his seat, Seskanore-lodge, County Tyrone, in the 61st year of his age,
      George Perry, Esq. a respectable Magistrate of that county.
      On the 17th ult., Mr. A. Mundy, Principal of Seafort Academy, Blackrock.
      At Kancy, in the Island of Ceylon, Lieutenants William Orr and Clancy, both
      of the 19th Regiment. The former Gentleman was a native of Lurgan, county

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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