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!! Connaught Journal; June 14, 1824 "Misc News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, June 14, 1824 CARLOW, JUNE 10- The Fair of Orchard, in this County, held on Tuesday last, presented but a poor show of
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      Galway, Monday, June 14, 1824

      CARLOW, JUNE 10- The Fair of Orchard, in this County, held on Tuesday last,
      presented but a poor show of Cattle, yet the supply was fully equal to the
      demand. Pigs were a complete drag, owing to a considerable number having died on
      the Fair-green from the scorching rays of the sun!!
      On Monday last, apple potatoes to our market advanced to the enormous price
      of fifteen shillings per barrel.

      CORK, JUNE 9- A report was in circulation yesterday evening, that a man,
      named Cotter, had been apprehended in the neighbourhood of Newmarket by the
      Police, charged with the murder of the unfortunate Brereton, who lost his life
      at Knockacoppel, near Mill-street, in attempting to convey the Mail from
      Killarney to this City, during the memorable days of the "Carriganimy affair."

      KILKENNY SESSIONS, JUNE 8- John Ryan and Kyran Phelan, from Galmoy, were
      separately tried on the charge of being absent from their homes after sunset,
      and acquitted.

      MAYO, CASTLEBAR, JUNE 7- Committed to our County Gaol, by the Magistrates
      of Kilmain Barony, assembled at Petty Sessions at Ballinrobe, on Monday, the
      31st May, Jas. Rowland, charged upon oath of several witnesses, with having set
      fire to Mr. Fair's haggard on the 7th May.
      Fever, as is usual at this season of the year, has again made its
      appearance in this neighbourhood. There is, we are told, a populous village
      within a few miles of this town, in which there is but one house free from

      On Monday last, Mr. Livingston ascended in a balloon from the
      Barrack-square of Belfast.- About 16 minutes before eight o'clock PM the
      inflation having been completed, and signal guns again fired, it was removed to
      the centre of the barrack-yard, the band playing a lively air as it passed
      along. Mr. Livingston now boldly ascended the car, and the balloon, at nine
      minutes before eight o'clock, rose majestically over the assembled crowd, and
      slowly floated through the clear atmosphere, towards the Cave Hill. When it had
      attained a considerable height, probably a mile, the current of air into which
      it had ascended, forming and obtuse angle with the line of its former direction,
      towards the Cave Hill, changed its course and bore it to the sea shore. Mr.
      Livingston, therefore, not choosing to hazard a voyage across the water, at that
      late hour of the evening, descended with safety, in a field belonging to Mr.
      Boomer, at Sea View, a short distance from the strand, where with the assistance
      of a man, who witnessed the descent, he secured the balloon and car. The day was
      remarkably fine-the air clear and warm below- though Mr. Livingston, we have
      been told, found it very cold in his ascent. He was aloft about nine minutes
      when he began to descend. The field in which he alighted is distant, we believe,
      about a mile and three quarters from Belfast.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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