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!! Times; Aug 23, 1788; "Ireland News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    The Times London, Middlesex, England Saturday, Aug 23, 1788 IRELAND Limerick, Aug. 14- On the night of the 17th instant, the house of Thomas Eyre Powell, Esq.
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      The Times
      London, Middlesex, England
      Saturday, Aug 23, 1788

      Limerick, Aug. 14- On the night of the 17th instant, the house of Thomas
      Eyre Powell, Esq. of Coote-hill, was broken open by five men, two of whom got
      in, fired at Mr. Powell, and wounded him in the hand; he immediately returned
      the fire, and killed one of the villains on the foot, the other four made their
      escape. The Gentlemen of the county went in pursuit of them, and we hope will be
      able to give a good account of them.
      Last Saturday, Mr. Charles P. Bolton, surveyor of excise, assisted by Mr.
      Patrick Thally, guager, discovered in the town of Corrofin, an extensive tobacco
      manufactory, wherein they seized all the utensils used in that illicit trade;
      also a large quantity of loose leaf or four tobacco, in process of manufacture,
      which they lodged in his Majesty's stores in that town.
      Cork, Aug. 11., Last week a Michael Ahern, who broke out of the jail of
      Kilkenny, charged with a rape, was apprehended in this city by Mr. Paterson, the
      deputy water bailiff; and yesterday he was transmitted hence under an escort of
      a serjeant's guard; but this morning we hear that he escaped from Rathcormack
      King's County, Aug. 7. This day our assizes ended, when the following who
      were tried before the Hon. Mr. Justice Kelly, received sentence as follows:
      William Bryan and John Landy, convicted for forcibly carrying away Mary Carrol,
      with an intent of compelling her to marry said Bryan against her will, received
      sentence of death.
      Laurence Costigan tried for the murder of Martin Whelan, found guilty of
      manslaughter, sentenced to be burned in the hand and confined twelve months.
      Thomas Wilder Drought, Esq., one of the coroners of this county, for
      assaulting John Coghlan, aged near eighty, and knocking out two of his teeth,
      fined only five pounds, the judge supposing the Mr. Coghlan would bring his
      action for private injury.
      The time of Mrs. Lewellyn's execution is on the 8th day of November next,
      as it is not intended to mitigate her punishment. The last woman tried for
      assisting at a rape, before the condemnation of the present delinquent, was a
      Miss G_____, of the county of Roscommon, who went to bed to a young lady, at a
      house where they were visitors together, and held the lady down, while a brother
      of the former perpetrated the crime. They were both tried a few years since, but
      escaped through the extreme delicacy of the prosecutrix.
      The last brothel-keeper executed here, was Dorcas Kelly, in the vaults of
      whose house in Copper-alley, five bodies of murdered Gentlemen were found, and
      among the rest, one, supposed to be that of surgeon Tuckey's son, of whom no
      account has ever been had. She was burned almost alive, among the groans and
      execrations of the young people.
      Belfast, Aug. 2. Arrived the Endeavour, Seaton, from Boston, under Jury
      Masts, having been struck at sea with lightning, which carried away her masts,
      and struck three men dead out on the deck. The above ship was attacked on the
      aft by three large Algeripe corsairs, who rumaged her papers, then took out six
      tierces of beef and pork, and released her.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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