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!! Ballina Chronicle; Dec 19, 1849 "Misc News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, December 19, 1849 MISCELLANEOUS The Law of Primogeniture only exists in Great Britain, Spain and Portugal.
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, December 19, 1849

      The Law of Primogeniture only exists in Great Britain, Spain and Portugal.
      The Londonderry guardians have declared a poor rate of 1s. 6d. in the pound
      on the union.
      There were twenty tons of gunpowder imported to Limerick last week for
      private sale.
      The Waterford and Kilkenny Railway Company intend proceeding with their
      line immediately to the former city.
      Sir R. O'Donel, Bart. has 2,000 person employed in the cultivation and
      manufacture of flax upon his estate.
      A turnip weighing 19 1/4lbs., grown by Alderman Hall, was exhibited at the
      Limerick Town-hall on Monday.
      Andrew W. Blake, Esq. of Furbo, late high sheriff County Galway, is
      appointed secretary to his ally, the Marquis Clanricarde, Postmaster-General.
      A monster eel, weighing thirty-two pounds, was caught in the river Coman
      the other day. It occasioned considerable trouble to its captor.
      So many as sixty ploughs and three hundred labourers are engaged at
      Kildiman, county Cork, in preparing the ground for flax, and Mr. Dargan is about
      to have a steeping machine erected.
      Patrick Drury, murdered near Macroom on Wednesday last, was a rate
      collector of Cork union, and at the time distraining for rent due to Mr. John
      Messrs. Bryer, Laurent, and Dursin who have music and dancing at the Argyle
      rooms, Haymarket, are held to bail for trial under a true bill against them for
      such public nuisance.
      Capt. Home has resigned the chairmanship of the Listowel board of
      guardians. He disapproves of rescinding the electoral rate of October last, and
      substituting an union rate of 3s. in the pound.
      J. Ryan, formerly milk contractor to the Nenagh union, to whom sums to the
      amount of 500l. were due by the board, and who was an extensive dealer in
      cattle, is at present an inmate of the workhouse!
      A notice has been issued from the General Postoffice that newspapers will
      not be forwarded to the United States unless the postage, one penny, is paid in
      The outstanding poor-rates of Galway union amount to £19,000! The guardians
      have applied for military and police to collect the rate, as their own officers
      could not get a balliff, at 10s. a day, to assist them.
      The Clonmel guardians have £2,404 to their credit which augurs well for the
      union, the rate-in-aid having been paid up in all the electoral dividends
      amounting to £2,286. Malcomson Brothers are declared contractors for Indian
      meal, at 7l. 2s. per ton.
      The Poor Law Commissioners have dismissed Rev. Mr. Ryan, R.C. Chaplain of
      Tuam workhouse, who had been previously recommended by Archbishop MacHale. The
      guardians have reduced the salary of Dr. Turner from 100l. to 70l. a year.
      The Hibernian Bank has resolved upon closing all its country branches
      except Drogheda. Denis Moylan, Esq., is elected governor of the bank for the
      ensuing year, and Mr. F. Farrell vice-governor.
      Mr. James O'Dowd, a briefless Barrister and an ex-editor of the Freeman, is
      now Attorney-General of Tobago, with a salary to begin with of £800 a year. Mr.
      Fitzpatrick, who used to perform in Mr. Maurice Leyne's line, is now thriving as
      an official in the West Indies.--World.
      On Tuesday, two men, armed and blackened, effected an entrance into the
      house of Catherine Darmody, near Tipperary, and ordered the inmates to hold down
      their heads. They then commenced searching, and found in a box £8 in notes which
      with some silver, tobacco, soap and candles, they carried off.
      The estates of Lords Portarlington and Oranmore are to be sold under the
      Encumbered property act, to satisfy English creditors. Those of Lord Oranmore
      being Sir Moses Montefiore and Samuel Gurney; those of the Earl of Portarlington
      being the Marquis of Lansdowne and an Insurance Company.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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